Louis Christopher talks housing


By Leith van Onselen

Please find above a short video interview between Peter Switzer and SQM Research’s Louis Christopher. In the interview, Louis tackles property spruikers, dodgy auction statistics, the current state of the housing market, and the outlook for the residential sector.

Louis sees particularly strong housing market conditions in Sydney, but ongoing lacklustre conditions in Melbourne owing to its significant overhang of stock and recent ramping-up of construction. Louis also sees recovery in the Gold and Sunshine Coasts, whereas Brisbane house and unit prices have flattened-out (although he is worried about any unwinding of the mining boom).

Overall, worth a look.

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  1. In regards to property in Perth WA, according to the ABS their is 1,500 (maybe 1,200)per week moving to Perth and about 9,000 homes for sale as listed on various RE sites.
    Why is it so difficult for urban planners and councils to allow for greater density (modern contempory apartments 2-3 levels)on these inner city green titled housing blocks!? We would like a 2x2x2 $450k-$500k.

    • Nimbys mainly….The governments ambitions to increase density in Perth are frequently thwarted by local councils, and it’s a market still addicted to detached bungalows, though that is changing.

      But frankly paying that kind of money is a joke to me. I live in an rented 3×2 near Stirling at $530 per week (still a rip off imo). Sale price for similar is around $550K. Even if I had a $100K deposit – which I don’t, though I’m getting there – a $450K mortgage at 7% for 25 years I am still paying nearly $200 per week extra just to paint the walls my favorite colour and hang some more pictures on the wall. Oh and to fix all the things that go wrong. How people can justify that to themselves is beyond me.

  2. I liked the discussion on auction rates reports. I can’t see how that practice is allowed. The only thing I dislike about MB.

    I don’t like getting lied to so overtly. At least make me work a bit harder to figure it out…