Shorten stands tall on Gorgon chair ban

The Minister for Workplace Relations has weighed into the growing controversy surrounding the Gorgon project’s removal of $15 billion worth of chairs. From the AFR:

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten said the memo was probably put out by a “mid-level person” who was sitting when they typed it.

“I would be amazed if there’s documents of any serious nature going around saying that you can’t sit down,” Mr Shorten said.

“Presumably the person who typed up that communications document was sitting down when they said it. I’m sure that this must be put out by some mid-level person with probably more time on their hands than productivity goals that they’ve got to set.

“In my experience most people work hard and they don’t need advice on whether or not they should sit down or stand up.”

Good to see the government treating the productivity issue with the seriousness that it deserves.


  1. Good grief. I wrote almost exactly those words earlier today. Storm in a tea-cup, Shorten knows it. Poor mid-level decision making, those on Barrow are earning circa $200k+, they can take it in their stride and treat it accordingly.

    • You want to be careful 3d. I doubt your contract covers being Labors chief propagandist 🙂

      Tongue firmly in cheek.

  2. Meanwhile those of us stapled to our desks for nine hours plus each day, can only dream someone will take our bloody chairs away 😉

  3. With all that is going on in the world today are you seriously presenting CHAIRS as news!!!!


    Get one

    In other news I was working in two government offices today and my god these people need a boot up the arse.

    Public servants are living in a different world to the rest of us I’m sure. One woman took longer than I took for smoko and lunch just to prepare a salad and once that massive undertaking was complete, then started her “this is my lunch hour”.

    Can’t say i blame her as reading Facebook and eating watermelon for the two hours in the morning must have burnt her out.

    I know it’s a stereotype but when you meet the real thing over and over again, it’s up to them to demonstrate I’m wrong IMO.

    • “my god these people need a boot up the arse.”
      To that end Muz what say, with relevant genetic engineering, we breed a millipede that wears No10 blunnies.
      Appropriately trained millipede will perform the requisite arse kicking, and those that don’t pick em selves up will be trampled.

    • You are wrong IMLE AAPS(In My Lived Experience As A Public Servant).

      In fifteen years, I’ve never witnessed anything remotely like what you describe – at least not here at the coalface.

  4. Lol coal face

    I saw this all the time when my partner worked for te government, at one point the boys from IT had to block FB and access to share trading sites.

    Preparation of a ministerial paper was copy and past.

    Two members would start sorting out morning tea at 9:30 ready for 10 then it would run until 11. Liquid lunch at 12 and most didn’t come back. This was a typical Friday!

    Don’t say it doesn’t happen, I saw it on more than one occasion in a number of different departments.

    Everyone claims the coal face.

    Deal again?………

  5. I wonder if Treasurer Swan will consider this for parliament as part of the austerity measures ?
    Possibly fewer pollies would fall asleep during proceedings and the productivity gain would be unprecedented. But then again, most likely the pollies would learn to sleep on their feet.