Abbott popularity surges among Indian youth

If only they voted, from the UK Telegraph:

Australia’s prime minister, has denied claims he bought “likes” on Facebook after it emerged that his biggest supporters are 18 to 34 year olds from New Delhi.

Tony Abbott, whose approval ratings in Australia are low, said the surge was due to a recent visit to Australia by Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, whose foreign tours tend to generate widespread enthusiasm both at home and from India’s expatriate communities.

The recent surge in “likes” on Mr Abbott’s Facebook page was detected by a pair of Sydney comedians called the Bondi Hipsters, who accused the prime minister of paying for his popularity.

“Hey Tony brah… Have you been buying Facebook likes?… Either that or you’re really popular with 18-34 year olds from New Delhi,” they said in a Facebook post.

The post triggered a wave of criticism on social media and forced Mr Abbott’s office to deny that he had paid for the “likes”.

Mr Abbott’s spokeswoman said the surge in popularity was due to the visit by Mr Modi, the first Indian leader to travel to Australia in almost 30 years.

Can you buy “likes”?

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  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    Friends, Likes, Followers, Page 1 Google search results. All for sale. Welcome to the lack of reliable information age.

    • I thought you were doing an oration aimed at our virtual “base” in the style of Shakespeare’s Marc Antony funeral address. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…”

      • Jake, that would imply that Abbott is a latter day Caesar. Nope not even close. Abbott wouldn’t have been good enough to run any of the gangs of minor thugs in the Rome of Caesar’s day.

        Come to think of it, he doesn’t seem to be running a gang of minor thugs in Australia in modern times all that well either.

      • Australia’s Nero? Or maybe Galba?

        Probably too much to ask that he ends up being Australia’s Aemilian.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Just as you can buy likes you can buy software that will tell you if the likes (etc) were bought! It’s an industry.

    • That stuff is all insignificant. The real worry is that the actual media is bought and paid for. Once prestigious papers like the Washington Post and NY Times are nothing but mouthpieces for American foreign policy objectives, and they have the gall to call out other media who they say are biased. You only need to look at the nonsensical crap being printed re the situation in the Ukraine to realise how perverse this really is:

      – “Putins missle stikes plane” – basically implies Putin was in East Ukraine with a shoulder mounted StA missle and bought that plane down.
      – “Putin is worse than Hitler and Stalin”
      – “Putins invasion and annexation of Crimea part of broader plan to recapture Soviet Union” – neverming the fact it was completely spontaneous after the US sponsored overthrow of a govt.
      – “Putin hits on Chinese first lady” – he gave her a blanket in the cold.
      – “Putin leaves G20 early after being scolded by International Community” – no mention of the fact that his schedule always indicated he would be leaving when he did. Also no mention that he met with BRICS leaders, Xi Jinping and Abbott. All the work was done. Also laughable that International community is USA, EU and UK. Nevermind the fact that the BRICS countries, they don’t matter.

      The Western media is bought and paid for. Ownership is concentrated and they dare not move away from the company line. They don’t even bother reporting the war crimes in E Ukraine by Ukrainian Azov and National Guard. Purposely shelling civilian areas with cluster bombs and even herding people into a building and setting it alight. They actually said “the building caught fire” like it spontaneously combusted. No mention of US govt. NGO activity, no mention of Nuland. No real critical thinking at all.

      The saddest part is that this matters, because the populace are sadly retarded.

      • With whom are you comparing ‘western media’ and what makes you think it is monolithic or part of a wider conspiracy theory (like another Russian invention or conspiracy theory, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?)

        There is diversity in media, albeit limited in mainstream, and within particular news groups, but are you suggesting we should only follow Russia Today or the opinions of Kremlin trolls/Putin bots (the likes who flood the Guardian comments), because Russia has been criticised? Or intimidate those who do not follow the line offered by Putin, Russian Orthodox Church and the siloviki?

        Western mainstream media is imperfect, was it ever meant to be otherwise? However, along with a broad education for most based on the enlightenment, there is tolerance for alternative media and clear(er) thinking, like MB, but I think you are suggesting the ‘west’ does not respect Russia’s need for autocracy, orthodoxy and xenophobia to keep its ‘sheeple’ in line and feudalism alive?

  2. I got blocked on his site for questioning his 1950s vision for Australia – obviously his minders dont like free speech.

  3. The media for the day is set by a wag “Hey Tony brah… Have you been buying Facebook likes?… Either that or you’re really popular with 18-34 year olds from New Delhi”

    But the following won’t get a mention:

    1. Selling the country off to pay for bullsh*t party promises during the election;
    2. Juicing private debt to make it look like our moribund, production free economy has growth;
    3. Creating a population ponzi to make the GDP numbers look good (even though per capita its stuffed).

    Meh, makes sense. That’s party politics.

  4. @AB here we go, who’s to say this like buying hasn’t funded Russian hackers? Better get a look at the metadata I say!

      • Indeed. Though hackers of the shirtfront persuasion, in light of Frances’ “hacker” going free and some walls being replastered as we speak, should add some court room schadenfreude. ISIS I’ll pull out for Brandis 🙂

  5. Except for my Grandfather (who interstingly disliked Abbott before his brain surgery) I don’t personally know anyone that actually admits to voting for the Coalition. Statistically some of them must have voted for them! The question is are these people just closet Abbott fans or are ashamed of their vote? And who will they vote for next time?

    • Except for my Grandfather (who interstingly disliked Abbott before his brain surgery) I don’t personally know anyone that actually admits to voting for the Coalition.

      I understand this observation was made a lot in the mid to late 1960s.

  6. The fundamental error here is believing that clicking “Like” on Facebook actually means you “like” it.

    “Like” is Facebook’s equivalent of “bookmark” or “subscribe”.

    Many people over the age of 30 or so seem to struggle with this concept.