MB Radio: Australian dollar pressure, interest rates

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Macro Afternoon

Aussie one dollar coins, on a twenty dollar note.

Here’s this week’s podcast with Greg McKenna (aka Deus Forex Machina) of GlobalFX, talking about the recent falls in the AUD, the outlook, impact on interest rates and the longer term view particularly for small/medium business and corporations.

We’ve also uploaded this to the MacroBusiness Youtube channel:

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  1. Lucid…excellent.

    And I enjoy the spoken format too. It makes a great change from the written and graphical.

  2. turvilleMEMBER

    Greg – very good. More of this format
    very welcome. Also agree with your prognosis
    of our much vaulted currency. Pity the
    incumbent government and part of the
    previous Lib govt made such a mess of
    this economy