Mining and resources jobs continue to decline

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By Leith van Onselen

DFP Recruitment has released its mining and resources jobs index, which registered a 2.5% fall in July – the third consecutive monthly fall – with the index also down 9.8% over the quarter:

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The trend shows no dramatic overnight fall but rather a steady month by month erosion in demand. The decline cannot be attributed to single events but rather a combination of factors also alluded to in our previous reports. It is encouraging to note that over the past 3-6 months demand has stabilised in the Queensland market. Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred in Western Australia with demand seeing a reduction that was not apparent late last year or in early 2014…

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Exploration and Coal Mining stand out as the weakest performing sectors although Exploration shows signs of stabilisation…

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Full release here.



  1. It’s no surprise the MCA is looking even more smug than usual of late. The foreign owners of the mining interests in Australia have the Party politicians well and truly over a barrel.

    “Of course you may put your spoils where you like my good man …”

    • Australians should not be throwing around anti- foreign owners / investment arguments or suggesting they are being opposed to our own interest. Australia is almost completely dependent on foreign capital for investment in every sector of our economy.

      Secondly, most industries are majority foreign owned in Australia. High end manufacturing (cars) and pharma companies (CSL) are two examples of majority foreign owned companies.

      In respect of mining, the only reason that over the last 2-3 years its been all over the news and on the national agenda is that government are ‘increasing’ (or attempting too) taxes on the mining industry. Which I might add I support the taxation of a non-renewable resource and economic rents.

      rant over 🙂

      • Not such good examples really.

        Within two years there will be no car manufacturing here, and CSL was obviously founded with Australian government money. It is a travesty it is now majority foreign owned.