The Soros warning

Today’s must watch video is Bloomberg’s interview with George Soros in which he warns the European Union of the imminent consequences of failure at the forthcoming summit.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Ol’ George isn’t always right, “What was astonishing about Soross $600 million setback was the relatively small impact it had on his reputation. Hardly a murmur of dissent, hardly a comment to suggest that the Soros money machine had self-destructed overnight. No one voiced an opinion that the world-class investor had buried himself, or that he would not be heard of again.”

  2. Maybe he needs the EU to find a solution for his long to payoff. I’ve read a bit about him lately, and I’m sure he has a very directed agenda. However, I’m sure he’s right on Europe.

  3. yeah so Soros dropped $600mill on Valentines day Feb 14 1994 . It puts a dent in the $1billion he made on Black Wednesday 16 September 1992 when he broke the bank of england.