Official job vacancies stabilise

ScreenHunter_10 Mar. 29 12.46

By Leith van Onselen

The Department of Employment has released its April job vacancies index, which registered a 0.4% seasonally-adjusted rebound, but a 0.2% decline in trend terms. The index was down 0.6%/0.4% (seasonally-adjusted / trend) over the year:

ScreenHunter_2510 May. 21 11.15
ScreenHunter_2511 May. 21 11.19

Half of the states and territories recorded increases in job vacancies over the month, with half recording falls:

ScreenHunter_2512 May. 21 11.21

And the news is mixed at the occupational level:

ScreenHunter_2513 May. 21 11.22

Full report here.


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  1. DrBob127MEMBER


    look at the fall in ‘engineers’ or ‘science proffesionals and vets’ 42% and 35% YoY!!

    ‘ICT prof’s’ also fell nearly 9%

    concerning for me