Backbenchers call for Dead Duck to resign

From SBS:

The Western Australian MP has said that Tony Abbott should step down and the leadership spilled.

SBS has sought comment.

Mr Jensen told Fairfax Media that Mr Abbott was a “great wartime leader but not a great peace time leader”.

“I thought it was time to strike to start things moving,” he said.

Mr Jensen also told the ABC that “it’s not that the people choose the prime minister”.

He said Mr Abbott was informed of his position on January 23.

“I texted him, and this was prior to the Prince Philip [knighthood] debacle, I texted him and told him that he no longer enjoyed my support,” he said.

He added that Mr Abbott was too focussed on debt and deficit.

“He is not focused on policy,” he said.

“He is not focused on strategic direction. He is focused more on tactics and tactical policy.”

Mr Jensen, who was elected in 2004, is the first Liberal MP to go on the record and call for a spill.

That’s a clear sighted fellow. And BS:

Queensland backbench MP Warren Entsch reportedly spoke to the ABC, indicating that he’d like to see the leadership situation “resolved” at the caucus meeting next week.

Queensland MP Mal Brough, who took questions after delivering a speech last night, said his support for Mr Abbott was “qualified”. He also spoke out against the government’s defence pay and medicare co-payment policies.

And from The Australian:

NSW Labor is preparing a campaign offensive to make the state election on March 28 about “the Liberal brand” and will tie Premier Mike Baird to Tony Abbott with fears over “cuts” to health and education services and opposition to electricity privatisation to feature prominently.

Echoing the party’s Queensland election strategy, NSW Labor is finalising plans to give federal Labor leader Bill Shorten a prominent role in the campaign to highlight the Prime Minister and Joe Hockey being from NSW and enjoying a close relationship with Mr Baird.

The theme being worked on by Labor strategists to exploit the linkages between the state and federal Coalition governments is “different leaders but same ­agenda”.

Hard to believe another state could fall under the Abbott wrecking ball but:

  • the SA Liberal Party should have won in a doddle over an exhausted Labor government;
  • a benign VIC Liberal Party should have won a second term and,
  • an arrogant QLD Liberal Party aught have been able to hang on for second term given its enormous lead.

State issue are paramount but the Abbott agenda is acting as the marginal price setter in the Australian politics.

It no longer matters what Abbott is or where he’s going. He’s a goner, branded as such, and if the Party does not remove him fast it will share his fate, dragging down the economy as it goes.

Whether a new leader can change things is an open question but there is at least a chance. Julia Bishop is back this morning:

With leadership tensions worsening, Ms Bishop told cabinet on Tuesday she was not going to challenge Mr Abbott, nor was she campaigning internally for a spill. “I told my cabinet colleagues I’m not ­campaigning for the job of Prime Minister,’’ she said.

“I’m not ringing the backbench asking for support, I have not counted any numbers, I will not challenge the leader.”

But Ms Bishop would most likely run if someone else forced the issue. This opens the prospect of a so-called “bomb-thrower” or “stalking-horse” like Mr Jensen or Mr Brough instigating a leadership vote.

Malcolm is quiet. Julia could be his “bomb-thrower”.

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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    Yeah there’s a chance you lot will cry for bigger rate cuts! Abbott gave Lorax was his evil heart most desired and he’s still bitching about how Labor do cuts better.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        I’ll be out of your hair soon enough, once the hoards with comprehension difficulties wake up….

      • Sim, I think Mig’s implying HnH spends his days patiently explaining the world to idiots, instead of profiting and scheming for power from his secret hideout. Hard to see it as an insult really. (Except to us, have no doubt he’s including us in the idiot group.)

        Hordes, Miggle. Hoard is a verb.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        No its a reference to the all the “incomprehensible” remarks. Thought that was obvious. Hordes indeed! I don’t have a sten when I’m out running 😉

      • I’m done with this baiting, Mig. Move on or I’ll deploy daily ban.

        Oh please. The quality of the conversation here would improve immeasurably.

      • Give us a vote up, vote down button for comments. We can self moderate, saving you the trouble. We may or may not hide his comments, but wither way, “The Tribe has Spoken”.

    • migtronix at 3:50 am

      Yeah there’s a chance you lot will cry for bigger rate cuts! Abbott gave Lorax was his evil heart most desired and he’s still bitching about how Labor do cuts better.

      Have you ever been institutionalised?

      Serious question.

      • Macrobusiness, sound economic analyses with a bit of schoolyard drama thrown in for good measure. 😛

        Don’t give attention to those seeking it. 🙂

      • The interesting thing is that on the daily AUDUSD looks more bullish, than EURAUD in terms of a bounce.

      • Yes, I’ve been in full-time employment all my working life including now.

        I answered your question. Will you answer mine?

        Would your employer be pleased to know you’ve been up all night trading and hurling abuse at anonymous commenters at a fringe economics blog? That abuse now seems to have extended to the blog authors as well.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        They don’t give a crap as long as I’m delivering software that works unlike everyone else who takes their money and gives them diddly! Which is exactly what I’m doing here at 7am.

        You like to make yourself sound important by berating others but earth to Lorax it wasn’t the dollar the reason you couldn’t sell desktop apps in 2012! Fool!

        Abuse? That’s what you do all day long to mask your pedestrian intelligence

      • So, not answering the question then?

        Who’d like to have their life depending on ICU software written by Mig after being up all night trading? Not I!

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Since I don’t believe your answer I take it you won’t believe mine. Keep trying champ…

        Who wants to pay Lorax USD for a crappy desktop app?

  2. ceteris paribus

    Leave Tony alone. He has already delivered big-time. He has delivered Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Thanks Tones.

    • Delivered stupidity and incompetence in the form of labor to those state parliaments.

      Liberals aren’t the best they just a lot better than labor, for all the wrong doings of labor known and unknown they should have been banished from australian politics all together. Australians have short memories.

      • Tassie TomMEMBER

        I’d exclude SA from that.

        SA Labor are as stale as a hotel room with brown vinyl-veneered cupboards, rough-rendered plaster archways and brown carpet curving 6 inches up the skirtings. However they have been remarkably (although not completely) free of corruption, pork-barrelling, and ideology-driven policy, and have done a reasonably good job of running a state which is inevitably following the path of Michigan.

      • migtronixMEMBER

        stale as a hotel room with brown vinyl-veneered cupboards, rough-rendered plaster archways and brown carpet curving 6 inches up the skirtings

        Beautiful. TY

      • DodgydamoMEMBER

        The current federal liberal govt doing a pretty good job of proving team red do not have a monopoly on stupidity and incompetence

      • True on most of that TT. But I wouldn’t say “free of” at all re. corruption in SA. as someone who is relatively intimate with what was inside the (IIRC, 13 million dollar) MacPherson report. Corruption and links were interwoven between local, state, police and those external, with vested interests (and money).
        But alas, it was suppressed via a court order due to being “defamatory” (as if exposing corruption would do anything else).
        On that or any other issue for that matter, all it takes is a tap on the shoulder from the shoppies, and state Labor keeps mum.
        The Adelaide elite always get their slice of the pie, whether it be being allowed to have a bowser monopoly in SE Adelaide (to be fair, they were prevented from doing so for several years), or Glenside hospital’s extra land being sold off without tender- without any explanation as to why. Maybe these are all pittances compared to interstate, but for me it’s like a Swiss friend said – complain when the bus is 2 minutes late, and he will never be 5 minutes late.

        EDIT: forgot one other thing. Was told by someone at the EPA that the Barossa Valley has terrible air quality due to its geography allowing vineyard chemicals and particulate to hang in the air like a fog. The state government knows about that one, but they won’t ever reveal it or do something about it, because that would destroy image- and tourism! At least it’s good business for local pharmacies, since asthma rates in the area are higher than surrounding areas.

      • “Australians have short memories.”

        That, or they just disagree with your assessment of the major parties.

      • Simplicity, having observed politics in Qld and NSW for decades, there seems to me to be no justification for either side of politics to claim superiority. The administrations of Sir Joh, and Sir Robert Askin on the right, and the Brisbane City Council under Clem Jones, and the Eddie Obeid stuff on the other side are clear proof of this.

        Simply awful the lot of them.

      • Australians are simply opting for incompetence over malevolence. But neither prospect really excites.

    • In the future, I can see the cfmeu paying for him to go on a speaking tour whenever an election is on.

  3. When you say Malcolm would be the bomb chucker, do you mean as a stalking horse to pave the way for Bishop, or do you mean as the catalyst for a spill?

  4. Conservatives are very good at hate. Once an enemy is marked – and this person can be inside the tent – passions boil and persist for life.

    Jensen and Entsch accurately reflect the bleak Liberal parliamentary party mood, but speaking out is a no-no and all the dills who breathlessly describe the incumbent as ‘Our Tone’ have entered this in their notebooks. Expect rivers of blood.

    Twenty months to the federal election and counting down.

    • Yep. Jensen in particular has an axe to grind with Tony after being passed over in the latest cabinet reshuffle. Do these guys have the numbers, or are they just blustering?

      • You think Tay Tay was singing about Abbott?

        “‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
        And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
        Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
        I shake it off, I shake it off”

        Abbott shaking is not a pretty picture.

  5. I can’t see the LNP losing in NSW.

    The ALP in NSW has been in a psych ward for the last 4 years and have only been let out in the grounds for the last 6 months.

    Nurse Robertson had them on deep sleep therapy to try to forget the trauma of ICAC but he forgot to lay off the pills in time to get ready for the March election.

    Mr Foley is running around with a clip board getting the party to do star jumps etc but they will not be ready for match day.

    (I have no idea who the candidate for Parra will be)

    Mike Baird has such a nice smile – he ought to get the grey beard vote – even if his huge toll road will sprout up in the middle of latte land and he wants to flog off our gold plated extension leads.

    Anyway – I suppose with Mr Abbott stirring up the dust and Mr Foley trying to stick him on Baird like an albatross, anything is possible.

    But I think we are being too hard on pollies (yes I am as much to blame).

    These days they are MOSTLY (some old school ones remain – on the endangered list) only low rent Weather Men who tell the weather but don’t know high pressure systems from the top heat setting on the hair dryer in their dressing rooms,

    A better description might be Pol-imbos.

    Political parties learnt long ago that getting the best talking head did not necessarily require a great brain to go with it.

    If sufficiently simple slogans were used by the Pol-imbo they had a greater capacity to use a more beautiful and charming model.

    The slogans are not a mistake and they are not used because the public is dumb or lazy.

    They are used because that is the only way the great back room (but terribly uncharming) brains can ensure that the most beautiful and pathological Pol-imbos get it right on the night.

    A Poll-imbo is closely related to a salesperson and that means a good one must have a good brain but it is not the sort of brain that necessarily understands or can develop good policy.

    It is the sort of brain that instinctively knows when the audience is soaking up the smile and the assurances and the seduction is working.

    The Americans have got this down to a fine art and they now have a drone army of Pol-imbos custom cut for every region and demographic. The gerrymandering makes it easier to hire to order.

    If you want to stop the Pol-imbo army vote for someone who is ugly, uncharming but knows what they are talking about.

    If they use a slogan rule them out immediately.

    • migtronixMEMBER

      Why do we get such “homely” (read butt fugly) polimbos?

      The Italians get porn stars! Bunga Bunga!

      • We are more modest in our shag aspirations?

        Or more likely we dont think about sex when thinking about politics.

        Those randy mediterraneans!

      • Because of course the ladies are constantly drooling over the endless assortment of hot himbos who appear on the political scene, like …

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      I agree with NSW Labor’s miniscule chances.

      NSW Labor need at least 1 more term out of power to (hopefully) get it out of their psyche that “corruption is just a normal way of getting things done.”

      • Never out of their psyche TT! Just till the public forgets or till Bairds lot are found to be just as bent.

  6. Anyone who thinks Victoria would have gone any other way has no idea AT ALL and should stay out of political commentary completely. Nothing to do with Abbott.

    To think QLD is the same has rocks their head for such a massive swing.

    The entire its Abbotts fault exposes two radically stupid positions.

    The first is to ignore just how corrupt,zelf zerving and bad these states have been. Worse,far worse than even Abbott.

    Secondly it preseumes us all stupid fools who can not differentiate.

    The narrative is absolutely ignorant in the extreme.

    Best to stick to what we know. Nbn and politics are not MB fortes.

    • Jeff Kennett is uninformed? He was quite clear about Abbott’s detrimental effect in QLD – not so much the quantum but certainly its presence.

      • Probably because it is very hard to draw an ideological and operational distinction between Newman and Abbott.

    • Both these topics serve the macrobusiness Malcolm Turnbull agenda

      Malcolm’s their man! He can do it! They know he can!

  7. “I txt’d him that he no longer had my support”
    who is this goose?….a teenager dumping his girlfriend?
    1. even in politics, it is only common decency to talk to someone direct, if you are going to withdraw support/friendship.
    2. Maybe this goose, doesn’t have the opportunity (being on the backbench) to even book in 2 mins of one on one with the PM.

    I think Tony should go (he won’t)….but I just hope they get rid of ‘publicity seeking’ jerks like this goose!
    It should be ‘open season’ on all fowl in the parliament….ducks, geese the lot!!!

    • “Maybe this goose, doesn’t have the opportunity (being on the backbench) to even book in 2 mins of one on one with the PM.”

      More likely, he couldn’t get past the Credlin firewall.

    • Tassie TomMEMBER

      He’s the Member for Tangney – next door but over the river from Julie Bishop.

      They’re all geese in those parts of town.

  8. The LNP will win NSW easily, largely because O’Farrell and Baird are moderates, and the ALP have chosen yet another faceless man to lead them.

    Westconnex and developers running roughshod over Council planning processes around the state are sleeper issues which might swing a few seats, but I’d expect a modest swing back to the ALP at best.

    Putting the focus 100% on Abbott is the correct strategy for the ALP because Baird vs Foley is no contest, albeit slightly better than Baird vs Robbo. Abbott is widely loathed here as he is everywhere. NSW Labor will be hoping he hangs around until after the election.

    • Baird can win NSW with one swingeing statement:
      “No more CSG on farmland or near any water.”
      Or better still
      “No more CSG”

      He won’t of course, because he’s a nuffy. Like most of them.

      • Nobody in Sydney cares about CSG or coal mining to any real degree. You don’t see utes plastered with anti mining stickers in the city. The Liberals don’t really give a stuff about regional NSW and never have (neither have Labor for that matter).

        The big problem Labor have is they still stink to high heaven of honest–to-god 3rd world corruption and Baird has cleverly kept a low profile and done nothing quite as stupid as Newman’s pole leasing or the Victorian East-West corrupt mess. I think the Abbott effect has been wildly overstated – it’s a 2nd or 3rd order issue i.e. it’s not the first thing on peoples minds when they make their decision, it just helps them justify it.

        If the ALP wins NSW nobody learns anything and I’m pretty sure the NSW voters know that.

      • No offence uteman, but have you been to somewhere like the Clarence, Northern Rivers or Tweed?

        Mate it’s not just utes driving around with Lock the Gate stickers.

        And NSW != Sydney. Lots of votes.

        And isn’t it the case that estates on Sydney’s outskirts are being affected by AGL CSG wells? And isn’t it the case some of Sydney’s supply is now being threatened by leases?

        [I don’t disagree Martin Place doesn’t care about RARA, I’m saying there are a lot of votes that do care about CSG]

      • tmarsh I figure most people know that Lib/Lab are pretty much the same party when it comes to CSG i.e. the leases just keep on getting leased irrespective of which side is in. The Libs didn’t slow down anything at all, it’s just the benificiary list changed.

        I realise NNSW it’s been a big issue but loads of those seats are too safe for any of us to do anything about these bastards. And I would still maintain that the ALP in NSW is the worst, most corrupt, branch of any of our corrupt and stinking political class. My local member has been on the run from the ICAC for the best part of a year and nobody knows where he is!

      • I agree UteMan. NSW Labor still stink and Baird just needs to be vaguely competent to win.

        If Labor had gone for a Linda Burney instead of social conservative Catholic machine man like Foley it would have been an indication they’d learned something, but they haven’t.

      • Uteman – I’m calling BS on that statement.

        Tell it to the thousands of residents in Camden (which IS part of Sydney, regardless what eastern suburbs lycra clad latte sippers might believe) who woke up one day last year to find a leaking CGS well metres from their homes.

        Sydney’s south west and western suburbs are covered with these damnable things. Just so happens many of these areas are in Sydney’s water catchment area and/or the subterranean water table.

        As a resident of one of these areas (thankfully not yet directly affected) I can assure you that it will be THE big issue at the next state election.

        The idea that we are prepared to risk the permanent pollution of the water supply in the largest city on the driers continent is simply mind-boggling, even before you factor in the lies and deceit of the gas exploration companies.

      • Fair enough mander, although I’m kinda old and still figure Camden as regional. You gotta remember that NSW voters are pretty damn insular though and nobody in Leichhardt gives a fat rats bottom what happens in Camden (or Tweed, or Gunnedah or Dubbo or Batemans Bay or Wilcannia).

  9. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I reckon what is happening to Abbott is so cool. It’s got karma written all over it. It’s magical. LOL. I hate ’em all !!

  10. rob barrattMEMBER

    NO NO! You’ve all got it terribly wrong. We have just received this communication direct from the Palace:

    ”Greetings to our Australian colonies!
    While my husband and I would, in some circumstances, be proud to accept a knighthood on behalf of the Greek side of our family, I DO feel it necessary to point out that one cannot be a Duke of the British Realm while at the same time accepting a knighthood which, of course, is several ranks below that of a Prince, Duke, Earl, Baron or even a (sniff) humble Marquis – from a country which is still rather a distant and young cousin of our most glorious empire.
    Nonetheless, we feel it incumbent upon ourselves to reciprocate Mr Abbott’s (we are reliably informed that that is his name) proposal by bestowing a knighthood on the said Mr Abbott. I feel sure that the citizens of that good and faithful colony will join me in applauding this most appropriate award.

    Arise, Sir Abbott!