Trading Day – 27th April

After peaking sharply on the open, the market has settled slightly up after the almost week long Easter/ANZAC break, at 4918 points.

NOTE: as I was compiling this report, the PPI figures came out and the market has sunk over 20 points after midday.

The short term trend remains weak but positive on momentum, as it reverts to the medium term trend (note red line on graph below). BHP weighs on the market (down 0.6%) whilst the banks are mixed, but generally up.

Click on full screen icon to view report or download the full PDF report here: Trading Day 27th April 2011

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  1. Thanks DE, I’ve also redone the weekly analysis post into a PDF format too.

    The PPI figures spooked the market – AUD is over 1.08 and the ASX200 down to 4890 or 0.5%…..

  2. Deus Forex Machina

    This is brilliant!!!! Noice format…

    AS you say Prince AUD up over 1.08 easy, probably higher once Europe comes in CPI puts RBA back in the frame for later this year, possibly August or september and we stick out versus what is happening in the US.

  3. Thanks DFM. I used Pages for Mac – its very simple to set up and convert into a PDF.

    Market is getting hammered going into afternoon trade. Down almost 40 points before the close, whilst N225 and Asian markets are humming along nicely.

    The scourge of the perception of having a strong currency….I prefer a strong dollar in terms of purchasing power: but we don’t have one in reality.

    Inflation – the hidden tax….