Government prepares Qantas liberation


From the AFR:

After The Australian Financial Review reported lifting the act was the long-term option being considered by the Coalition, Treasurer Joe Hockey revealed preparations were well advanced ahead of a cabinet discussion on Qantas some time after February 27.

…The government would not ­elaborate on what changes were being proposed to the 1992 law which placed a regulatory burden on Qantas as a ­condition of it being privatised.

One source said a series of options concerning the act, ranging from relaxing restrictions on foreign ownership to abolishing the act altogether, were being prepared. This did not mean the ­government would put something to Parliament any time soon.

Any move to soften or repeal the law would not pass the current Senate and would struggle to pass the new Senate which sits on July 1.

We don’t even know who will control the Senate yet. Perhaps Qantas should run a candidate in the West.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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