Roy Morgan: Abbott hits post election low

Today from RM:


On a two-party preferred basis the ALP is 53% (up 0.5% since the Morgan Poll of January 4/5 & 11/12, 2014). L-NP support is 47%, down 0.5%. If an election were held now the result would be a clear ALP victory according to the MorganPoll. This multi-mode Morgan Poll on voting intention was conducted over the last two weekends (January 18/19 & 25/26, 2014) with an Australia-wide cross-section of 3,019 Australian electors aged 18+.

The L-NP primary vote is 39.5% (up 0.5%) ahead of the ALP primary vote at 37% (down 1%).

Among the minor parties Greens support is 11.5% (up 1%), support for the Palmer United Party (PUP) is 3% (down 0.5%) and support for Independents/Others is 9% (unchanged).

Support for PUP is clearly highest in Tasmania (9.5%). This is a good sign for PUP given Tasmanians are due to vote in a crucial State Election in just under seven weeks (March 15, 2014).

Analysis by Gender

Analysis by Gender shows that despite falling, ALP support is still strongest amongst women with the ALP (54%, down 1.5% since January 4/5 & 11/12, 2014) well ahead of the L-NP (46%, up 1.5%) on a two-party preferred basis. However, support amongst men now also favours the ALP 52% (up 3%) cf. L-NP 48% (down 3%).

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  1. Headline is a bit misleading, should qualify with a ‘to date’ as I am sure he’ll be able to go much lower from here

  2. In the post GFC world, it seems the key to remaining popular as a politician is:
    a) present yourself as an alternative leader of your party,
    b) never actually become leader of your party, and
    c) absolutely under no circumstances ever take government.

  3. Anyone notice the Libs have subtly rolled out John Howard to speak on what ever topic needs that gentle reassuring hand of the past?

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      The Thomson one?

      Quite interesting that. Thomson aside though, our Tony should be wary about celebrating. The Ms Jackson who gave evidence and was referred to by Tony as a ‘hero’ faces a very real chance of doing time for the same thing Thomson is accused of.

      This will blow up in the face of everyone.

  4. From memory Roy Morgan is the most pro-Labor poll. It seemed to show a consistent 2% higher Labor vote during the election, than other polls.

    I’ll be suprised if Labor can knock over Abbott in one term particularly once they start the ads saying they stopped the boats.

    Labor’s bogan core vote are suckers for that stuff.