QGCLNG prepares to pump

Find below a bit of LNG porn from BG Group updating it’s Curtis Island plant construction program.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. There is some technology on show there, and the usual labour force standing about-conferring. What is missing is the part about how the gas prefers to stay at home in the coal seam and not attend the party in Gladstone, despite the gleaming technology.
    Then we can see those same modules, being unbolted and removed to the USA where they actually have the gas.WW

    • Yeah I love these feel-good marketing videos, but they tend to miss all the real entertainment – Bazza jackhammering out foundations because they screwed up the surveying (AGAIN!), a transformer blowing up because someone left a nice big metal toolbox inside the bay during first energisation, 15min smokos every hour, etc.

      • Sounds like they are struggling to construct the project where they can see what they are doing.
        How are they going to go extracting the gas underground when they are working from theoretical models. How much faith can you afford them not to get it wrong? WW