Sell them dirt!

Some random comic genius has again hit the nail on the head with this new Xtranormal video depicting the summation of Canberra’s macroeconomic vision. Enjoy!

Conversation with an Australian bureaucrat

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. So what? When China’s property market crashes, our exports will definitely hit a rough patch.

    Capital controls ? Tobin taxes ? All of these are dumb ass protectionist ideas.

  2. Ha Ha…that’s good.
    The attitude in this country won’t be changing anytime soon though. ‘Parity parties’ were held at one major bank by its traders no less when the Aussie cracked 1 USD.

    I’d like to see a video tying in HnH’s broad macro view of the economy. The one where we leverage the proceeds from mining to bid up houses aided by government policies…

  3. I would definitely be a good idea to save some money for the future when the ‘boom’ comes to an end. Can’t see this current government doing this though, not in a million years. Hopefully the next one (after 2013) will be better but who knows really.

    There are definitely issues that need to be solve. Blaming our lack of exports on just mining and a high dollar is not telling the whole picture, excessive regulation and crippling IR rules are killing international competitiveness, as is a massive government sector.

    If Australia’s economy is to survive we need to empower individuals to create wealth again.