Abbott rubber stamps new regulators

rubber stamp

Tony Abbot via BS:

“We don’t have any argument with Glenn Stevens or the other individuals that were appointed yesterday,” he told Radio 3AW.


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  1. He would have looked pretty silly if he’d opposed those appointments. I’ve noticed a change in Abbott recently. He’s become less Dr No and more of a reflective sort of chap. He’s happy to be less combative to take the edge of the Dr No tag, but quite elusive when it comes to outlining what he would do differently. This is his soothing, don’t scare the horses stage. I think it’s working for him, but I think it’s also creating a bit of a perception that he’s policy-light (well, he is). The fact he’s not Gillard is probably going to get the job done for him.

    • He’s shifted the ‘No’ tag to other opposition figures to do the dirty work. Abbott’s now out and about making promises he dam well knows he’ll never keep that give Joe Hockey Freddy Kruger style budget nightmares.

      • I get the impression Abbott is being very coy indeed about making any promises. And so he should. Time enough for that after he finds out the state of the books.

        • That won’t wash. If anyone believes you can get away with making promises then back tracking because “it’s was worse tan we thought” needs their head read. Abbott already has low voter support, this sort of action will see him on the backbench in record time.