Go to sleep to boost productivity


The Herald Sun has a report today on why sleep is vital for productivity:

The economic drain caused by lack of sleep has become so severe that health experts, industry, employer and union groups have combined to form the Federal Government funded Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity.

In 2010 the Sleep Health Foundation, working with Deloitte Access Economics, found more than $800 million of direct health system costs were because of sleep disorders and it accounted for $4.3 billion of indirect costs, of which $3.1 billion related to lost productivity.

…Prof  Rajaratnam [of the new Centre] said people suffering sleep disorders used a range of pharmaceuticals they would not otherwise need.

“We estimate 1.5 million adults, or 9 per cent of the adult population, suffer one of the main sleep disorders – sleep apnoea, insomnia or restless legs syndrome. These conditions have all been associated with a wide range of health consequences including increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mood disorders such as depression. The lack of alertness that comes with a lack of sleep is a major cause of accidents. Loss of sleep or poor quality sleep impacts on a range of core brain functions which include memory and higher order cognitive function processes which all impact on our workplace performance. In turn, there is increased absenteeism, illness and depression.”

As an early morning blogger I concur!


  1. Love it!!!!
    Where do you get all those great pics????

    If we turned the bloody TV’s off we’d be a whole lot more productive and have a lot better society!

  2. Did anyone see ‘Make me stay awake’ last night?

    Perhaps ‘Modafinil’ holds the answer.

    • Yes – what a strange bird that chap on the Mod was. I reckon he’s on prozac as well.

      Talk about being an automaton

  3. thomickersMEMBER

    Monday night was a rest day for me after keeping up with the Ashes series & Tour de France.

    Wimbledon was also on a while ago…I’m a walking non-productive zombie! 😛

  4. Mel Doyle is getting alot more sleep these days I am pretty sure it wont improve her performance.

  5. This isn’t a new revelation by any means.

    Anyone who maintains an interest in their health will assert that sleep optimising ones endocrinological aspects.

    Regulating weight

    But hey, housing bubbles, exacerbating commute times, and two income earners meaning domestic chores having to be performed in out of workplace hour time is always going to stuff up sleeping patterns.