Our WEF competitiveness

Here are Australia’s two pages from the recent WEF competitiveness rankings:

This report is very long and wading through it is beyond me today. But you folks can go to town!

Wef Gcr Report 2011-12

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  1. Those two pages (particularly the detailed analysis) show us what the core of the government’s program for the next decade or so should be, whoever is in power.

    Education doesn’t seem to be the Achilles’ heel that Gonski and Gillard think it is. The worst results are for imports as a %age of GDP and flexibility of wage determination. Apart from these, main weaknesses seem to be in government regulation, taxation, infrastructure, industrial relations and R&D.

  2. GunnamattaMEMBER

    WEF Competitiveness
    Criterion 7 Labor Market Efficiency

    Switzerland 1
    Singapore 2
    Hong Kong SAR 3
    United States 4
    Canada 5
    Denmark 6
    United Kingdom 7
    Rwanda 8
    Brunei Darussalam 9
    Iceland 10
    New Zealand 11
    Japan 12
    Australia 13
    Azerbaijan 14
    Finland 15
    Estonia 16
    Ireland 17
    Norway 18
    Bahrain 19
    Malaysia 20
    Kazakhstan 21
    Russia 65

    ‘On a less positive note, Australia still lags behind the top performers of the GCI when it comes to in-novation (22nd) and business sophistication (29th), two critical drivers of competitiveness for advanced economies.’

    Reliance on mining isnt going to drive much innovation or business sophistication…….

  3. If you look at breakdowns or make up of the factors of ‘innovation’ and ‘business sophistication’ in this report, there is not much hope of any of our industires having these attributes presently.
    Its worrying if you look at the top 6 of the ‘most problematic factors of doing business’ on page 1. We are not adressing these at all and in fact probably making things worse for ourselves with current and projected government policies.
    Our best ranking in the GCI is for ‘financial market development’ where we rank as No 6!