Not today

There is so much to say on the financial front about what is happening in the world right now. China finally seems to be making the right noises about its movement towards consumer led economic growth, take it or leave it.  Bahrain has erupted again and is now asking for its much larger neighbour to step in and help a move that is likely to trigger a wider reaction. The hard liners in Europe seems to capitulated once again allowing the Greeks to live another day, but the Irish weren’t so lucky. In Japan the Central bank  injected 15 trillion Yen while its productive capacity fell between 2% and 4% depending on various reports. Closer to home, it seems the Melbourne real estate market is in rollover with the perma-bull REIV sneaking out some bad news.

On any other day I would have talked about any of these points for paragraphs. But not today.

Today, at least for me, it all seems irrelevant.  While tens of thousands of people in Japan are missing under the utter devastation of their towns and villages I cannot bring myself to think about other things. 

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