MacroBusiness Radio: H&H on today’s RBA meet


Here readers is another little trial for you to give us feedback on with me starring in an internal radio interview. Let us know your thoughts.

Note the first player format – OGG – will not work on iPad/iPod/iPhone devices, but is smaller. The second is in MP3 format and should work on all devices.

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  1. The only thing I would say is sit on your hands for the interview so you stop banging your hands on table or don’t use an Omni Directional microphone if that is what you are using to pick it up less.

    Like the idea though. Captures all of the articles of late in a concise place for those of us with less time to read the articles.

  2. Pretty good analysis. I would imagine a crash in the AUD would result in significant immediate inflation resulting in significant drops in retail, but would stabilise within a quarter or so – leaving us with much higher unemployment and several years of readjustments and rebalancing to undertake.

  3. I like the concept and understand this is a ‘beta’ version.

    If you are going to do this, I would recommend you improve the audio quality.

    This can be done rather cheaply. Get a small room, (something the size of a bathroom is fine) set up a couple of decent microphones and cover the the surfaces with egg cartons. (or better still, Egg trays, they cover more area per tray and are faster / easier to apply).

    Carton have a better deadening quality due to the bigger ‘spikes’, but hey, it is up to you.

    Clearly you want the flat(er) side on the wall and the pointy bits facing the room. Thought I better mention this critical bit just in case.

    This will give you an excellent audio quality and remove that reverb off your voices for starters, and will also make the audio softer and richer.
    Best bit is it costs thousands of dollars less than getting a pro audio box set up and is almost as good.

    Other option would be just to hire a booth with a pro place – see if you can do a deal.

    Overall though, go for it. Nice one.

    • General Disarray

      The egg cartons are fairly useless in my experience. If you do the numbers on them they have very poor absorption properties – especially for speech. And

      I’d also keep away from small rooms as they tend to have very strong reflections and associated standing waves, resonances, etc. You can often “feel” those types of rooms in the audio even if the reverb isn’t very noticeable.

      To get the best results without resorting to a studio type setup it would be a good idea to use a larger room – preferably carpeted – and change the type of microphone being used to a low sensitivity dynamic. Mic technique does the rest, speaking right into it, no more than a couple of inches away. Doing this also provides a nice bit of proximity effect which adds weight to the voice which makes the speaker appear more authoritative. Industry standards broadcast mics would be the Electro-Voice RE-20, Sennheiser MD 421, or the Shure SM7b which is what I use and recommend.

      • Yes, true enough. Mind you, I was going for the low budget approach – being a subscriber and all I wanted value for money 😉

        Although I have found the egg cartons to be effective in the past for various projects. Depends on your requirements and budget of course.

        I used to work in broadcast TV and radio (no egg carton walls in there I can tell you), but those studios often cost many tens of thousands to set up and quip. Gorgeous quality though….

        Ideally you would just hire a room from one of the many production houses around the city and see if could do some sort of deal to offset the cost.

  4. Busting to listen to this…but won’t play on my IPad mini. It says Safari cannot download…I am not a techie but I presume it is not suitable for us Mac bots.

    • hang on ill also check on my mini iPad and see what prob is – this is beta, so be patient!

      advice: ditch Safari and go to Chrome. I have multiple Apple products and not one of them runs Safari….

      • I think OGG format does not work on iPhone/iPad. Mp3 format will work, but a bit clunky (plays in-browser and stops playing if you switch)

      • Some podcast/streaming apps available on android will play it. Im listening now.

        Im not sure if this is the case with ipod, id think it is as the podcast is the same format.

  5. Ah OGG vorbis. I bought my first player about 12 years ago and it played both ogg and mp3. I was convinced that ogg would become the more popular format as it was (free) open source and better quality than mp3, so copied all my cd’s into ogg. If I was older I no doubt would have gone betamax over vhs!

    • a bit OT, but Betamax was superior to VHS in almost every aspect, but VHS won the day. Mainly on two points

      1: Cost (VHS was cheaper)
      2: Tape duration (VHS tapes were longer)

      It is one of the few examples in the tech world where the lesser quality, larger format won out over the smaller format.

      Pity as Betamax was technically better on many fronts. Indeed in the broadcast world Sony’s Betacam (the commerial version of the consumer betamax) was the gold standard for many years (decades really). Only since the advent of HD digital SD Cards did the Betacam tape format go into decline.

      Will still be with us for many years yet as so much archive footage is stored on those tapes.

  6. Great stuff.

    I’d also recommend getting listed on iTunes and the google equivalent.
    Lots of people want their podcasts delivered automatically via an app now.