We’re in The Monthly

A few months ago the Unconventional Economist and I were interviewed by Christine Kenneally a freelance journalist who has written for Time,  The New Yorker, The New York Times, Slate and New Scientist, as well as other publications. In this case she was writing an article to appear in the May issue of the Monthly magazine.

Today the magazine hit the news stands and the article titled “Speech Bubbles” is out for public consumption.

Update: At the request of the Monthly magazine I have removed the contents of the story from our site. If you wish to read the article please view it on their site.

Christine has contacted me recently to inform me that she interviewed many people while writing this story including ASIC and a number of Real Estate agents. She was however limited to 1000 words for this piece so could not include all of the information that she had gathered. Hopefully this article spurs enough interest that the monthly commissions her for a part 2.

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  1. That’s great DE!

    Hopefully the no AFSL for the RE industry will be discussed in any future articles there.

  2. Good point Andy…this is something that really should be rammed home to people. I know people say they dont believe RE Agents…but they do and they probably think the RE Agents are more regulated than they are!

    • Not really, its vacuous and shallow analysis at best.

      When he starts looking at RE the same way he berates gold, I might get “worried” that a bottom is in.

  3. Let hope for part 2.

    As a regular lurker on this site (so is my girlfriend who found your readings at the same time, before we passed it on to each other) it pleasing to see you get some mainstream coverage.

  4. A hearty congratulations is in order: it is excellent to see the alternative media such as yourself and the others mentioned in that article get some well deserved recognition and publicity. Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice one guys,
    Overdue but well deserved recognition. I imagine hits will continue on their upward trajectory. Can I add my own thanks as well. You guys have helped me no end with my own understanding and saved me from making some very costly mistakes. Wish I could buy you all a beer.

    • Went out and purchased the Mag on the way home. Nothing like voting your approval with money I say. As for ‘buying you all a beer’. I have to agree. Maybe at the ‘Macro Business’ xmas party. 😉

      Seriously, thanks for all the insight and thought you guys put into this.


  6. Excellent, great move ..I used to enjoy your solo sites and editorials…And now
    Macrobusiness amalgamated,the site is ,
    looking more and more ,like a financial sense in Australia…week after week
    keep up the great work…
    Shee bee right mates…well done

    cheers JR

  7. I know it’s low brow but the cover photo sums up how I regard MSM after I found DE & now this site. Great work guys.

  8. The_Mainlander

    Hi UE and DE,

    I have to say when I first read UE’s first blog postb on The Uncoventional Economist Blogger blog I was blown away by the clarity and eloquence of UE’s writing.

    Pulling no punches and truly being objective I always await with keen anticipation Leith’s and now the MacroBusiness Blog Packs posts.

    I hoped I was not alone in believing the Australian Housing market was a Casino at best and a rigged market at worst.

    Ever since read EU and DE I feel smarter for all the decisions our family have made not to buy in the last few years.

    Well done on the ‘Monthly’ I hope they pick up with a series on your works.
    You lads should look at writing a book!


    The Mainlander.

  9. Bravo boys! Take a bow, you’ve earned it.
    The MSM passing off paid advertising as either news or journalism. Shameless.

    As Mark Twain said: If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed. And if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed.

    You have given to society what many can’t or won’t: Freedom through honesty.

  10. Good on ya DE,Pascoe is on board
    Now that is a worry, no,no,no,no,……yes,… it’s a case of scrambling for the life rafts, got to save a bit of creditability by not going down with the sinking ship. As i keep saying DE i know very little of economics, but i have never felt comfortable with any thing Mr Pascoe has written.

  11. Devilled Advocate

    Props gentlemen (wild assumption here DE) – as they say cream rises to the top!

    Im one of the digital natives that makes up your 15,000 daily hits and I refer all of my friends and colleagues to your site many of whom have reciprocated and have since moved out of the “sheeple” paddock.

    A good 20 minutes of my day is spent reading this site and I almost always walk away with some more knowledge.

    Your site offers something that very few others do – logical positions largely backed up with fact.

    Keep up the excellent and largely erudite work


  12. Congratulations guys. I’ve been a long time reader of all your articles and it’s good to see your hard work coming out to the mainstream and the “real world”.

    Keep it up!

  13. It has long been said that the internet has the potential to change the way we think and the way we act.

    You blokes are living proof that this is coming to pass.

    Congratulations to all involved.

    Nil carborundum bastardi.