Bogan exodus continues

By Leith van Onselen

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has just released overseas short-term arrivals and departures figures for February which, despite some improvement over the month, capped-off another poor year for the tourism industry.

Short-term resident departures fell by -1.4% in February in seasonally adjusted terms, whereas short-term visitor arrivals rose by 1.1%. By contrast, in the 12 months to February 2012, the annual number of depatures increased by 8.5% relative to the corresponding period of the prior year, whereas arrivals actually fell by -0.2%.

Taking a longer-term view, the ratio of annual tourism arrivals to departures has also plummed a new 25-year low (see below chart). Little wonder the domestic tourism industry is reeling!

And as pointed out above, the fall in the ratio of arrivals to departures has been caused predominantly by an exodus of Australians choosing to travel abroad rather than domestically:

In the year to February 2012, 7.8 million Australians holidayed overseas – more than double the level of 10 years ago (3.4 million). This compares to only 5.9m tourist arrivals over the same period (4.8 million 10 years ago).

South East Asia (particularly Indonesia and Thailand) remains Australia’s favourite holiday destination, receiving 32% of Australia’s departures in February 2012. This was followed by Oceania (21%), the Americas (13%), North East Asia (11%) and North West Europe (10%):

Again, the Aussie bogan’s penchant for Bali and Thailand, in particular, is driving much of the decline in Australian tourism, with yours truely adding to February’s Thailand departures:

By contrast, the most foreign visitors to Australia came from Oceania (mostly New Zealand) and North East Asia, which each accounted for 23% of arrivals in February 2012. This was followed by North Western Europeans (18%) and South East Asians (15%):

The Australian tourism industry will obviously continue to struggle as lon as the Australian dollar remains elevated, which is driving more Australians to holiday offshore whilst also discouraging foreigners from holidaying in Australia.

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  1. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Heard one of my fellow bogans decrying Thailand as a destination because of the amount of Europeans holidaying there ruining things.

    Damn foreigners!

    • Don’t blame him/her nothing worse than a german, dutch or scandinavian bogan IMO.

      • Try the Chinese bogan (peasant). They will out populate the Aussie bogan in Asia, and are moving into Bali according to my info… now that will be interesting to watch!

  2. What’s with the ‘bogan meme’ being used in these posts?

    I’m about as far from bogan as you can get and have holidayed overseas 4 out of the last 5 years (Bali, SE Asia, Japan & Europe) as have many non-bogan colleagues and friends.

    Any bogan friends I have are too busy spending their $ on seeing the V8s, footy & beer to save for an overseas trip, infact a majority of my bogan friends haven’t ever been out of the country (late 20s age bracket).

    Maybe my circle is not the norm…

    • Norm, no he’s a couch potato!!

      Now Geof & Elizebeth are in France, while Brian & Mal are in Italy. We are leaving for the States early May and Marg & Ian are off to Russia (god ‘elp ’em).

      If only that bloody AUD stays up…..

    • In fact many Bogans havent even been out of the state, and their idea of a holiday is 2 weeks at Rosebud in a caravan or a tent.

      • Life is truly a struggle.

        For the hip and tasteful.

        As soon as word spreads amongst the single origin roasters and sour dough bakeries that some place is ‘authentic’ the race is on to get there before the mainstream contiki crowd find out (presumably over frappacinos at Gloria Jeans)

        All are bogans to some degree.

        Earnest and self important is almost as annoying as loud and conspicuous.

    • Lol. Recently listened to a Peter Kareiva (Inconvenient Environmentalist) talking about faults within the green movement and how to fix; scoping with teen groups revealed that young teens viewed fellow young enviro conscious teens as ‘nice, white, female, rich’ but not someone to date, ‘too uptight’ and ‘lecturing’.

      Tell me about it. Bogan it up!

  3. Im off to Tokyo mid this year, looking forward to it, makes a change to Rome, Tuscany, Paris, London and dare i say it, Amsterdam.

  4. Alex Heyworth

    About time the government cashed in. Raise the departure tax to $500. Solve both budget and current account difficulties in one swoop.

    • Max really dropped the ball on that serious bogan talent – he really stood out & had so much to offer…… Shame the MSM didn’t get behind him & give him more exposure 😉