ASX at the close

Chris is away today so nothing more than the chart, which speaks a thousand words. Down 2.35% and closed on the lows. Squashed between the Fed, China and a much needed correction. More to come in my view.


    • whats the stock market got to do with economic fundamentals in an era of fiat money and unlimited CB intervention

  1. Yes, the ‘glass is half full’ can only last so long until you realise that the liquid is pee and no one wants it anyway. Thing is, the longer you hold the half full glass of pee, the heavier it gets.

  2. ??
    “The myth of lemming mass suicide is long-standing inspired by the 1958 Disney film White Wilderness in which footage was shown that seems to show the mass suicide of lemmings. The film won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature”
    Ah! So the markets run up, inspired by another fantasy from the USA, was all a performance worthy of an Academy Award…Now I get it….

    • Actually Lemmings aren’t suicidal, they have an incredibly strong migration drive. When the population mass gets high they have the urge spread out and migrate and will take unacceptable risks, often resulting in death.

      Right now that’s what I’m seeing in the stock market. The mass urge of people to leap into the market, taking unacceptable risks which may prove harmful to their financial health.

      But I like your version too.

  3. I loved Charlie atkin last week getting on the buy yield story etc etc.
    his comment stating tls was going to $5.12 or something based on it appreciating to a 7% gross yield, Yet went on to say they didn’t have a telco analyst?
    His logic did seem to make some sense, but he seemed a tad bullish, even for his standards.