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MB endorses you, Malcolm, the country’s best hope as darkness falls.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    This is so much fun! I hope they do ditch Abbott and put in Turn-ball just so those freaks in Labor can use the instability to further destroy these freaks in the Liberal camp.

    • I don’t think the ALP are what Mr Turnbull has to worry about.

      The radical neo-liberals and religious extremists in the LNP will prefer the long Siberian sunsets of opposition to having what they consider a communist as their flag bearer.

      They will go Dalek on Malcolm.

      When the member for Goldman Sachs is seen as too left you know the LNP is struggling to connect with reality.

      • “When the member for Goldman Sachs is seen as too left you know the LNP is struggling to connect with reality.”

        Lol – Great one liner summation there Pfh..

      • “the member for Goldman Sachs”


        “The big fella once said to me, You capitalise on chaos.”

        ~ Christopher Joye (lead author of Howard Govt “Home Ownership Task Force” Report … chaired by the Member for GS)

        “HIH score settled for Malcolm

        Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull looks set to emerge from his long court case over HIH Insurance with his former employer, the Goldman Sachs merchant bank, making a confidential settlement on his behalf.”

        With all due respect, MB (or anyone) endorsing the likes of MT to any position of power in this country, is, in my firm view, an act of willful ignorance, gross naivety, and/or, ego-driven stupidity.

        edit: there is MUCH more to the MT as Member for GS story… too many links to bother listing (again!). If interested, dig for yourself.

      • Despite this group getting much more media time and airplay than their opposition they are becoming steadily the minority. There is generational change occurring but slowly. I believe Turnbull in either a leader/treasuer position can swing the polls back in the libs favor and give him the moral authority to stave of challenges. Abbots current inner “privy” council will increasingly find themselves on the outer.
        If turnbull does not prevail, i would prefer a government in chaos with no ability to pass anything rather than have shorten running the country.

      • +100 Angry Man – as I have stated many times on MB recently.

        With the LNP currently far right and the Labs who knows where, Turnbull may well be able to recreate the centre much like a very successful former Liberal PM.

        Add to that that he has been a success out of politics and has real world knowledge and experience – unlike the majority of career parliamentarians (and ex-parliamentarians such as Rudd, Gillard).

        I don’t see how a “confidential settlement” is inherently concerning. They happen all the time ins such cases.

        If you want to compare reputations etc. I do not recall Turnbull ever being accused of rape, assault etc. unlike other alternatives.

      • Mander,

        Do some research into the news articles published around the time of MT’s post-leadership public announcement that he was not going to contest the next election; his immediate subsequent trip to NYC; the leaking of news reports (Malcolm Farr) that he might be changing his mind (ie, had it changed for him, by his NY masters); then the news that he HAD changed his mind after all. We’re talking a matter of days (8, or 11, from memory) covering the whole period.

        Dig deep into the HIH Royal Commission. How MT essentially got “cleared” because the head of the commission very conveniently decided to censor further evidence concerning MT’s role with GS in cooking the books.

        The deeper you dig, the closer you look at MT, the uglier it gets.

        You’re all idiots. You’ve been warned. Repeatedly.

  2. does turnbull have the numbers or has he worked out an agreement with bishop?

    Newscorp obviously doesn’t want turnbull

    anyone with some inside knowledge of this?

      • Unlikely, The only way the electorate would accept the Libs is if they stop attacking people’s basic needs. Mr Maslow proved how important these are for a persons Psychological stability and happiness.
        Unfortunately the libs don’t give a crap and are happy to through the weak, sick, disabled and jobless under a bus. As well as running a tin pot Feudal economy. If Malcolm challenges this the Libs will kill him by Xmas.
        Like I have been saying here for past couple of years and privately for 15 we will all turn Japanese but without the social stability that they have.
        Certainly will be interesting

      • How about people put forward their best guesses on what will happen?

        My money’s on:

        – PM Turnbull
        – Deputy Lib leader (always the bridesmaid) Bishop
        – Treasurer Morrison as a sop to the Neanderthals

      • Morrison? The bloke who hid behind a General and “operational matters”? Nah, Zero ability to communicate in such a high profile and demanding portfolio.

        Reckon Bishop – PM, Turnbull – Deputy and Treasurer. None of the others can communicate beyond slogans, hopefully some of the younger members will learn form this.

    • I know you’ve got a crush on her 3d, but she’s an economic lightweight, and foreign affairs has been a pretty cruisy portfolio TBH.

      • I’ve never suggested she be Treasurer! I still think BishopPM and Turnbull Treasurer unbeatable. Win the next election and then Bishop stands aside or resume FM and Turnbull picks up the reigns have navigated the nation through uncharted economic waters.

        Win win 😉

  3. I am still Pining for Pyne!

    Just for pure entertainment value of seeing a mass exodus from Australia.

  4. It’ll be a mighty big lemon for the LNP loon pond to suck if MT gets the nod (which I hope he does).

  5. ‘MB endorses you, Malcolm, the country’s best hope as darkness falls.’

    while one part of me believes we may see some mild improvements in the communications of where we are and why we are there from Malcolm – and I particularly liked his comments late last year clearly spelling out that Australia is taxing its younger and working populations in a way which cannot be sustained, I cannot see any getting away from the fact that he is reviled by large chunks of his own party, is facing a cuckoo land senate and an ALParatchik outfit which has shown no inclination to either establishing an economic narrative or political magnanimity.

    Should we be allowing hopes to be got up at this point? For mine it is far too soon.

    • There was a snippet on Insiders (I think) where Malcolm was ramming home the message that any kind of reform must be seen to be fair, a message that the loon pond (incl. our resident loon 3d1k) clearly haven’t got.

      I’ll try to find it.

      • Yes …. and if you were a betting man, Yep saw that – it was from his “leadership” speech in Washington. He was bang on.

        “Leaders must be decision makers, but they must also be, above all, explainers and advocates, unravelling complex issues in clear language that explains why things have to change and why the Government cannot solve every problem. “

      • This is the quote:

        It is vitally important, both as a matter of social justice and political reality, that structural changes are seen as being fair across the board. That means not only must tough decisions be justified, but that the burden of adjustment is not borne disproportionately by one part of the community.

      • “There was a snippet on Insiders (I think) where Malcolm was ramming home the message that any kind of reform must be seen to be fair”

        Deep within the murky scum-filled parts of the loon pond I’m sure there are those that honestly believe their policies are fair and the problem is the Australia people!

      • Deep within the murky scum-filled parts of the loon pond I’m sure there are those that honestly believe their policies are fair and the problem is the Australia people!

        Nothing deep about them at all. The most common theme across the conservative commentariat (exhibit A: our own 3d1k) is that the problem is with the messenger, not the message.

      • No Robw, the problem was simply one of inadequate salesmanship. (The same ship that had it’s barnacles scraped off revealing the rust beneath holding the whole vessel together. No wonder it is now taking on water. Rotten to the core).

      • ‘What kind of conservative says things like that?’

        Mate I agree with him……….but I strongly suspect there are gibbering types all over the country who would ask exactly the same question, and they will nearly all be on the conservative side of politics, and include a significant number of parliamentarians.

      • Oh for God’s sake can you just ban him please?

        What does he contribute apart from idiotic sniping and baiting, and 10,000 incoherent thought bubbles every day.

      • All from the Washington speech … it was only replayed on insiders.

        It is vitally important, both as a matter of social justice and political reality, that structural changes are seen as being fair across the board. That means not only must tough decisions be justified, but that the burden of adjustment is not borne disproportionately by one part of the community. They key to this is not simple wealth redistribution (as many on the Left would assert) but rather ensuring that good jobs are available to as many as can work. As our former Prime Minister John Howard used to say “the best form of social welfare is a job.”

      • “As our former Prime Minister John Howard used to say “the best form of social welfare is a job.”

        Yes, but even during the peak of last global boom (which was never close to sustainable) the combined unemployment and underemployment rate in Australia was around 10%. Then there are those that are not counted as unemployed and those hidden away on the disability pension. If we can’t sustain anything close to real full employment when the economy is frenzied, how will we find jobs for people when we turn Japanese?

  6. MY prediction (FWIW=zero), is if MT is elected, the LNP will split within a few years.

    The Howard/Abbott diehard side will reform the not-Liberal Party

    The Nationals will say screw you and maybe even go Katterish.

    The remainder will end up a minor party of small l liberals that could – dare I say it – form a coalition with like minded liberal Labour….

    I mean come on – MT is the best leader the ALP has had for years.

    • Do you think ideals and striving for a better country mean anything these days, when compared to power?

      And there’s the problem. Too much $ and power in politics, instead of strong administration.

      • If Labor MPs had a vote in a Liberal leadership spill every single one of them would vote for Abbott.

      • “Labor can’t even keep their plant in the job for a whole term.”

        Yeah, he’s been performing too well, but at least he’s taken down two first-term Conservative governments so far.

    • I mean come on – MT is the best leader the ALP has had for years.

      I think there’s more chance of MT leading the Greens than the ALP. The fact that he could conceivably lead any of the three major parties speaks volumes about where he is on the political spectrum.

      A social liberal, a committed environmentalist, and an economic moderate with an eye for reform. I don’t see anyone else who comes close to ticking all those boxes.

      • “A social liberal, a committed environmentalist, and an economic moderate with an eye for reform. I don’t see anyone else who comes close to ticking all those boxes.”

        Neither do I otherwise they’d have my vote for life.

      • “an economic moderate with an eye for reform.”

        You want “reform”, huh?

        All you lot pissed about economic (read, “housing ponzi”) policy in this country, take a good hard look at Turnbull’s work as chairman of Howard’s Home Ownership Task Force (lead author, equity-finance mortgage spruiker and fellow GS-er, Chris Joye).

        Have a good hard look at the names on the report’s sponsorship/ attribution list.

        You’re all f*cking idiots if you actually believe things would be better with the Member for GS at the helm.

        Astonishing stupidity.

      • A social liberal, a committed environmentalist, and an economic moderate with an eye for reform. I don’t see anyone else who comes close to ticking all those boxes.

        Bob Brown is the only other one I can think of in recent memory. Maybe Penny Wong ? Ludlam ? Bandt ?

      • Astonishingly stupid is a gross understatement. All they want is higher house prices… Oh and a carbon scam…

      • All they want is higher house prices… Oh and a carbon scam…

        Oh FFS grow up. You want to have an adult discussion, then lets have one. This idiotic sniping isn’t contributing anything.

      • “Is there anyone better in the Parliament Opinion8red? Anyone?”

        Wrong question. They’re *all* f*cking useless parasites.

        The question you should be asking is this:

        Is there anyone WORSE in Parliament?

        I can’t think of anyone worse to have leading the country, than a wholly owned puppet of Goldman Sachs NY (who privately tells his fellow bankster buddies that “You capital-ise on chaos” … ffs!!).

      • migtronixMEMBER

        OK here’s a start : look at oil, nat gas, and coal prices in the last 6 months and tell what use a carbon price is? Solar just got 100% more expensive, great outcome.

    • Yeah I think MT is like the Rudd of the Liberals.

      Popular with the public, but not the majority of his own party.

      We all saw how well Labor went swapping from Rudd to Gillard (and back).

  7. With the political game moving quickly, the possibility of a new start in Canberra with an improvement in business and consumer confidence could be worth at least waiting a month before the governor reaches for his blunt instrument, if that is what he is of a mind to do.

    The other three reasons for continuing to sit pat? They are more obvious.

    Peter Martin has made the case for cutting rates by listing our economic negatives but there have been two big positive changes since the last board meeting: the exchange rate and the oil price collapse.

    • @ mig
      With political game moving quickly…..

      I hope that someone in Canberra is keeping an eye on the wider world; see MB post today

      “Goldman sees $500 billion in LNG lost”

      And 3d’s link in that post

      “Oil -bust-socks-it-to-Canada-jobs-losses-housing-bubble-banks-at-risk”

      Australia is also in this boat, without a Captain or rudder

  8. You are all willfully delusional idiots.

    MT is nothing more than a very polished, elegant, “sophisticated”, politically-correct, smooth talking snake oil salesman for the international usurer class … who OWN his arse.

    Idiots. Suicidally so. The lot of you.

      • But hey, all the “seemers” here on this board will feel so good about themselves, so fine, so moral, with the oh so elegant MT speaking for the nation.


        edit: “clap like seals” … LMAO 🙂

      • I think we can safely ignore the Zero Hedge loons who no doubt keep gold bars and guns under their beds and see the vampire squid’s fingerprints on everything bad in the world.

      • “I think we can safely ignore…”

        Yes, yes, ignore all the evidence. Better still, don’t even look at it … pretend it doesn’t even exist. Believe in the smooth, elegant, fine sounding rhetoric emanating from the bankster’s mouth instead.

      • “I think we can safely ignore the Zero Hedge loons”

        Yep, nutty conspiracy theorists who believe in wacky things like
        banks manipulating interest rates (LIBOR) & Government mass surveillance (Edward Snowden).
        For a bunch of tinfoil hat wackos they are right more often than they should be.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Govt surveillance with a handy dose of corporate back scratching I might add.

        All the experts said it wasn’t happening, there is no way a multi decade long, multi national conspiracy to watch all your electronic communications IS/WAS NOT HAPPENING!

    • interested party

      You forgot to add that MT will not get the nod unless RM deems it so.
      If it comes to pass then we become just another goldmanite run outpost…..

    • Respectfully Op8, you are in your own way as wilfully naïve and delusionally idealistic as anyone on this site. Not that I disagree with a lot of your concerns.

      As long as we believe that illusions are reality, we are controlled by those who manipulate the collective illusions that structure the operational norms of the world of finance and power as we currently know it.

      How do we get money tied to the realities of real human life so that it becomes a fair function of the actual production and distribution of real wealth? How do we re-introduce the idea that finance should be tied in some concrete way to the real world in which actual producing and consuming people live? How can we get finance to serve human (that is political) ends rather than politics facilitating financial ends for high flyers in investment banking? These are the vital questions for us today in the post-2008 world.

      I’m would never suggest Turnbull has the answers (nor that he even sees the problem), but his is among the best of an imperfect bunch of politically realistic contenders in a corrupt system. I don’t see anybody, not Abbott, Bishop, the ALP, not the Greens, not the Katter Party, not PUP, not the Liberal Democrats, not even Yanis Varoufakis seriously suggesting we can uproot the usurer class globally and transform our economy and monetary system.

      If not Turnbull, then who ? The reality is that someone – a plaything of the usurers – is still going to be elected leader of that Party, it may as well be someone who has a more balanced view of society and the economy, even one with usury at its core.

      No-one, not anybody, is going to mount a successful political platform to ban usury. It is not going to happen in this country in our lifetime. While circumstances may devolve to that point in the long-term, in the meantime we still need to be (relatively) reasonably well governed.

      • Fair points all Spleenblatt. And fwiw, I happily confess to a certain naivety, in holding out a vague hope that (someday, maybe even in my lifetime) some effective resistance to the usury machine – somewhere on the planet – may actually appear.

        “..not going to happen in this country in our lifetime”

        Agreed. Have finally accepted this reality in recent months. Hence, have now moved on to preparations for moving abroad.

        Deeply saddens me to say it. But this, the country of my birth, is doomed.

        MT as leader will, in my firm opinion, only hasten the descent.

        edit: “it may as well be someone who [appears to have] has a more balanced view of society and the economy”

        Fixed that for you. He’s a politician. A lawyer. An investment banker. And a GS puppet. One who privately believes that “you capitalise on chaos”. Perfect combination for truthfulness and transparency. FFS.

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        how far “abroad” are you going Op8 ? Unless you’re volunteering for that 1-way trip to Mars and/or are going to mark out your own little corner of the planet as an independent Op8estan, then ursury is everywhere and will be for our lifetime.

        We’re talking epoch-ending upheaval to change the current system. A new dark ages if you will

      • Op8, how long have you been observing politics exactly ? They’re all lawyers, mate, and no-one in power likes transparency, not in any sphere. The gulf between appearances and action will only be sustained so long. If you think MT will hasten our demise then you should get on the bandwagon ! He may be your best hope.

      • CM Burns,

        Usury may be everywhere. But its impacts, prevalence, and degree of control over economies (and, cultural attitudes) varies. Its near-ubiquity does not mean there aren’t places on the planet with (imo) more promising prospects for a better life than here in Australia.

        edit: touché spleenblatt 😉

      • If not Turnbull, then who?

        Well said spleen. There is no-one better on either side who is remotely leadership material.

        The idea that there’s some cleanskin out there who’s not a banker, a lawyer, a union rep, or ex-staffer career politician is completely unrealistic. You have to take these people at face value, and when we’re looking at a choice between a robotic Shorten who talks in carefully crafted sound bites for the nightly news, and an arch-conservative loon who is so disconnected with reality he thinks knighting Prince Philip is a perfectly reasonable proposition Malcolm Turnbull looks pretty good!

        Compare Turnbull’s leadership speech with Abbott’s effort yesterday. There’s light years between them. Ok, he may well be a fraud and a plant for the vampire squid, but at least he’s saying vaguely intelligent things.

        I don’t think I could handle another six months of “debt and deficit disaster”, “we scrapped the carbon tax”, “$550 in every family’s pocket”, “we stopped the boats” etc etc etc. Its just soul destroying drivel, and I want something better. If nothing else, at least the language will improve under Turnbull.

      • “Ok, he may well be a fraud and a plant for the vampire squid, but at least he’s saying vaguely intelligent things … at least the language will improve…”

        Just confirmed my underlying thesis vis-a-vis the plethora of “seemers” here at MB, and in turn, my summary conclusion re both the present state and doomed future of this nation.

        With attitudes like that, amongst our brightest and best informed, we as a nation are f*cked. Utterly f*cked.

  9. Malcolm, the country’s best hope as darkness falls. Really?

    … than we should kill ourself

    filthy rich ex investment banker Goldman partner who made money using close connections with corrupt political elite of this country

    • Exactly. As I said yesterday … we’re f*cked.

      That arguably the most well-informed, forward-thinking online crowd in the country actually endorse the Member for GS only hammers home the truth of just how utterly f*cked we are.

      • I was actually thinking the same thing myself, but we know that the power brokers are still in awe of GS alumni and the public are confused. They may have heard some negative reactions towards the vampire squid but they are likely to admire the status of people such as MT.

    • You are most likely correct. But here today, he is the least worst option surely. Is there a single other person in politics who has both the intellectual capacity to govern and who may be also influenced in some way for some genuine social good as Turnbull. While there are others that may be open to social justice do any of them have any serious economic credentials that you would allow them to make decisions on the nations economy.

      • Rubbish.

        I’d rather have an incompetent fool holding the reins, than someone with the intellect, connections, and the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head (ie, *owned* by GS) who is both capable and compelled to drive the wagon of Team Australia straight over the cliff into international usurer class hell on earth.

        edit: MT as leader means a very well-spoken, elegant, politically correct short cut route into the cold welcoming arms of the psychopathic plunderers and rapists at the IMF.

      • i would agree with you if it was Kaptain Krudd, Julia,abbot or shorten in the lodge. But im prepared to give MT the benefit of the doubt for now.

      • I was about to post something very similar AM.

        MT is by far the least-worst option, certainly within the LNP and probably from both sides of politics.

      • interested party

        angry, sad to say that we don’t have the luxury of a second go at this. The benefit of the doubt is all he needs. Give him an inch…….shit………people worry we are turning Japanese… chance, we are destined to turn Greek.

        Leave Abbott in place and search for a real leader…….no one in politics at the moment is suitable.

      • I would also rather be in mercy of an incompetent fool with self-esteem issues than sweet talking psychopath

      • Don’t really get how it makes a difference to me when someone’s pulling my fingernails out whether it’s because they’re desperate and incompetent, so that’s the only interrogation technique they can think, or if it’s because they know exactly what they’re doing, and have some particular outcome in mind.

        The pain is unbearable either way.

      • the difference is not in intensity of pain but rather in duration of it. It’s much easier to overthrow ignorant and incompetent person who doesn’t know what he is doing than a smart psychopath who plans everything

        Stupid dictators did significantly less damage in the past than their smart and evil colleagues.

      • Yes, but the smart one has an objective for the pain, and once it’s achieved he’ll stop. With the dumb, it’s completely random – maybe they’ll get bored and stop quickly or maybe they’ll go on and on.

        A smart vampire keeps the victim alive so they can return later on for some more blood.

        Seems to me that there are plenty of dumb dictators who have done plenty of damage.

  10. @AngryMan

    But here today, he is the least worst option.

    That is true broadly speaking, but MT has no standing with many/most in Liberal/Gnational parties.

    A captain without a team. Like M Clarke


    Agree your take on MT. We are not all idiots on arguably the well most informed ,forward thinking on line crowd.
    The wagon is going over the cliff no matter who is at the reins.

  11. Even if MT is some type of saviour he still has to galvanise a party that will be riven with emotional and real ideological cracks, not to say the zero sum game of Abbott loyalists, a very strong streak in politicians who act like 3 year olds when power is denied them.

    His road will be rocky and his only advantage will be the incurably dull Shorten and lacklustre opposition front bench. The struggle for power will stay within the LNP.

  12. Personally I’d vote for MT because he is one of very few Aussie politicians with real world business experience IMHO he will help to create an environment where small businesses prosper.
    More then anything else Australia needs to recreate/ reinvent its small and medium sized business community. Personally I know so many small businessmen that are giving up the hard grind to get a gov’t job.
    The tide must turn before Australia can prosper.

  13. Concerned about house prices?

    The housing ponzi?

    The Australian Government’s persistent, long running, international usurer class profits-enabling, “Houses ‘N Holes” public policies?

    Take a good, hard, close and thoughtful look at the pre-parliamentary track record of your hero and saviour, Malcolm “Goldman Sachs” Turnbull, chariman of Howard’s Home Ownership Task Force” (2002/03), on this single issue –

    Fools. Utter fools.

    *shakes head*

  14. reusachtigeMEMBER

    They all suck! It’s like you’re all trying to pick the nicest bully that steals your shit and gives you wedgies.

  15. Does Malcolm have a stated position on NG?

    How is Malcolm going with his “NBN”? “Slower sooner” is becoming “slower later”

    What is his view of the current historically high levels of population growth?

    • he probably doesn’t care directly about NG since he has no mortgage, not indirectly he know that any change to NG will make his 7 investment properties priced less

  16. Meanwhile back at the ranch

    EDIT: Way to shore up support…

    Also intersting sidebar:

    “Treasurer Joe Hockey was also overruled on his first choice for adviser on foreign investment decisions,”

    Presumably referring to Hockey’s only appointment to the FIRB thus far. No wonder Brian Wilson keeps going the way he does…

  17. Abbott may reshuffle his cabinet to quash any leadership speculation.

    Pyne as deputy
    Robb as treasurer
    Brandis as foreign minister

    Turnbull & Bishop move to backbench

    What comes next will be quite a sight to behold.

    Fun time ahead!! Woooooohooooo!!!!!