The Obeid inquiry wraps up

In case you haven’t caught up with it yet, from the AFR comes this executive summary of the ICAC allegations surrounding former MP, Eddie Obeid:

The inquiry into the Obeids’ coal deal has heard allegations that Mr Obeid, a former resources minister who was then a Labor backbencher and factional leader, took part in a criminal conspiracy with Mr Macdonald between 2008 and 2009 to defraud the state.

Mr Macdonald allegedly gave the family of Mr Obeid inside information about areas of western NSW that would be opened to coalmining.

The Obeids have already made $30 million from an allegedly corrupt coal venture with mining company Cascade Coal over three properties in the Bylong Valley that are owned by the family and their associates.

Coal mogul Travers Duncan and RAMS home loans founder John Kinghorn, who are among the seven original investors in Cascade Coal, were accused of concealing the Obeids’ involvement in the company from the Australian Securities Exchange. Mr Duncan and Mr Kinghorn denied the allegation.

In a crucial hour of evidence in February, Chinese businessman Alan Fang testified that Mr Obeid himself, rather than members of his family, was at the centre of early negotiations over a mining joint venture over the family’s property.


    • I reckon you’re absolutely right on the money but dont forget GR I’ll guarantee they’re all closely connected and in on all these deals. with the evidence against him there must be a reason RM is still walking around freely.

      • hubris_and_hyperbole

        Underbelly 10b: Myki and the victorian desal plant

        how many stuffed brown paper bags changed hands to get those things through?

      • hubris_and_hyperbole

        I seriously do not understand

        1. what was wrong with metcard

        2. if something *was* wrong with metcard why it couldn’t just be fixed rather than spend 1.5bill of public money for an alternative (which IMO is definitely more broke than metcard ever was)

        I appreciate that levels of incompetence in state governments in this country are very high but it seems to be a bit dodgier than just incompetence.

  1. hubris_and_hyperbole

    I have always wondered how Abe Saffron never got a guernsey in the Underbelly series.

  2. There is another ICAC Inquiry to be heard next month which involves the licensing of a coal mine by MacDonald to the alleged benefit of his old factional ALP and union comrade John Maitland. Get some Jaffas and a front seat. If the ALP is in trouble in western Sydney now wait till Maitland takes the witness stand. Underbelly? More like potbelly.

    • One more Rant, the really shitty thing is that the NSW taxpayer foots the bill for these bastards legal fees mean the Legal Aid Commission is facing staff reduncacies and cutbacks, because the whole thing is funded via levies on solicitors trust accounts that have been depleted due to falling conveyancing numbers.

  3. Actually the travails of NSW Labor could make for the next 5 Underbellies

    – Medich & Badgeries Creek
    – Tripodi & Fairfield council
    Wollongong Council
    Alpine Offset
    Bitar & Arbib – How faceless are we

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      The NSW LNP can be up next with O’Farrell and Packers. Giving away a second casino license without tender is bad enough, but Packer won’t even have to pay a casino license fee? WTF?

  4. NSW Labor is totally corrupt – this is not soft corruption by corporate lobbyists anymore this is the real deal.

    Think about this next time the sick old labor brand tries to convince you that the sh8tty, crushed, lukewarm, vile and slimy burger that they are pitching in the glossy adds as some form of plump tasty treat lands in your lap.

  5. An underbelly series won’t work. A gigantic slap on the wrist or a year in jail in some minimum security prison at the finale just won’t sell to the bogans. 😀