News to buy Business Spectator?

Sorry for a couple of late stories today. From Crikey:

Online finance journalism publisher Australian Independent Business Media is edging ever closer to sealing a takeover deal with Kim Williams’ News Limited. AIBM chairman Alan Kohler declined to comment this morning other than to say the tie-up was yet to be done and dusted. However, he confirmed one element of an Australian Financial Review gossip item reporting his presence at News’ Holt Street headquarters on Monday.

Crikey understands that the play, said to value AIBM at about $30 million, is not quite complete but there is a good prospect of a formal announcement later in the week. Investment banker John Wylie is running the negotiations for Kohler and AIBM’s other shareholders, that include himself, Mark Carnegie and the chairman of Crikey publisher Private Media, Eric Beecher.

This morning The Fin claimed Kohler would have to quit his high-profile ABC national TV gig if he became a Murdoch employee. However, for more than half of his time on the ABC Kohler was employed at Fairfax, suggesting Aunty would struggle to justify his departure. News, however, might push for Kohler to instead front a Sky News show — as it has done with most of its talent stable that once used to contribute to the national broadcaster.

This looks a more useful partnership to me than the failed Fairfax tie-up, which was only ever a monopoly play for Fairfax. BS and News share an equally extreme pro-business (as opposed to pro-markets) editorial perspective. Also, it would revive at least some competition between the now Stutchburied AFR and the ransacked business stable at The Australian. The danger might be, however, that they fight over the same pro-vested interests coverage, driving Australian business media right of Ghengis Khan.

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  1. The Patrician

    Good interviwew. A rare thing these days.

    Emma suprised me nearly as much as she surprised Westacott.

    Great to see a lobbyist called on dodgy data.

    Its amazing what a bit of preparation and research can achieve. I don’t know why journos dont do it more often.

      • The Patrician

        I used to be a fan in her finance/foriegn correspondent days but since hosting LL she has looked abit underprepared on more than one occassion.
        Has appeared to be asking questions written by others. Letting guests get away with glib statements that are demonstrably wrong. (pet hate)
        But…. last night she did good.

  2. Is Sky News still around? I did not know that. (I dont watch TV, so error of omission I guess).

    Gotta be better than two zombies in a phone booth like at The Cupboard.

  3. “The danger might be, however, that they fight over the same pro-vested interests coverage, driving Australian business media RIGHT of Ghengis Khan”

    Macrobusiness will continue do its bit to counter that. 🙂

  4. I have never followed papers. What is meant by “ransacked business stable at The Australian”.

  5. Well the Gottleibsen rants would certainly fit in nicely at the News House. I would have thought Kohler would be a tad more circumspect though……

  6. Power is information and information is power. Media watch a number of years ago reported on Kohler’s conflict of interest with the ABC and his ‘electronic fish wrapper’. Now this concentration of information of “business news” to the likes of Murdoch, ‘fair and balanced’ and Rinehart, this is reflecting what is happening in USA, massive conflicts of interests.