Clive’s assets


From the AFR today:

…In addition to 40 subsidiaries under his Mineralogy business, Mr Palmer listed six businesses and their associated subsidiaries involved with nickel mining, the Coolum hotel resort in Queensland, and another 26 private companies with intriguing names like Elect the President Pty Ltd and Deng Xiaoping Memorial Challenge Pty Ltd. 

There are also nine overseas companies, including one each in the British Virgin Islands and Belize, which are known for their low taxes and generous treatment of offshore bank accounts.

…The Palmers’ property portfolio…includes houses and apartments in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Sofia, Bulgaria.

There are commercial buildings including a restaurant in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Jandowae and a Port ­Douglas golf course in Queensland. In Bora Bora in French Polynesia, the Palmers own more land and buildings.

There are also planes, trains and automobiles but one doesn’t need to get past line one to see the conflict as his party prepares its votes on carbon and mining taxes.

Houses and Holes


  1. If you ever wanted proof that political power can be bought, Clive Palmer is irrefutable evidence.

    Disgusting. Defend this 3d1k.

      • Its become a whole lot more obvious with the likes of Palmer. Besides, just because its always been that way, doesn’t make it right!

        I really struggle to think of one good reason why anyone would vote for a self-interested buffoon like Palmer.

      • Actually, career politicians who would have no openings for their “talents” in the real world, are probably the most easily corrupted. Many of them use rhetoric of “social justice” and so on, but are responsible for policies that do enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor. Urban planning, for example.

        I don’t care who enacts the right policies; a rich politician or a poor one. I do care about bad policies whoever enacts them. Let’s focus on playing the ball not the man.

        If I voted for Palmer precisely because I expected him to represent my wishes on such things as CO2 trading, and he then abstained from voting on it, I would be pissed off with him and I hope his supporters make this clear.

      • “I don’t care who enacts the right policies; a rich politician or a poor one. I do care about bad policies whoever enacts them. Let’s focus on playing the ball not the man.”

        Hear Hear!

    • I see nothing overtly offensive. Bring on the WA Senate election – didn’t vote Palmer last time, will this.

      • Don’t take this personally, but would you please crawl back into whatever cesspit you came out of and die?

      • People vote for policies. If a rich man offers the right mix of policies to attract voters, so what?

        This is the “politics of envy” equivalent of the “politics of bigotry” stuff that the nationalist Right is always accused of.

        What next? Rich people having reduced property rights relative to everyone else? Reduced freedoms of speech? Reduced rights to a fair trial?

      • athalone: You’re new here. Believe me, my comments are justified.

        3d1k is paid to come here and spruik for the resources sector.

      • Why flawse? What Palmer is doing now, and what the mining lobby did in 2010 to the RSPT, is a total corruption of our democracy. This is important stuff and I won’t apologise for exposing 3d1k for what he/she/it is. Would you be stand idly by if a housing spruiker was here telling us all we have no choice but to become a housing-only economy?

      • Lorax you repeatedly misunderstand. We had no choice other than run with the boom, there was nothing else on offer with capacity to deliver us from economic pain – how successive governments managed the windfall is a different proposition.

        Athalone I dispute near all Lorax says.

  2. I suggest we should also get all MP’s who own investment properties recused from voting on reforms of tax treatment of housing and reforms of local urban planning powers.

  3. I think Macro Business and other commentators on this website have got it wrong on Clive Palmer.

    Clive Palmer FULLY disclosed his position to the public prior the election.

    You can not say the same for any other politician as they have not declared their personal decisions and as is evident are prone to back flipping on any promises made prior to an election.

    I feel there is no conflict of interest here, the only conflict of interest are other politicians who do not disclose their interests which is almost all of them. Look at negative gearing I bet many of our leaders have vast property portfolios who would be adversely affected from removing negative gearing even though it is in the national interest.

    No policy change will affect Clive Palmer in a significant way which makes him the perfect politician to serve the people. He won’t be prone to corruption, he can’t be bribed, he won’t spend public money on hookers or private matters and he is successful in real life which is much more than most other politicians.

    • Another thing I have pointed out in the past here; is that if someone named something like Edsel Ford VII with shares in Ford, ran for parliament on a platform of keeping carmaking going in Aussie, he would certainly get elected, and everybody who voted for him would regard him as the best man to stick to the principles they elected him on.

  4. I voted for PUP in the senate. It will be interesting to see what I get for my vote. He could be a muppet but then he may be able “to keep the bastards honest”. guess its a matter of wait and see…

    • Why? He’s not a puppet, he’s the puppeteer! Its Abbott and Co that are doing the bidding of the mining sector, not the other way around.

      • I’ve always understood mate, I’m just amazed at how blatant they’re becoming. I’m also completely flabbergasted that anyone would vote PUP “to keep the bastards honest”. Clive got into politics because the Libs weren’t doing exactly what he wanted. Sure, they did 90% of what he wanted but not everything. No he’s there to make sure they do everything.

      • Not rubbish, QLD has looooong been a place from whence the Liberals draws up support for fringe-antagonism and the hope of “keeping the bastards honest” is a perfect wedge with which to tame the Nationals!!!
        Palmer like Hanson before him are a strategy employed by the Liberal party to split the National vote primarily in QLD where there is much larger % of the population in rural areas. The learned this technique from the US where a 3rd party candidate is used to splinter the vote for one (republicans with Teddy Roosevelt and Ross Perot) party or the other (democrats with Ralph Nader). This not say anything about the latent anger that attracts a portion of the electorate for a third candidate its just observing the the 3rd candidate only ever splinters the vote for one party never both!

        Palmer is plant! Literally and figuratively.

  5. I worry that the Yabulu Nickel refinery which is heavily loss making and never made sustainable free cashflow historically may look to the Government for a hand-out arguing jobs are at risk. The environmental liabilities at that place combined with a lack of balance sheet (company or parent) mean taxpayers will ultimately be on the hook.

    • And: the Xstrata refinery and the Port of Townsville etc, (in that region). As I said the repercussions of GM pulling out is like a leaf in a cyclone. Hold on to your hats. WW