MB Radio: How far will the Australian dollar fall?

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After getting a bath over two weeks since the budget, and being slapped in the face with the Ford operations closure announcement on Thursday, the mood around the Australian dollar is darkening. In today’s broadcast, Deus Forex Machina and Gunnamatta chew over the backdrop and the outlook, the potential for an AUD bounce, key support levels, and cogitating over how the RBA may relate the upcoming mining capex data to it’s next move.

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  1. Great post and broadcast for top rate web viewing and listening.

    I would think that the Australian dollar and foreign owned assets held in Australian dollars will be prone to capital flight if this trend continues to the next election.

    I agree wholeheartedly that the ‘hollowing out’ of the Australian productive economy has already occurred – the damage has been done. We are one of, if not the, most expensive countries on this planet to live…………AND Australia is one of, if the, most uncompetitive places on the planet to set up production, service a need, and again consume something.

    In our case the foreign financial analysts that have invested heavily in AUS use the formula:


    And for that matter who in their right mind would consider some of the trash real estate we sell in our cities:

    cheap + nasty = $500,000 – $1,000,000 AUS

    get real Australia

    • Unfortunately, I have to agree to most of your posting … the cost of real estate and red tape is poisoning production/service cost.