Clarke and Dawe on the mining boom

Here’s a Saturday giggle for you.

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  1. Some of the cutting economics/business commentary I have seen recently is coming from comedians/outsiders (see Gruen on Carl Stefanovic/Packer)

    A relevant quote today from a retiring and bitter old business journo on the corruption of mainstream journalism

    “Eventually, the industry starts leaking ”scoops”. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, a wonderful symbiosis, where the bankers boost their deal-making prowess and bonuses and their pet reporters become gun news breakers.

    It speaks volumes that one of the best pieces of journalism about the events of this decade came, not from The Wall Street Journal, but from Rolling Stone”

    -Ian Verrender SMH

    • Verrender is 100% right. Basically the Business journalism profession has become an arm of marketing – certainly more so here in Australia.

      Sometimes it is an arm of the marketing of the companies/events/issues being reported on, but it is always an arm of marketing of the media vehicle, and (as Verrender says) there is always more in it for the media vehicle from the companies etc involved than there is in the pursuit of any given ‘truth’ or examination of an issue.

      The Business Spectator is a classic example. What started as an internet site to provide authoritative comment on business issues (or so it may have seemed at the time – although I suspect the business model was always what resulted) was about selling the business (the Business Spectator) for a good return.

      The point was arrived at quite some time ago where serious pursuit of real issues would crimpt the return on the sale of the business, so they defaulted to ‘industry standard’ and rejoined mainstream media.

      • Guest List for a Mega Spring Spruik

        Shane Oliver – AMP Finance
        Adam Liaw – Celebrity buyer
        Dr Andrew Wilson – Well, you know him
        Angie Zigomanis – BS Crapnel
        David Milton REA CBRE
        Shayne Harris REA Savills
        Richard Simeon REA Richardson & Wrench
        John McGrath REA
        ..and a couple of happy sellers that get a free plug for their business

        Did I forget any of our advertisers?

        Thats exhausting..what a swell party this is.

        • GunnamattaMEMBER

          An absolutely superb example………

          I wonder if there is anyone in at the SMH with enough editorial spine to cringe at that.

          There certainly isnt at the Age, and the last reported sighting of a News Ltd editor seen cringing at content dates from the 1960s.

          • Cringe?…..The role of this MSM property churnalist/editor has become so corrupted, Mr Nicholls would consider this Mega Spruik to be one of his better efforts.

            The concerted and coordinated nature of the spring onslaught across all forms of media, led by Comical Andy has been something to behold. Last night all four FTA TV news services carried extended and unchallenged spruiking from the good Dr.

    • +1
      He who pays the piper calls the tune!

      On comedians and truth:
      “Jesters could also give bad news to the King that no-one else would dare deliver. The best example of this is in 1340, when the French fleet was destroyed at the Battle of Sluys by the English. Phillippe VI’s jester told him the English sailors “don’t even have the guts to jump into the water like our brave French.”

      Less of a giggle, more of a belly laugh here:

    • One hopes that, after slamming the door on his way out with the cry of ‘Emperor, you sire, are nude!’, we will soon be reading a new independent blog by Mr Verrender in which he provides an ‘insiders’ view of the real stories behind the MSM financial/business coverage.

      “Verrrender on the lam” has a nice ring to it.

      But then, now that Business Spectator has re-docked with the MSM mothership, there may be a new opening for a new ‘independent business site’ along the lines of its original model.

    • They are brilliant, and get linked in lots of blogs outside Oz.

      They’d do a far better job of running Oz than any of the elite IMO.

  2. I’ve been saying for a while that one only needs to view two programs a week to be up to date with current affairs in Australia, Clarke and Dawe and Mediawatch. If I was a school teacher I’d make them compulsory viewing.