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My mobile has just bugged out on 200 comments for w/e links, so here is the promised spillover page.

I note a whiff that Tones may have the numbers but, God knows why, surely it just means we’ll be re-visiting this again after another few weeks/months of festering. Malcolm is talking like someone who is going to give it a crack, without actually saying “I’m going to give it a crack”.

In the meantime Lord Rupes has spoken ( I only include for the irony value )


And the grumbling about Tones pulling an internal-Newman has begun.

“Several Liberal MPs including senator Arthur Sinodinos have publicly criticised Prime Minster Tony Abbott’s decision to bring forward a party room vote on the leadership to Monday.”

Sunday arvo drinking game now appears to be a mandatory slurp every time you hear “Captain’s Call”. Don’t miss #ImStickingWithTony, a Twitter hashtag set up to support the PM, though you wouldn’t know it!

And on the circus rolls…

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    1. If Abbott remains leader, there will be a new weekly ritual for his cabinet ministers to pledge ‘Eternal allegiance to Great Leader’ in front of the press 😛 The press is not going to go away.

      Shorten doesn’t deserve to win the next election, but he will win it if the LNP retains Abbott.

    2. The guillotine is clean, well oiled and ready for service.

      “Pity is treason.” Maximilien Robespierre

      • The risk of a protracted debilitating leadership issue over coming months would mean that If TestosterTone were to have the numbers then in order to nail down his leadership he would …….

        ……..nearly need to force His Malcolmness out of Parliament in order to be sure, and

        ……the Plenipotentiary for Asbestos too if he really were thinking she is a threat (and I agree she could be, just that it would seem to me TestosterTone is assuming a considerable degree of compliance from her)

        …and if he subdued or turfed either of them that would simply make the cabinet look more gargoyle laden than it already is.

        • Ah Gunna, your article on why he should stay, and reap his rewards is the correct option.
          Who ever takes his place has a poisoned chalice, and they know it
          Before the next Federal election the place will have collapsed economically, the Libs will get blamed and the ALP will walk in. It is best Abbott cops full responsibility for the chaos.
          As M Turnbull (Goldman Sachs) once explained some of us are capitalising on the chaos.
          The big issue for most is the price of housing and no pulling of economic levers is going to prevent that crash.
          I personally know of 2 business which closed their doors on Saturday. WW

    3. We are in Anything Can Happen Territory now.

      The scrabbling noises you hear are the sounds of Ministers searching for their Field Marshall’s batons.

      If the Spill is not decisive on the first round we could end up with just about any of the Nongs as PM.

      However it goes we can be certain that it will not end the infighting & backstabbing. The LNP are going to make the ALP fiasco look like a well run machine.

      If Captain Klutz does manage to hold on he is going to be faced with a Change Org petition of 25,000 signatures demanding he produce his certificate for giving up his British Citizenship.


    4. Talk has been Tones will have numbers boost via ‘convention’ of Cabinet, whips etc voting support of the leader. These run to aroud 35-40 votes automatically, needing 52 to defeat the spill. All before backbenchers are counted.

      Some conventions are made to be broken 😉

        • Abbott needs to get about 75 votes against the spill motion to end it….. or else it will not go away.

          And there is no way the spill is not going to get 30 votes.

      • If its a secret ballot, Abbott won’t have unanimous support from cabinet.

        If Tone is looking for unanimous support the only place he’ll find it is on the opposition benches, and that tells you everything you need to know.

    5. The odds are stacked against them no matter what happens. “Dead Duck” will have to have a flawless 18 months up to the next election if he wants any chance of winning. Given that will require a complete change of character, I find it highly unlikely.

      Turnbull in the lead will see a large number of party members that will resent the events and make the process of running the country harder than it needs to be. This assumes Turnbull has what it takes to be PM and successfully get minor parties and the greens on side. If I were up there, I’d be trying to get Labor on side too, so any policy I tried to enact would sail through parliament with little to get anyone off-side. Even if someone can sort out the mess that is the LNP, you then have to deal with the mess that forms the two houses.

      The big issues like climate change, a successful NBN and tax reform will still fail to materialise successfully under any government we can concoct out of either side of politics…

      • Nup. The Right simply can’t fathom Turnbull as leader and will live for today only to destroy themselves in the long term to keep Abbott and a bunch of sycophants from the Right in power.

    6. Its all over. Turnbull will be PM tomorrow.

      Abbott’s only chance is to insist on a show of hands tomorrow and shame his cabinet into supporting him. If he does that, the resentment in the party room will be palpable.

      Either way he’s toast. Its a lose-lose proposition for Abbott. The only person in the world who thinks he can recover from here is himself.

      • Big call Lorax – what inspires such positivity?

        My guess – there is a solid chance the motion won’t succeed but even if so, we’ll only be embarrassed by the clown for a few more months …

        • I can’t see the spill motion succeeding if its a secret ballot. There is no point in delaying the inevitable.

        • Sorry, I meant:

          I can’t see the spill motion failing if its a secret ballot.

          If its a show of hands, cabinet will be shamed into voting against the spill. If its a secret ballot, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 75-25 vote in favour.

        • 75-25 that”d another big call.

          A show of hands would only further piss off the already disenfranchised…. so it’s still over for Abbot, the only question is when…

        • Well I like to stir things up 🙂

          When you see rusted on wingnuts like 3d and GSM calling for Abbott to go, you have wonder who in Australia supports him?

        • Powerful interview. What’s for CERTAIN is that the party is already experiencing total core meltdown, wether Abbott wins or loses.

          Its the policies. Stupid!

        • Thanks for the link.
          We all agree the Libs are going to cop a caning, but who would be stupid enough to put their hand up for the leadership. Its a certain Kamakazi ride.
          Asbestos Bishop is not that stupid, and as Gunna pointed out the Lib hierarchy dont approve of her, and the member for Goldman Sachs, he doesn’t need to end his career like this, what would his wife think.

        • Turnbull will go for it if the spill motion gets up. I’m sure Malcolm sees current economic circumstances as a challenge he’s up for.

        •  “I’m sure Malcolm sees current economic circumstances as a challenge he’s up for.”

          I agree. Malc has nothing to fear. The worst than can happen is to head back to Potts Point and sit on $150 million.

          NOBODY owns him…

          Given his progressive views and recent staements about social justice – I don’t think he’d regard as success, either the distruction of the middle class or the further development of the underclass.

        • Guys the challenge for the future is jobs.
          IF we dont get the youngsters off the streets and into work, we are looking at a lost generation.
          If we dont keep all the persons about to be laid off from the motor industry, mining services and oil and gas services, the million lost on that home in Port Hedland, will be small change.
          It is absolutely about jobs. I’m pretty street wise and I have no idea where the jobs will come from.
          About the best suggestion for jobs I can come up with is that we build a canal down from the Gulf of Carpentaria right down to meet the Darling river. that gives most of the inland fresh water, and you could barge out commodities and goods. WW

          • @Wiley,

            That sort of massive engineering appeals in many regards, but I could imagine many a green argument against it. Would a Gulf of Carpentaria diversion actually turn that much water south? – serious Q, I have no idea.

            It would also open up the chance to make for some far larger cities inland, and I think that creating a middle range of cities apart from the Syd-Mel-Bri phenomena something to think about.

        • Wiley, a French canal, if you will.

          A Rhine of Outback Oz.

          Fark. I like it.

          TOURISM. God, the cycling.

        • It would also open up the chance to make for some far larger cities inland, and I think that creating a middle range of cities apart from the Syd-Mel-Bri phenomena something to think about.

          Don’t really need to turn inland for that, though. There’s a whole string of cities along the coasts that could grow significantly.

          Eg: in QLD, Mackay, Rocky, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay.

        • I agree Wiley and we will not have any jobs unless we can address our competitiveness issue. I don’t yet see the an appetite within Labor to work with industry on a Hawke/Keatig era of reform and accord. I’ve Labor takes a BAU approach, there will be no jobs.

          I had the chance to ask a high profile economist whether he thought there was a logical business case in offsetting welfare and societal damage/cost via supporting industries to create jobs – rather have people unemployed…

          He said such an approach absolutely makes sense – but he didn’t think there existed either the political sophistication or the ability to comprehend and explain such a concept, (referring to the current administrations lib&lab)…

          Turnbull unconstrained by ideology, might be just the kind of cat that has the balls and mental acuity to pull off such an approach.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        “Abbott, good guy, not perfect but no case for rebellion. Remember last one gave us Gillard disaster. Country still paying for it.”

        From Rupert with love…

    7. I have been impressed by one aspect of this Abbott and Hockey partnership, and that is just how they exceeded all expectations for incompetence. In fact
      they have turned incompetence into an art form.

      I was not happy the idea of Abbott as Prime Minister, and I didn’t think much good would come from it, but just how bad it has been is almost incomprehensible.

      If you had told us that they would not have been able to pass a budget, Abbott would knight Prince Phillip and threaten Putin with a shirt fronting I would have laughed.

      Whenever he goes, it won’t be soon enough. Hopefully the next bunch will be an improvement. It is hard to envisage that they could be worse.

        • But on the positive side, at least they put paid to the warmist propaganda about so-called “climate change”, and crushed any idea of controlling carbon emissions!

          Give credit where it is due! 😉

      • The next bunch can (& will) be worse. You can be sure of it.

        Why? Because they would have dumped Abbott believing exchanging one Cro Magnon man for another will do the trick – and that the electorate would then somehow ignore the criminality of open-slather cuts/new charges for healthcare, education etc. etc. etc.

        “Oh, phewww!! Its Turnbull/Bishop! My children’s future is secured!!”.

        Remember, the policies aren’t in question! Not a single dimwit has come out during this ‘spill’ fiasco to say “Its the policies, stupid!” So they will push through the same (or worse) shit, this time fronted by a smug rich Cro Magnon specimen (and his death-stare sidekick).

        I expect it will get worse.

        (Or, Abbott stays. And things also get worse. To think otherwise would be insane)

        • Very much agree on the topic of the policy Ortega.

          In fact there is reasonable possibility that worse outcomes for the nation will be delivered under Turnbull as what you might end up with is a better turd polisher with more credibility selling the same or similar shit sandwiches with a much better prospect of success. (Lets not forget who really runs the LNP and the loon pond factions that dominate it, are they going to let go of their their batshit crazy ideas because MT says so???).

          Malcolm is a pragmatist more than an idealist as evidenced by his handling of the ETS and NBN and I suspect he will happily deliver much less than perfect policy outcomes if it means keeping his arse in the PM’s chair.

          At least with Abbott you know that the howls of outcry from the public mean that fk’all is going to get through the senate so the long term damage to the nation will be fairly limited.

      • Just love this tweet from @NotTonyAbbott

        Only 1 in 3 people want me as PM, but Joe says he’s confident that number will improve to 1 in 4, or even as many as 1 in 5.


      • Whenever he goes, it won’t be soon enough. Hopefully the next bunch will be an improvement. It is hard to envisage that they could be worse.

        Pretty sure that’s the logic most people used when they voted Labor out…

        • Better the devil you know. That saying was never truer than when applied to Obersturmbannführer Abbott and his henchmen

    8. Is there a shadow of a possibility that no matter how it goes on Monday, the ‘winner’ will decide to put it to the people, early?
      Whoever leads the Government is still hamstrung by the parliamentary make-up, re getting policy enacted. Call a General Election, immediately, and try for a majority; espousing some ‘this is what we need to do’ hard call reforms. At the very least, it will catch a complacent, unreformed Opposition on the back foot?

      • migtronixMEMBER

        He’s a sly one J, tomorrow we might find the vote was moved forward to yesterday. Full confidence restored.

        • But madness is in the air

          Turning and turning in the widening gyre
          The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
          Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
          Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

      • V interesting Janet. Malc could wait a couple of poll cycles – call an election, to set a new agenda and secure an actual mandate as a legit leader…. I like it ..

    9. Abbott’s public support is in the gutter (never seemed that strong to begin with).

      There’s only a couple of individuals coming out in decisive support of his continued leadership.

      The party will benefit from the bandaid approach to their current unpopularity (rip it off fast).

      Moving the spill vote up feels like a desperate attempt from Abbott to hold on.

      I’m not as confident as The Lorax, but did put $250 @ $2 on a ‘yes’ from the spill motion.

    10. it’s absolutely shocking that electronic graffiti has been set up to support the elected PM. The traditional technique is a left jab and then a right uppercut followed by a heel in the face of the recumbent backbencher.

    11. It is interesting that all the Liberals are saying we don’t want to be like the Labor party. However, one of the few good things which I think all Labor people agree that Rudd Mark II brought in was a process and mechanism that means the leadership can not be easily over thrown. If the ALP was to try and change leader it will require the majority of the caucus to agree that the leader needs to go and then the membership will get a say. It would be a lot harder than the previous knifings of leaders.

    12. As much as that magnum of chilled schadenfreude is looking pretty tantalising right now, and as much as I think Turnbull is the best of a bad bunch in the Libs, he is only going to find himself in the same neo-liberal policy pincer applied to Abbott. The best outcome will be for Abbott’s Cabinet to honourably support him to the next election, to nurture voter antipathy for another 18 months, and then and for every one of those bloviating far-right Tory whack jobs to be scraped into the overstuffed bin of voter disenchantment. Abbott, Brandis, Abetz, Robb, Morrison, Bernardi, Cormann, Kevin Andrews, Bronwyn Bishop, Credlin, Loughnane, et al. Drain the loon pond properly, flush ’em all out in 18 months.

      • You could be right, but I want to see Tony humiliated tomorrow. Sorry, I just want it at an emotional level, such is my dislike of the man. 😡

        • Agree. I want to see the pr*ck completely humiliated.

          Also, having a more articulate, intelligent and centrist leader of the LNP will put pressure on Shorten and his inane soundbites.

          Having better leadership on both sides will be good for the country.

        • Exactly.

          I’m far from convinced that Australia would be better off under Labor than a centrist Liberal. There are moderate Liberals and a Turnbull win could shift the power base in their direction.

          This would put pressure on Shorten and force him into a debate on policy. At least with the dispatch of Abbot – the quality of political debate will improve.

          All of this is better for Australia ….

        • If Turnbull (the magnificently-all-wealthy) doesn’t change any of the policies that poisoned Abbott – Shorten won’t have to say much at all really.

          Maybe the Coalition think Strayans will bend over happily for Turnbull?


          Same policies.

          Same poison.

          Same (ruinous) result come next election.

      • 100% agreed

        I think the best cure is the white hot electoral needle through the eye of the Torynuff chancre distributor which has found itself rogering this nation and its inhabitants in the role of government.

        I think it best that the heat of that needle be worked up to nuclear fusion levels by allowing government to do what Torynuff chancre distributors do when in government, so that the electoral masses, and indeed the Torynuffs themselves, can remember it for a while afterward.

        I would like the heat of that needle worked up to such atom splitting intensity that those on the other side of politics get the idea [I am a great believer in education], and I think TestosterTone is the man to foster the right remembrance of heat.

        While in moments of delirium I may be able to convince myself that His Malcolmness may in fact be the reincarnation of Sir Rupert Hamer – there is an army of mongol horsemen in my cranium warning of placing belief in false gods and the implications of disappointment down the track…..

    13. WA Lib MP Luke Simpkins says there are frontbenchers who will support the spill. He’s told @9NewsPerth he’s confident of the numbers

      • Woo – that’s upping the stakes big time. Mind you he could just be talking about Julie Bishop and MT despite their public denials. I mean who is to know in a secret ballot.

        I’d put money on Tony insisting on a show of hands. After all he did say Tuesday was fine only a couple of days ago. It’s an all or nothing last throw of dice for him. The rat will attack.

    14. MacroBusiness Cup

      Form Guide from December 26 2014

      (though this was before he Knighted Prince Phillip)


      1. What will be the low point of Tony Abbott’s approval rating according to Newspoll? (+3 pts: When?)

      Gunna: 21% (+3 pts: May 24)
      Anu: 27%, June
      Janet: 18%
      Astrolin* APRIL
      Wing Nut* May: No. There will be a continual stream of “terrorist” threats then about Oct 15, Tony will dissolve parliament and become Prime Minister for Life and grant himself the title: “His Excellency, Prime Minister for Life, Field Marshal Doctor Anthony John Abbott PHD, VC, MG, DFC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of global terrorism in General and ISIL in Particular and all round nice guy, just misunderstood.”
      Researchtime: 33%
      Hellonathan; 28% 16th Dec 2015 when people are worrying about holidays.
      Stomper: 15% September 2015
      Incrediblebulk: 18% / 1 JUly

      2. Will Tony Abbott face a leadership challenge in 2015?

      Gunna: No (looks like I blew that one)
      Anu: No. Liberal ethos of not changing something broken extends to all aspects of party operation.
      Janet: Yes
      Astrolin* Yes
      Wing Nut* Yes,
      Researchtime: Yes
      Hellonathan No. No-one wants these roosting chooks.
      Stomper: Yes
      Incrediblebulk: Yes

      3. Will Tony Abbott still be Prime Minister on December 1 2015

      Gunna: Yes
      Anu: Yes.
      Janet: No
      Astrolin: Yes
      Wing Nut: Yes
      Researchtime: No
      Hellonathan Yes
      Stomper: No
      Incrediblebulk: No

      4. Will Joe Hockey still be Treasurer on budget night 2015?

      Gunna: Yes
      Anu: Yes.
      Janet: Yes
      Astrolin: No
      Wing Nut: No. Abbott will issue a Priministerial decree and force Hockey to change is name to Smithers.
      Researchtime: Yes
      Hellonathan Yes
      Stomper: Yes
      Incrediblebulk: Yes

      5. Will Joe Hockey still be Treasurer on December 1 2015?

      Gunna: No
      Anu: Yes.
      Janet: No
      Astrolin No
      Wing Nut: The man formerly known as Hockey will be.
      Researchtime: No
      Hellonathan Yes
      Stomper: No
      Incrediblebulk: No

        • You should have been able to tell that he was going to do something stupid at some stage.

          Maybe not that stupid but….. oh then again….. he has form and t should have been predictable.

    15. http://www.theage.com.au/comment/why-tony-abbotts-leadership-is-in-peril-20150208-138wz3.html

      “It is happening because the party room members have had too many occasions when they have felt ignored or taken for granted. It is a bad thing to do to the people who put you there. When everything goes well they probably don’t worry too much. But when it goes cactus they are very focused.”

      No. It is happening because your party is trying to destroy universal healthcare and access to higher education for most Strayans.

      That’s why Amanda. But, hey, keep up the denial. I’m looking forward to ‘the great LNP reaming’ at the next Fed election.

      Abbott or not.

    16. I would have thought given TA’s daughter got a grant because she’s TA’s daughter, they’d keep her hidden during this challenge.

      • my 8 year old grand-daughter piped up in front of a group of my friends
        TOE (points to toe)
        KNEE (points to knee)
        AB (points to tum)
        BUT (Points to bum)

        adults fall about laughing
        “Where did you learn that? I ask
        “At school Pa”

        If 8 year olds are mocking The great Helmsman in the school yard , he is dead

      • Yes, good article. People 50 years from now will ask what was going on in our minds when we allowed these slums to be built? (believe me I’ve seen many new apartments and they are the future slums. The level of cutting corners in the design/construction is mind-blowing. I would even suggest that a good percentage of them is not appropriate for us homosapiens)

        Well, one answer would be is because we are incapable of doing anything of value besides digging up the ground for resources, selling the farm, and building crappy real estate

    17. Brandis “we don’t want to go down the Labor path”

      The misjudgment and shocking advice of the LNP we are seeing for the past half term is monumental, just staggering.

      They just don’t get it.

      Bring on a third party.

    18. What Captain’s Pick rules might Tony surprise everyone with tomorrow?

      Here is my suggestion;

      Only one Bishop can run at a time, and they have to run in alphabetical order.

      • That would be pretty funny, accidentally ending up with bronnie in the chair. Do wonders for the bobby pin industry.

    19. #captainscall

      Tony should actually jump ship now – that would be the only correct “Captains Call” he will ever have made.

      Not doing the above, would then really mean that they have not learnt anything from the Gillard/Rudd drama – it’s a forgone conclusion that he will go later, causing much more damage to the LNP.

      So, Tony, jump Mate !!!

      • He will never jump. “I will NEVER surrender!”

        The most appropriate and amusing video for this moment in history is this one: Hitler in his Bunker (Abbott refusing to surrender the Lodge) (repost)

        • #captainscall

          Revert2Mean alleged attributed “I will NEVER surrender” belief of Tony simply goes to further demonstrate Tony’s penchant for selecting incorrect/very unwise choices, at the LNP and population’s dire expense.

      • Uranium GeoMEMBER

        He should give the capo from the Costa Concordia a call. I hear he probably has some good tips for jumping ship for Tones.

        • #bolstrood

          ‘Finish the job’ you ask of him … I do wish that you not serious.

          HIS job ‘ is now definitely FINISHED ‘

          Refer the Polls this morning !!!!! … refer the resounding capitulation by his own in #thespill !!!!!

          None so blind as those who do not want to see.

          Cheers …. sometimes, some get what they deserve.

        • Cheers @ UptownFunk

          Abbott is a LaborParty sleeper, surely that is obvious now.

          His unfinished job is destroying the Tea Party Religious Right.

          So far he is doing well, sticking to the PLAN

    20. Albo on Sky trying to put lipstick on the pig of the RuddGillard regime and more amusingly (and he maintained a straight face throughout) caution against leadership change as the Electorate would not be amused with such shenanigans. Seriously.

      Last thing Labor wants is Abbott gone.

    21. NEWSPOLL: 57-43 2PP to Labor
      Primaries: Coalition 35, Labor 41, Greens 12, Others 12
      Better PM: Abbott 30, Shorten 48
      Abbott: Satisfied 24, Dissatisfied 68
      Shorten: Satisfied 42, Dissatisfied 40

      Best to Lead Liberals:
      Abbott 25, Turnbull 64

      • Lorax. If Turnbull gets the nod and Shorten remains leader of Labor, who would you vote for?

        Turnbull leader, Morrison Treasurer?

        Bishop Leader, Turnbull Treasurer?

        Abbott stays, Hockey replaced by Turnbull?

        Abbott and Hockey, untenable IMO.

        • Lorax. If Turnbull gets the nod and Shorten remains leader of Labor, who would you vote for?

          The Greens 🙂

          Turnbull has to be leader, no question. Dunno about Treasurer. Not Morrison, maybe young Josh? He couldn’t do worse than the incumbent, and whoever is Treasurer under Malcolm will be told what to do.

    22. Wow. 100+ comments and not a one supportive of Abbot – not even from th resident right wing nut jobs. Abbot is fecked.

      Now he is calling a SA MP today re a new ($30 billion) policy on subs – for that to cone up for the first time today – suggests total desperation – he must know the numbers are grim ….

      • Some here think I’m a right wing nut job! Crazy, I know. Most here think if you’re not at least a socialist you’re a nutter.

        I voted for the Libs. Abbott is a decent bloke and I was more than prepared to give him a go. Labor was a no-go disaster. Greens for the lunatic fringe and the rest, meh.

        Abbott was not given a fair go from day one. Fact. He never managed to wrest control of the narrative. Fact. Hockey failed to deliver. Fact. The Vision or Narrative was never established let alone communicated. Fact. The Senate is a Joke. Fact. Labor remains a no-go disaster. Fact.

        Blindingly obvious that change is required. For mine, Abbott was lost completely circa G20 complaining about the failure to secure passage GP Copayment (copayment which I support) – on the international stage among peers who were facing potential military conflict, bank failures, QEInfinity – aka real problems.

        To follow that up by a New Year $20 GP fee, a knighthood to royalty…no. It’s Time.

        For Bishop and Turnbull.

        • Uranium GeoMEMBER

          I think the public got the vision and narrative very clearly. The problem was the government were operating in a vacuum and weren’t gauging the feed back they were receiving. The lobby and focus groups were steering them completely.

        • Cmon mig. It’s been a beautiful Perth day, 40 or so. A drink or too. Soaked in politics of the day. Early start tomorrow coz we’re hours behind. Give us a break.

          You know what exactly what I mean dude. Fact.

          • yeah, Abbott lost the narrative and ability to communicate clearly to the Australian people in the process of winning an election…… – now thats the fact!

            Of course did that Australian public think Rudd had the narrative and a clear communication with the Australian public?…..Nup – now thats the fact!
            Of course did that Australian public think Gillard had the narrative and a clear communication with the Australian public?…..Nup – now thats the fact!

            Before that – did that Australian public think Rudd had the narrative and a clear communication with the Australian public up until circa 2010?…..Maybe (I wasnt here then) – but, somewhere along the line, did they cotton onto the idea that someone whom they had found immensely popular might have been – when seen from a certain perspective – a psychopathic wanker with a high opinion of himself and a narrative that involved his interests first and theirs second? Yep – now that’s the fact.

            What did we have before that? Oh yeah, a long term PM legendary for his ability to parse concepts in verbal form and divide up those commitments into core and non core in the process. The public always did understand that anything enunciated by JWH was a sort of ambit claim – they could let him get away with that while the economy was on the up and while the then ALParatchik side was running the ‘small target, small minds, small electoral fortunes’ policy.

            Now with all those fact that 3d keeps tossing up, lets look where we are. An Australian public which thinks that a very large component of its political leadership is inclined to be talking about something which isnt the prime concern of the Australian public, and which is highly likely to pay a dividend for the people doing the talking rather than the public. 3d keeps tossing up the idea that they talk to themselves on Sky (that may be so – I dont watch it, but everyone I know tells me it is rubbish and that includes people working there and a largish selection of journalists). If so the Australian public – who tend to absorb free to air TV first and something involving an outlay second – might rightly ask themselves if the politicians communicating to ‘insiders’ on Sky TV are concerned first and foremost with speaking to them (let alone listening to them) or with ritualised forms of psychic masturbation revolving around setting the elect on an exclusionary basis, complete with mannerisms, vocabularies and presumably dress senses drifting ever further away from the heavily tattooed high visibility clothing set currently wondering why work seems to be either drying up or paying less.

            I reckon you are onto something there 3d, and I think you should slip into Torynuff house or whatever Perth does have and venture forth with some of those observations some more so that those Torynuffs can plug into the man on the street in all his monosyllabic, sweaty, fundamentals of life but aspirational glory………

            …..but you may need to get them to step further into the public mindset than Sky.

        • UG, I’ll always maintain from being elected elements of the media were out to destroy. All that Indo spying crap which occurred under previous custodianship seemingly sat upon by relevant media until…and it never improved from there, so distraught where some at the loss of Julia. FFS.

          FFS the Budget should have been a whole lot more reformist. Quislings everywhere decried it’s unfairness. What a joke. It was a tame affair. We are kidding ourselves if we dont expect some real sacrifices in the future. Although It seems to me, most seem happy enough to allow the misfortune to visit their children instead.

          Peter Van Onselen wrote an article two years ago suggesting Abbott may not be reformist enough. He was right. Abbott was not. And he was wrong. The electorate want their cake with double cream and ain’t gonna give an inch.

        • Abbot never got a fair go because no one ever liked him in the first place. Fact (least popular leader elected since federation).

          Had the Labour had their fecal matter together – the Libs would not have won under Abbot. Fact.

          Abbot was an accidental leader who should have been replaced after the 2010 election. He was ALWAYS going to end in a hail of gaffes and incompetence – he lasted this long only thanks to the lunacy of Labour.

          And no, he wasn’t the most successful opposition leader. That would have to go to some one who;
          – defeated a viable incumbent
          – defeated gillard the first time
          – supported the bi-partisan passage of key economic reforms
          – won a clear majority in both houses or at least close to a majority in the senate …

          Nup. Spare the breathless best op leader in history utter BS. The man is just a [email protected] and always was – he just got lucky when Krudd came along ….

        • 3d,

          I didn’t drink to today. Planning on celebrating tomorrow night. I think my bottle of something special – ’85 St Henri maybe. Bloody grange if I had any.

          actually looking forward to maybe being able to vote liberal again – to a higher quality political discourse …

          or am I getting to carried away here .?

          And that budget contained some vindictive ideological spikes ….. immaterial savings in the name of a budget emergency. It w as not the reformist budget the rhetoric demanded it should be .

        • HR, Gillard and Abbott share a curious similarity. Ostensibly you may fume and dislike, meet them and hell, they’re OK.

          Abbott faced a media minefield from the getgo of election. You can either rise above/defeat or you can’t. Sadly, he was ensnared.

        • Ah, minebot, your inner sociopath is showing again. Need to tone it down a bit – keep some of the mystique for any new readers.

        • Abbott and Gillard were the same all right, they were career party hacks who’s main achievent was surviving a decaying party system. Most likely they will both share the same fate.

    23. Change the leader, vote in a pinapple if you want, it makes no difference. The same policies that were there are still there, the same party policy free zone remains.

      We are talking about a change in marketing strategy here, the product is the same.

      • Not unless Malc uses strong polling to decide to call an early election, with a new agenda, mandate and the leadership legitimacy of a positive poll election result.

        • The Traveling Wilbur

          Spot on. Seriously. MT could do that. It’s the only thing that stands a chance of successfully changing the ball game for Australia (in a good way). Politics might get meaningful again.

          However the cynic in me can’t help but think, “Yeah, right. That would make a great movie. Could have lines in it like – save me oh member MT, you’re our only hope. Could call it Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, or something similar. Obviously Bronwyn as Yoda, Tony as the Emporer, Brandis as Jaba the Hut. Hockey as Chewie… LOL. How could we possibly go wrong…” (actually, I can see MT as Han Solo now that I think about it). Or to put that another way – not going to happen with the current libs front bench.

      • BIngo. They think that potentially Australia’s richest ever PM (MT) pushing through unprecedented austerity will go down well with the electorate.