Abbott pikes shirtfront


Where’s the stink?


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  1. Abbott has always been a typical entitled bully. He will ruthlessly attack those he perceives as weaker than himself but shy away from any real strength.

  2. It’s the silk shirts – they’d just glide off each other. Wouldn’t look very manly, you see.

      • I think the shirts/outfits looks pretty cool actually, but I acknowledge I have no taste… BTW have a look ( where the various leaders stood at the APEC summit. Yes everyone is talking about the close proximity of Abbot and Putin. But Obama was way off to the side, while China and Russia stood side by side in the front row. A very interesting piece of [outdated?] psychology. Obama looked completely lost… I guess he didn’t expect that. Especially when Putin did to perfunctory nod and handshake with the Chinese, whilst Obama was gushing and posed for a while…

      • Yes indeed, cheers for the link.

        More sartorial observations, Obama’s outfit was of a much better cut but the it was Putin, the Judo king, whose sleeves were properly coutured, slightly short of the thumb-wrist joint, with a downward sloping flare that allows for quick snapping movements with out material getting in the way.

        … just sayin’…

        Who’s the chick in the front row that looks like an Umpa-Lumpa? Is that Merkel?

  3. they look like extras off the original cast of Star Trek….

    I have a slab of Kindzmaruli (Georgian wine) on the book with some Moscow based counterparties that TestosterTone’s shirtfront looks like a button on a fur coat by the end of the meet.

  4. That’s such a classic Abbott shot, the way his arms are out to the side and slightly pulled back makes the sleeve look too long (its down around half way on his thumb) and he appears just sartorially shabby to complement his general shabbiness

  5. General Disarray

    If Putin was a women there would have been hell to pay. Walls punched and abuse hurled.

    Edit: and don’t knock the shirts, they’re awesome.

  6. arescarti42MEMBER

    Star Trek was my first thought as well, it’s not just the clothes, but the wall in the background looks like something off the USS Enterprise as well.

  7. Oh, what?! No shirtfront? I’m disappointed.

    Perhaps he’s waiting for the right moment, like at the dinner table.

    • So instead of shirt-front from Abbott, it’s Credlin kicking him in the shins under the table?

      Sounds about right, its not like Putin can kick a woman back…

  8. Meanwhile on ZeroHedge, a yellow line through our PM’s face. How did they know? Apologies for lack of link.

  9. rob barrattMEMBER

    We’re all waiting for our man to shirt front a Judo black belt. Vladimir has probably ordered a mattress to be delivered to the premises to ensure Tone decelerates safely…

  10. Even a cowardly stray elbow to the back of the head Reece Conca style (for the AFL lovers), would have been worth 10% in the opinion polls. Some Bob Hawke larrikin, beer sculling, hard edge might do him some good.

    • I imagine a man that rose through the ranks of the KGB to become head of a nuclear superpower is pretty good at keeping an eye out.

      That elbow might end just end up behind his back with a slight crack 😉

  11. Abbot the coward. If he had confronted him then and there his approval rating would have shot through the roof. Maybe now the populace will see him as the big talking no action man, he is.

    Abbot the no action man.

  12. The whole shirtfronting saga speaks for itself. Nothing more needs to be added. As much as I’m sometimes down on Australia, I still have some faith that Australians will get it right eventually.