Lambie grenade blows up FOFA changes

From the AFR:

The federal government’s changes to Labor’s future of financial advice laws are about to be unravelled.

Renegade Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie and Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party Senator Ricky Muir have broken ranks with Clive Palmer and will join Labor, the Greens and other Senate crossbenchers to disallow the laws.

The government’s changes were enacted by regulation, not legislation. Regulations can be undone by the passage of a disallowance motion in either house of Parliament.

Labor tried in July to pass a disallowance motion in the Senate but was defeated after Mr Palmer backflipped and his three senators plus Senator Muir backed the government.

Good for her. The FOFA changes were awful and deserved to be blcoked. I just hope she sticks to her line that she won’t pass any government legislation unless it raises defense personnel wages, otherwise the RET will be the next grenade launched.

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    • And that’s Lambie! Imagine what a bunch of strong independent MP’s and Senators with a robust intellectual understanding of the economy and a moral inclination to actually help the country could do.

      At the very least we would have the discussion in Parliament for voters to see, not off in some compromised lobbyist and crony/nepotist ridden back room somewhere.

  1. There is something about Lambie, I can’t think of any politician for all their blustering that was prepared to blow the place up on a principle.

    She may be uneducated(formally) and uninformed and paranoid. Though it appears she has principles and on that alone I would vote for her over the other sociopaths.

    • She may be useful in this instance, but I don’t think she’s contributing beyond her personal, very narrow interests. I’d would rather have a decent independent Senator or a few more Greens than Lambie.

      • Really ? When have the Greens being prepared to die in the ditch on an issue the way this women has. The Feds are sending the military to fight in a 1,000 yr old conflict and cutting their pay at the same time. This lady has drawn a line in the sand at the obvious maliciousness of the policy. Tasmania is circling the drain she is at least bringing that to national attention.
        I don’t see the Greens doing this on the environment even or anything, unemployment asset stripping housing policy nothing.
        Political opportunists like the rest of them, also mostly ex communists. They don’t even have open party conferences such is their commitment to openness.

        She may have a short self life but at least there is conviction and principle.

      • I don’t want politicians to die in a ditch, I want politicians who can negotiate and deliver good policy. Would you rather vote for a Jaquie Lambie or a Rob Oakeshott?

        The Greens screwed up on fuel excise admittedly, and did some dumb things when Rudd and Turnbull were trying to get the CPRS through, but most of the time they vote the right way.

        Lambie is a bit like Katter. Passionate, and probably well-meaning (from their very narrow world view) but also ignorant and prejudiced.

      • @Rod – pay-rise for soldiers v hippy stuff.

        How far do you reckon the tabloids would let the Greens go if they pulled this sort of caper?

        Thing with Lambie is that she’s not desperately trying to be taken seriously as a long-term political force. The Greens, on the other hand…

      • When have the Greens being prepared to die in the ditch on an issue the way this women has.

        Er, most of the time ? Is that not what they are lambasted for day in, day out (fuel indexation being the most recent example, but the original ETS another good one) ?

      • I am fearful of some of Lambie’s regressive attitudes and views but I think it most unfair not to recognise a basic integrity and honesty in Lambie’s personality. Congrats to her on getting rid of these awful FoFA changes by the Libs.

        I am also a conditional supporter of the Greens, but not to the extent that I don’t see some self-serving and smug attitudes in a couple of members of the Greens team.

        We all have our mixture of strengths and weaknesses.

      • “Congrats to her on getting rid of these awful FoFA changes by the Libs.”

        Unfortunately she is not opposing this policy due to integrity. She is opposed to all government polices unless her demands have been met, regardless of the merit of the government policy.

      • Rod77,

        Lambie hasn’t thrown herself under a bus for principle, she has a 6 yr fixed term earning 200k pa. Unless she’s completely delusional she is a 1 term Senator so can afford to stand her ground as she’s extremely unlikely to be re-elected.

    • “She may be uneducated(formally) and uninformed and paranoid. Though it appears she has principles and on that alone I would vote for her over the other sociopaths”

      Agree 100% – –

      Jacqui also spoke out against the Mad Monks comments about Russia & the Russian President. She is a breath of fresh air.

    • Jeez Mig are you ever happy? This was going to be a serious backward step and would have allowed planners to fleece billions from ordinary Australians. Lets just be happy we’re getting the lesser of two evils for once.

    • Prosecution works much better, look what’s been going on in London, bankers are sh#tting bricks

    • Yeah, I remember someone from ASIC argue that jail is the only thing white-collar criminals really fear. But if you’re right and the world is run by criminals, then they’re hardly going to let politicians crack down on their behaviour.

      • When those criminals, and not just misfits and neer-do-wells, start going to jail you’ll know the tide is turning. Until then… criminals rule the world…

  2. Tassie TomMEMBER

    Good on her. The banks rip Tasmania off too much as it is. She’s blocked the pro-corruption measure to allow them to rip us off more.

    Tassie brings money into Australia – we export heaps more than we import, and where does it go? To the mainland. How does it get there? Mainly through bank interest and fees – of whom the head offices, well-paid employees, and shareholders predominantly reside in Sydney and Melbourne. We make them rich and we stay poor.

    Jackie Lambie’s got her failings, but if she ditches Big Fat Clive she’ll keep her seat in 5 years time.


    Next up, take on the government on 457s and foreign investment in housing making housing too expensive for locals ! Those issues will make you two really popular.
    And remember –


    • And when I say “traitorious parliamentarians” I mean your opponents Jacqui, like the government who are selling out the country to financial and foreign interests. Go get ’em Jacqui !

  4. Ricky Muir is of course the CFMEU senator….. I am sure the ads the Victorian Liberals are running make him feel all warm and fuzzy….

  5. Terrific news that the FOFA dilution is being rolled back!

    AND another blow to the regime!

    Two birds, one stone……

    This does not take away from the fact that Lambie and Palmer are self interested loons and would find it very hard to gain such an easy foothold in a more ‘mature’ democracy

  6. Australia has one of the highest number of generals to enlisted ranks ratio in the world, Cosgrove didn’t build an army, he built a bureaucracy, If the pen is truly mightier the the sword then no one better fuck with us. Maybe Lambie should negotiate a better pay rise for the lower ranks at the expense of the exploding aristocracy, see this;