Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds

Proving that we’re not the only country eyeing an Asian Century, the US National Intelligence Council has delivered its latest keynote Global Trends report, forecasting the world in 2030. Produced for every incoming president between election and inauguration it represents the best summation of America’s analytical machine.

Deep thoughts on China’s rise, the role of emerging superpower India, the future of Western liberalism, the nexus of food, water and energy, the changing climate, mega-cities, terrorism, technology, disease and more. Enjoy!




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    • I think I missed your point, R2M? There’s plenty of indirect reference to ‘warming’ if you’re talking about the kind that leads to climate change. There’s a good rational discussion of its effects under Megatrend 4: growing food water and energy nexus. There’s also a mention of extreme possibilities under Black Swans.

      • My point is simple: AGW presents the biggest single existential threat to mankind since we evolved on this planet. To create a forecasting document that does not even mention the word ‘warming’, but refers to AGW only obliquely, is absurd! 😯

    • They use “climate change” rather than “global warming”. Pages 30-34 focus mainly on the implications for food and water, but the analysis is far more candid than I would have expected.

      • I suppose the phrase climate change is more palatable to an American audience, which has been subjected to relentless funded denialism for decades.

        But for me, when I read the summary on page ii and saw no direct mention of AGW or even climate change, I thought “you cannot be serious”.

  1. Thanks Flash!!!

    Given the range of possibilities it Doesn’t gives us much of a prediction for the future however it certainly lists a lot to ‘look out for’ as time rolls on!