Who’s afraid of the euro?

Courtesy of Sober Look.

The latest Pew surveys that focused on the benefits of the euro and the ongoing wish to maintain the common currency have revealed some surprising results.

  • The Brits think the euro was a great idea. Maybe they are just happy the UK is not part of it.
  • The Greeks want to keep the euro more than the Germans.
  • And the Italians more than the others think it was a bad idea.
David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. And that is the problem with all & sundry Europhiles wanting to keep the Euro – the Brit’s want cheap European vacations and are getting cheaper sunny real estate in Spain, France & Portugal. And sadly the problem child’s of the south want to stay to stick Germany with the TAB – Bon enjoy Scweinhauser teutons! As Europe votes against ‘austerity’ that the German’s demand – the German’s will go from being the only ones able to deliver a ‘solution’ to become the European ‘problem’, as France, with it’s socialist Government & Keynesian spending (German money) to stimulate France & Europe to a growth recovery. This European problem will explode with such devastating force in the near future, that it will be a much greater crisis that the first GFC and maybe finally – like the ‘Asylum Seekers’ issue, Politicians will be forced to act. I hold my breathe!

  2. Just one point – you’ve misread the first point – Most Brits think *not* having the euro is a good thing. Although I’m sure that they would also agree that the Euro is a good idea too, especially if it puts the Germans into recession 🙂