Lego Prelude

Following yesterday’s Prelude video, today we get Prelude lego:


Apparently it took two people one month to build. Given how much high labour costs are hurting, they missed a trick when they didn’t offer the gig to my  five year old boy…

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. migtronixMEMBER

    They missed a trick when they didn’t offer the gig to my five year old boy…

    Ha ha. I did looooooove lego as a kid — maybe you’ve got a little engineer on your hands there H’n’H 🙂

    • disco stuMEMBER

      I’ve recently introduced my 4yo daughter to Lego over the past 6mths, now that she’s no longer going to swallow every them.

      They’ve just started a fine range of lego for girls, with an abundance of pink bricks… only trouble is all my lego building skills lay in building space ships, castles and spaceship castles…. I find my skills somewhat lacking in terms of building Pony stables, Pony houses (same same) and Pony schools.

      Anyhow, after taking her to see the Lego movie over the weekend, I got inspired to dig around in my mum’s garage and lo! Uncovered two milkcrates filled with old lego blocks…. now I am amply equipped to assist her in building space ship Pony rockets 🙂

      BTW – Pleased I see you’ve solved your Gravitar issue.

      • “Uncovered two milkcrates filled with old lego blocks…. now I am amply equipped to assist her in building space ship Pony rockets :)”

        I’m thankful to my parents for keeping my Lego as well. There are two young girls in my family that will soon be building bright yellow bulldozers, graders and cranes.

  2. mine-otour in a china shop

    A lego model should be built of 3D1K to go alongside this work of art.

    Is Lego brick infrastructural investment tax deductible?

  3. They should have outsourced it to China HnH. They would have been cheaper than your five year old, built in two days (with the odd defect) and probably only one suicide at the factory. The future is red. The future is China. Until it all goes up in a myriad of unwinding debt schemes in the shadow banking sector.

    • Of course they would of modified the LEGO to save on costs, skimp on some of the ingredients to save 10c and declare themselves champions. 2 months later the LEGO collapses from poor quality.

  4. Can you imagine what 3d1k’s one kid built with lego?

    Oh that’s right — Steiner-educated — where they’re not allowed to use lego. Seriously.

    • migtronixMEMBER


      EDIT: They don’t do Lego? I know Steiner were quirky but didn’t know that. I know a couple of people who did the Steiner thing at the end of highschool and it sounded pretty reasonable to me. Much better than the strict disciplinarian freaks I dealt with…

      • migtronixMEMBER

        Wow! That’s possibly the most incongruous thing I’ve read considering 3d’s penchant for parroting unimaginative mainstream trite diatribe!

        That was actually breathtaking — I never would of guessed.

      • I am not surprised at 3d1k’s “Do as I say.. not as I do” philosophy.

        There is some hope yet for the 1 k(id). Rubbing shoulders with greenie/lefty offsprings would surely have made a lasting impression on the young mind.

        The 3 dogs, on the other hand, are a lost cause, dedicated to serving their master 3d1k, just like 3d1k is dedicated to his mining robber baron masters.

  5. If your kid had built it? Thank god it wasn’t at your place – I reckon you would’ve crept downstairs in the wee small hours and engaged in small acts of sabotage…

    It’s actually a decent size (as Jackson can confirm) and as you know with resource boys and their toys, the bigger the better.

  6. We couldn’t afford Lego when I was young. I only got to play with it when we visited friends or the library. And it hurt when you stepped on it.

    But we did have fun with cardboard boxes.