High Court voids WA senate poll


It’s awwwn, he moans:

West Australians are set to go back to the polls within weeks for an unprecedented standalone Senate election after the High Court today voided the results of last year’s disputed ballot.

High Court Justice Kenneth Hayne, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns, agreed with the Australian Electoral Commission that the loss of 1370 ballot papers changed the close result.

“(The Court) found that, without regard to the voting intentions recorded in those ballot papers, the conclusion that the loss probably affected the result of the election was inevitable,” a statement issued by the court said.

…It is understood Prime Minister Tony Abbott will have responsibility for setting the election date.

With the Constitution setting a minimum 33 days for an election campaign, March 29 looms as the earliest date Mr Abbott could call the poll.

I expect no delay given the timetable for scrapping the carbon tax. The control of the Senate is at stake here. Stand by for nuclear politics.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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      • Huh? That need explanation?

        The Liberals will face a real life, not opinion poll, test. At the ballot box.

        EDIT: Unrelated note, damn if Soros puts aren’t already making a tonne of money!!! SPY futures t-t-t-tanking

  1. They’d never admit it, but losing control of the Senate might suit them. Then they can reluctantly keep the carbon tax and all the revenue it raises, save all the money from Direct Action plan which they won’t need as a figleaf anymore, all while telling their stakeholders they gave it their best shot, but it was out of thier hands.

  2. What a debacle this has been. Conspiracists may view suspiciously.

    Anyone but Ludlam or Labor. In the national interest of course.

    • Palmer confident of gaining two additional Senate seats

      “I would say we would be aiming to win two senators this time,’’ he said.

      “West Australians know they can’t get much out of voting Labor or Liberal.

      “They already know our party has the balance of power in the federal senate.

      “If they vote for us, they know we can strengthen that power in the senate which would allow us to get back some of that GST for WA and right some wrongs.”

      Arguments that hold much appeal here in the mild West…

  3. What about a guest post from Antnoy Green tomorrow?

    Or at least a link to his analysis on the ABC?

    My bet is a pro-mining person will get up as the Libs blame labour for the loss of jobs in mining construction.

    • A recent poll (sorry i dont have a link to the article) suggested 80% of respondents would change thier vote.

      I’m not sure what that means exactly, but i think its totally up in the air.

      There seems to be anti liberal sentiment in the air here in perth becasue of state issues and im certain most people dont make a distiction between state and federal. A lot of broken promises and perceptions of deciet and outright lies from the local state liberal govt that i think could now translate to an anti liberal sentiment, if this election is held. But i also think shorten is seen as spineless and on the nose. So i reckon there will be a good swing to greens and independents.

      • 31dk’s mates Colyn & Tony stood side by side at The Lib Policy launch with it’s centerpiece the rail extension.

        Voters find out after the election that Tony doesn’t like rail and only build roads.

        Some are smart enough to know they were duped.

        PS no increase in the GST for WA that Colyn was bleating about prior to the election.

      • MoW – wave the GST return; shake the union corruption/ALP tree; have JulesB everywhere casually chic and disarming charm; tell the ALP economic legacy story (jobs going boom going Shorten going) and crush Greens (anti job, green measures driving up electricity etc) at every opportunity.

        There’s a chance. It’s in the national interest.

      • @3d1k

        Obfuscation is your only retort, go back the central Issue. Colyn & Tony bare face lied to West Aussie.

        Some may be smart enough to know they were hogswollowed.

      • dumb_non_economist


        “have JulesB everywhere casually chic and disarming charm”

        Only someone right of Hitler would get a hard-on from her; she has as much charm as Pit Viper!

      • Neville Gearless

        Angry man
        “most people dont make a distiction between state and federal.”

        “most” – I don’t believe that one. This state has voted lab in Perth and Lib in Canberra before. Enough are aware of the state/canberra divide.
        I tip a big win for the minors again…

    • “My bet is a pro-mining person will get up”

      Well, since 6 Senators are going to be elected, I’m sure some will be pro-mining, some anti.

      I’m hoping Scott Ludlum and the Greens do well. Ludlum has an active interest in Housing policy. More than can be said for many.

  4. Election time!

    Tony and Joe better get cracking with some more tough love. The more factory closures the better the polls will be. Alcoa is a good start.

    Lazy bloody factory workers. Who needs em! They’re all members of corrupt unions anyway. They should have quit their factory jobs and headed to the mines years ago … and invested every cent in property.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Yes, indeed they should have, they would have made many times their existing salaries! Sound advice!! 😉

      • And they would have been so much more productive, digging dirt and bidding up house prices, as opposed to, um, making things.

    • Well….. Murdoch better get to it ….

      There’s propaganda to print to help his ‘mates’ out again.

  5. From the Fin Review yesterday…
    The political parties have begun sharpening their swords in anticipation of fresh Senate elections in Western Australia with Labor giving notice it will focus on Abbott government budget cuts and mounting job losses.
    Looks like Labor is going about it all wrong (again). Do you think WA voters care about job losses in unprofitable industries in the East or will they think it’s good that the govt is not subsidising the unionised car industry any longer? Or are the job losses in WA enough to swing an election? Haven’t heard of many in the media, surely a few from Forge but it’d be hard to pin that on the Libs.

    IMO, they’d be better off focussing on the environment (sharks, barrier reef), treatment of asylum seekers, Abbott’s association with Barnett, opening Qantas to foreign ownership, and maybe throw in some “Libs scrapped the debt ceiling, Swanny was an award-winning treasurer” waffle for good measure.

    They won’t win any fans on a purely jobs and anti-austerity ticket. Labor is too closely associated with the unions, who are blamed for low productivity and therefore company closures, and are generally seen as the inferior choice when it comes to budget management. They will be playing to their own weaknesses.

    • Neville Gearless

      State issues reign here.
      IMO focussing on housing affo…..

      Slap.. sorry, dreamin’ again..