China realty weakens

By now, it is very clear that the Chinese real estate market is slowing down.  The latest figures from the National Bureau of Statistics show that prices were down or flat for January compared to December 2011.

For a visual representation of what’s happening over the past year or so, the following chart from Bloomberg Brief’sMichael McDonough shows how an increasing number of cities are reporting falling prices over the past 12 months, especially since the last quarter of 2011 where the downturn is accelerating on ever slower transaction volumes across the board:


  1. Different China Fanboy

    In a parallel universe there is another macrobusiness blog that occasionally runs a headline “Something good happened in China”

  2. This is a great representation on house prices. Could something like this be created for local government areas for Australia? I figure states/cities wouldn’t be very granular or interesting.