Bishop squibs it

From the AFR, Julia Bishop has squibbed it:

Ms Bishop has told The Australian Financial Review she relayed the message during Tuesday’s meeting, the first part of a two-day cabinet marathon to discuss grievances and plan for the year ahead.

“I’m not ringing the backbench asking for support, I have not counted any numbers, I will not challenge the leader,’’ she said.

It is understood that Ms Bishop still reserves the right to run for the leadership should it be declared vacant.

Could they be stupid enough to draw this out?

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  1. Someone here said she would last about 8 seconds, I’d be happy to undertake the timing duties.WW

    • I agree. She is not leadership material. I still think Abbot may sacrifice hockey, with turnbull or morrison to appease backbenchers and stave off a spill motion.

      • No chance. Tony’s leadership is utterly terminal.

        It is only a matter of time before he is gone. Probably a few weeks at most.

      • I think he can delay any spill motion or challenge by replacing and using hockey as a scape goat. Especially if he makes turnbull treasurer.

      • That would be a clever move, therefore unlikely. Whatever happens, he won’t go quietly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the nut barricades himself in his office, taking a couple of staffers hostage.

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        Turnbull would be doing major damage to his political career by accepting the position of treasurer under an Abbott premiership. Gramus is right, Abbott and Joe are political zombies. The end is nigh.

      • Before Christmas I said I thought he wouldn’t last till March.

        Time frame is looking good.

      • I suppose the longer this plays out, the worse it is for the LNP.

        So pass the popcorn as I ease back in my recliner seat 🙂

  2. You don’t get it.

    She won’t call for a spill, but once the spill is on it is a different story.

    The spill will be bought on by a 3rd party (i.e. Mal Brough who has no chance of winning) as a means of getting the process started.

    Look at how the last Liberal leadership changed…
    Tony Abbott will not be the PM in a months time.

    The first Parliamentary sitting week starts next Monday… That is when all Lib members will be together at Parliament House. That is when movement will actually start.

    • Yup, Abbott will loose to a vote of no confidence not a challenge thereby keeping with the “we’re not like Labor” line. Now when this happens is another matter, sooner rather than later will be my pick, the Libs can’t afford for this to become terminal to the party rather than the individual.

    • nah Abbott is a changed man….he’s fully changed did you not hear his speech to the press club?

      He’ll take them to the next election loss for sure

    • My money’s on Bishop to be Deputy yet again. At least she knows what it’s like to support Turnbull from last time (and she claims to have voted for him, not Abbott at the last spill).

      • Hmm, you might be right.

        Rudd was replaced by a woman, Julie is smart enough to not want that to repeat.

        Although there would be a beautiful irony in it.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Well, he is the only one in the party with the scientific knowledge to build a bomb…

      • How the fuck did he slip in? Thought the Libs science knowledge selection criteria required extensive knowledge of hail Marys with a good splash of holy water.

        That aside, found this little gem on ‘Medicine and Religion in the Middle Ages – “The Cure Comes from God”

        “Surprisingly enough, despite the claimed benevolence of God, the Catholic church at first did not support the idea of public health.”

        Seems not much has changed.

    • From the transcript:

      “LEIGH SALES: So, in your view, is there anything Tony Abbott can do to save himself at this point?

      DENNIS JENSEN: I don’t believe so, Leigh. I mean, I’ve had… I had communications with Mr Abbott in December, where I highlighted some of my concerns. And quite frankly, the response that I got indicated to me that he was saying that he was hearing but he didn’t actually get the message. And I don’t think fundamentally he understands what the problem is – and therein lies the problem.”

      I thought that he responded very well to all of the questions. There was no fluffing about with his answers at all.

  3. 7:30 Report…what a crock of shit it is these days. But doesn’t Leigh Sales just love this….

    Maybe the real reason for all this leadership focus in recent years is the rise of women in the media???? (BOOM!…come at me feminazis…)

    But think about it. It’s the same part of the brain that reaches for New Idea at the checkout to see who’s backstabbing who (cos that’s sooooo interesting)….the same part of the young brain that agonises daily over who’s in the ‘IN’ crowd in highschool…..and whether the Queen Bee is still the queen….

    It’s all so FASCINATING!! Not…..Yawn.

    This stuff is base. Put in some effort Leigh. Policy not politics.

  4. Cracker of an interview with Dr Jensen.

    The moon-faced Mr Dutton clearly found that a hard act to follow. What can one say, I suppose? When there’s that much much blood on the floor, you can’t just pretend nothing happened, which seemed to be his plan for the interview.

    “nothing to see here, move along….well, yes, apart from the dead body, but, you know…”

  5. If Abbott lasts until NSW State election (March 28), voters will let him have both barrels.