Skilled vacancies tank in April

So, more data confirmation of the April freeze. DEEWR Skilled Vacancies is out for that month and is down 7% in seasonally adjusted terms (trend down 0.8%):

The internals aren’t pretty either with wall to wall declines in sectors and states:

I am officially worried.

Vacancy Report May 2012

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  1. Cue minebots that strongest increases were in Pilbara & Kimberley (up 16.9%) and Goldfields and Southern WA (up 15.8%)

    Strongest falls? NSW – Bathurst and Central West down 28.7% and Blue Mountains by 26.4%

    Melbourne city down 18.3%…

    • If only the areas with the strongest increases employed as many people as the areas with the strongest falls.

    • That’s looking really bad. I wonder what the next UE rate will be like. Do they still have room to spin?

      Btw, it would be nice if you guys could make the homepage auto-refresh like SMH. Thanks.

      • “Btw, it would be nice if you guys could make the homepage auto-refresh like SMH. Thanks.”

        For the love of all things holy please DO NOT do this. Shits me to tears when a page you are halfway through reading re-loads. Want to refresh the page? Just press the refresh button on your browser…

      • I know, it’s not for everyone.
        But comon, it’s not that bad. I’m only talking about the homepage here.
        They can link it to the logins, so you can choose to turn it on/off, like the video autoplay on smh.
        I find it convenient to leave the homepage open in a background tab. I can glance at the posts at the top in a few seconds, then get back to work.

        Btw, MB’s been rather slow lately. Server issues?

  2. Probably because the mining companies are predominantly advertising overseas for cheap foreign labour that can come in on 457 visas. No need to advertise in Aus any more.

  3. That’s a horrible looking table at the bottom. I can see the problems first hand with my wife looking for an IT job as a manager, BA or project Manager, but you can count the number of available jobs in Sydney on one hand. One new role came up the other day and the agent told her he’d had 66 applicants in the first hour!

    • Yes! My personal job ad index is the number of Seek IT job ads I receive per month. May is shaping up to be the worst in 18 months, with around 30 ads, compared to about 60 in February, and a peak of 90 a year ago.

      My current job is stable enough, so I’m not concerned at this stage. However, having been out of work for almost 12 months back in 2001/2002, I’m saving as fast as I can. Just in case.

      • For me, you know that job market is not good when you received a few calls from recruitment agents asking about whether my company has any hiring plan. Robert Walter never replies my call and email in the past and suddently they’re nice enough to call and have a chat with me 😉
        The Hays people even asked me to have a chat over breakfast.

        In boom times, you’d be lucky to have them calling you back if you leave message to their answering machine.