PVO declares Abbott a dead duck

From Peter van Onselen, Murdoch star (and cousin to LVO):


How about making it to next month?

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  1. One of the dominoes will be Newman getting the flick in QLD. so soon after an equal drubbing for the Libs in the Vic elections.
    The writing is not on the wall, it is writ large on the PUP bill boards up here. “Send Abbott the Message” WW

      • It looks like Springborg will be his replacement.
        Does any one (business) have confidence in him.
        The place will be paralysed for months, at just a time when we really need to be doing something. What a mess. I am very pessimistic.WW

      • Even my wife who is a usual LNP voter is asking the question – who do I vote for?

        And the reality of the assets sales is, as they say, “trending” well.

        I do not expect Labour to win, but am surprised at the anti LNP sentiment. Of course, the optional preferential system helps entrench the 2 party system.

  2. Sky had an interesting chat last night: PVO, Peter Hartcher, Phi Coorey and David Speers. All about Abbott…

    Anyway, for mine, he’s done.. Coming into 2015 supposedly refreshed and renewed with two clangers, the short lived $20 GP fiasco and the PMs Pick for Oz Day Honours, indicates serial stupidity. The wheels have fallen off.

    Libs should’ve pushed the change over the Christmas break.

    A couple of years ago Abbott gave a good speech, surpassed by a terrific Q&A afterward. He was articulate, funny, coherent, warm and visionary. Where has this man gone.

    Abbott faces the Press Club next week.

    • Correct , You only have to look at him, A man frozen by fear. Everything he was, is, aspired to, out the window and in flames. He doesnt have the character to be a leader, nor does MT.WW

      • The problem is the other option is Bill “I want the power, just to have the power” Shorten. He doesn’t want to wield it to make the necessary and painful changes. He is Abbot if Abbot was a Labour man.

      • Abbott is living proof that there are no monuments to critics.

        He was a very effective leader of the opposition if the job of the leader of the opposition is to undermine everything a government does rather than act in the national interest. He was a very effective critic, but he is just aboutt dead in the water as far as the electorate goes.

        But the Libs are faction ridden and can’t coalesce behind any other single person.

        If they want to win they could try Turnbull, but the right will undermine him as they are more committeed to their idoelogical agenda than to winning power, as opposed to just getting it after Labor stuffs up.

        Hockey is dead meat. Doesn’t even know what taxes the average Asutralian pays. Incompetent or dishonest, neither is good enough in the face of his unsaleable horror budget.

        Bishop might have sufficient appeal outside the party and she has the benefit of not being Turnbull. She would only have to move to the centre a bit and dump the silliest of Abbott/Hockey’s policies and be steady as she goes to cement favour.

    • He was articulate, funny, coherent, warm and visionary.

      You’d had too many glasses of wine. Beer goggles.

      Where has this man gone

      He was never there

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        That interview when he was asked about shit happens and he froze for 15 seconds. That’s the real Tony. A man who cannot face any sort of scrutiny.

        Was always going to be a massive failure.

    • @3dik

      Same thing happened to Julia G.

      As Dep PM she was articulate & quick on her feet , good at policy (except Education, wanting to install failed NY state programs)

      On becoming PM she became wooden & policy idiotic announcing Malaysian solution ,before talking to Malaysia,

      Citizens council to sort CC

      Letting IO miners write RRT

      Maybe it’s the water at the Lodge.

      I have a psych nurse friend who is convinced Captain Australia ,The High Lord Abbott is exhibiting symptoms of psych medication

      • 3d,

        Seriously where is this “good speech, surpassed by a terrific Q&A afterward”.

        Even just the transcript – I’m curious and admitted fairly incredulous .
        Still like I said yesterday – pretty well everybody said Abbot would end in a flurry of gaffes and incompetence.

        I think this would have happened sooner if Labor we at all credible.

        Everybody says the greatest opposition leader etc …. can we please not forget – he was the least popular leader elected in history.

        – no body ever wanted him
        – Libs have no mandate (as the polls show)
        – it speaks ONLY of labor incompetence – not the competence of Abbot….

    • Cost IndexMEMBER

      As usual everyone discusses that the ONLY options are the three majors… Incorrect

      There IS another option, progressive yet quite level headed I might add. LDP under Senator David Leyonhjelm

    • “A couple of years ago Abbott gave a good speech, surpassed by a terrific Q&A afterward. He was articulate, funny, coherent, warm and visionary. Where has this man gone.”

      Peta Credlin is really the power behind this throne. People voted for her but with Abbotts face. Never works.

      • The PM said he had only consulted with the chairman of the Council of the Order of Australia and the Governor-General before honouring Prince Philip. He admitted he did not consult his chief of staff, Peta Credlin.

    • 3d,

      “He was articulate, funny, coherent, warm and visionary. ”

      Seriously? If I didn’t 1/2 know you I’d say you were a fool, but we know that ain’t the case. He has NEVER been any of the above, you must have been dreaming!

  3. Abbott’s gotta go. His knighting of a Prince (akin to giving Willy Wonka a box of Cadbury Favourites for Christmas) shows his heart lies in his country of birth. I suspect he harbours a wistful desire to return to the ‘mother country’ to see out his autumnal years – much like the early governors of the colony once they’d served King and Country in this distant, southern outpost.

    Back on the boat Abbott.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Heard someone suggest that our Tony got Prince Phillip mixed up with Governor Arthur Phillip.

      Sounds entirely feasible.

    • That’s a Lib for you. Hawke and Keating dragged this mob kicking and screaming into modernity. We’d still be tied to the old British bootstrap if it wasn’t for Labour.

      In actuality if you really examine Australian politics over the last 100 years, 90- 95% of the best social and economic reforms have come under Labour govts. Shame we have lightweights like Bill “i belong on the short bus” Shorten “leading” the Labour party atm.

      • “Hawke and Keating dragged this mob kicking and screaming into modernity.”

        Whitlam on social policy did as much if not more than Bob and PJK.

        Hawke/Keating more so on the economic modernization front.

      • So, lets say Bishop-Turnbull or Turnbull-Bishop takes the reigns at the LNP and resurrect their position in the polls. What do the ALP do then? Shorten is more machine than human. He speaks in news grabs. I want a real leader. Where is the new PJK?

      • Albo seems a lot less robotic than Shorten.

        Albo leader, Plibersek deputy and Bowen Treasurer makes for a tolerable leadership team. Certainly better than Abbott, Hockey, Pyne, Brandis et al.

      • Well who else? Tanya? Penny Wong and Tony Burke are also good performers.

        Its gotta be one of Shorten, Albo, Tanya, Bowen or Burke. Wong is in the Senate. The new generation (like Jason Clare) just aren’t ready.

      • whilst this might be true, Labour (Labor ??) have certainly acted as someone who is not used to having money, as soon as they get the keys they spend everything in the vault and take out a loan.

      • Matt, you do realise that this is a big spending Government:
        Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey also noted that the ALP government was “spending almost $100bn a year more than in the last year of the Howard government”.

        So it must be embarrassing for them both to find that this year they will spend almost $145bn “a year more than in the last year of the Howard government”, and that this financial year sees expenditure a mere 0.1% of GDP below the 26% of GDP that occurred in 2009-10 when the Rudd government responded to the GFC with a massive stimulus”


  4. Howard’s leadership style very much keep the wolves from the door as firstly he was much more consultative of this colleagues and secondly he did not force such centralised control on them.

    The problem with Abbott is that he is almost doing the opposite, which is causing alienation within the party and since the polls have been dire for a while, his party is now seeing him as the problem.

  5. Problem for the Libs is to have this happen gracefully. TA is unlikely to fall on his sword so the back-room discussions must be ‘choice’….

    Maybe Tony needs to stay out of the surf, particularly at Portsea, its known to be hazardous to incumbent PM’s 😉

    • Someone, (Pyne), sidles up to Phony Toney and his funky bunch: “Look, er, Toney Tone, it’s funky cold medina out there brother, we took a poll and you need to go. We’re fair dinkum rooted with you as leader.”

      “YOU. F$CKEN. WHAT.”

    • Ah Warren, that is him to a “T”

      “Warren Truss: Ah, the Fergie, wonderful machine. Could pull stumps out of a swamp all day long. Deceptively strong little thing.”

      Deputy PM no less.WW.

  6. I wonder if when the next polling company does a word association test with words like “strong leader”, “intelligent” and the like, they could throw in “joke” and “embarrassment”?

  7. Slapped silly and held in the corner by a distressed LNP caller on 3AW, the PM could only clutch the attacker and implore “judge us on our record” over and over.

    That’s analogous to asking the national sales manager (after missing KPI’s for eight straight quarters) to ‘judge me on my record’.

    Well, they did and now the PM will be ‘thanked’ for his ‘contributions’ and wished ‘well’ on his future endeavours.

  8. Once again I’m with 3D. One of the few logical thinkers on this blog. I also, am terribly disappointed with T.A. and hope he doesn’t survive a challenge, and I cheered like hell when he got in. What a fool. As bad as he is he is still head and shoulders above anyone in the ALP, who are back to scrabbling for any talent at all, like just before they picked Rudd, as he was the ONLY thing they had going. Even picked him again in 2013. And you are discussing Albo, Shorten, Tony Burqa, etc? You lefties are a pathetic bunch and refuse to admit that the ALP cannot govern and never could. Knightmare or not, Philip won’t make a jot of difference to anything that matters.

    • dj,

      The fact you displayed such appalling judgement on Abbott in the first place to be “shocked” that it turned out like it has, means you are in no position to judge others here about logical thinking. It’s even worse since you see him as “head and shoulders” above ANYONE else in the ALP, showing your judgement as seriously lacking. You compound this surfeit of appalling thinking by declaring that Rudd, of all people, was the only thing the ALP had going for them.

      Is it any wonder you see 3d as logical!

      • bolstrood,

        I wouldn’t know, I think it’s been asked a few times with no response. Maybe a bit too obvious.

      • I didn’t think that Rudd was the only thing going for the ALP, the ALP did. My poor grammar. I don’t consider myself right wing, just because I’m against gay marriage, most welfare, climate change paranoia, free everything for all, muslim immigration, sharia law, and a few other things, just makes me an ordinary Australian with poor political judgement. I just keep hoping someone will replace the ALP and manage the economy reasonably well. Is that too much to hope for? I am not Ray Hadley, but he may be a distant relative as he seems pretty smart and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    • @djhadley

      Enigma code: “Once again I’m with 3D. One of the few logical thinkers on this blog.”

      Everyday English: “I’m a far right wingnut like 3D”

      “What a fool.” That statement appears to apply to either or both of you and Abbott, given what comes after it.

    • dj,

      So you have a self-esteem issue (in not suffering fools)? That sort of explains a few things.

      And I must say you’ve proven it again on the judgement thingy! Ray Hadley smart, hahahahahahaha.

  9. Yep. Even my uber conservative card carrying Liberal in-laws were aghast at the knighting of Philip, and are now loudly despairing about that “idiot”. Abbott gone by year end to pick up work on his great English novel between a few B-list directorships.

  10. Boy do I hope the Liberals are cowardly enough to keep him on.

    Taken before the Captain’s Sir Prince Philip pick.


    ALP support rose to 56.5% (up 2%) on Australia Day weekend, well ahead of the L-NP 43.5% (down 2%) on a two-party preferred basis. If a Federal Election were held now the ALP would win easily according to this week’s Morgan Poll on voting intention conducted with an Australia-wide cross-section of 2,057 Australian electors aged 18+.

  11. Abbott won’t go, and they can’t oust him. The Murdoch and Fairfax-anointed Bishop would be another woman stabbing a male PM, and in any case she’s a vacuous blue-rinse fashion plate who has never done any policy work and made a complete fool of herself as shadow treasurer.

    If Abbott thought he were about to be stabbed he’d pull a conflagratory double dissolution, like the pin out of a grenade which he keeps in his pocket, and tells no one about.

    Not that changing leader would make a scrap of difference, with the possible exception of the vastly over-rated but strangely popular Turnbull. Morrison would need a complete personality transplant, and there’s no one else, not one.

    The truth is that these idiotic “captain’s call” moves by Abbott have been occasioned by the enormous policy and achievement void his party has created. Abbott is left casting around for what turn out to be momentary lunatic decisions which signify to him that he’s doing something, and then assume a larger than deserved prominence in the vapid media. Left without any achievement which could be used as an argument that the government is governing, Abbott is repeatedly falling back into his own brain, where you find his old religious values, conservative morals and archaic love of the British Empire.

    Thus, the problem is not the Prince Phillip thing but the failure to govern.

  12. Abbott is national disgrace. Having said that, Libs are stuck with Abbott.

    Will Libs Knife Abbott? Unlikely. It would be too obviously following the footsteps of the ALP. It would be too easy for Shorten to label Libs as a bunch of idiots who, not only shamelessly commit the atrocity Libs themselves had so loudly condemned, but also know no better than following the ALP’s lead.

    I have no doubt that tremendous amounts of pressure will be applied to Abbott to step down, behind the scenes of course. But this is unlikely to succeed. Abbott knows that Libs cannot knife him, so will go on to come up with ever more inventive ways to embarrass Libs and the nation.

    Woooohoooo!! Wonderful years ahead.