Weekend reading: The mistake of 2010

Smashed: $US Up: euro, gold, metals, Aussie, CRB Mixed: grains, energy This action shows a market betting on QE3 sooner not later… Sovereign easing: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece US jobs for May bad. Calculated Risk, Free Exchange But ISM services accelerate. Calculated Risk ECRI WLI falling but not fast. Seeking Alpha The mistake of 2010. Paul Krugman Move over


June 3 links: Will they or won’t they?

Up: euro, Aussie, grains, energy Down: gold, $US, metals, CRB Sovereign tension: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece Trichet calls for fiscal integration. Bloomberg EU shifts a millimeter that way. Reuters Debt ceiling fallout. Paul Krugman (h/t NakedCap) Moody’s mulls US downgrade. Alphaville BLS preview. Calculated Risk Commodity financialisers make hay. WSJ China downturn would cut 60% from commodities: S&P. Reuters No shit… Fed rebuffs market. WSJ


June 2 links: QE3 dawn

Up: gold, $US Down: euro, Aussie Smashed: CRB, energy, metals, ore, grains Sovereign tension: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece US ISM smashed in May. Calculated Risk ADP employment report crunched in May. Calculated Risk US rising rents. Tim Duy Now Ireland goes for haircuts. FT Eurozone endgame. Martin Wolf China may assume local debts. Businessweek Four banks control 85% of OTC derivatives. London Banker


June 1 links: Garnaut

Up: CRB, energy, euro Flat: gold, Aussie, metals, ore Down: $US, grains Sovereign easing: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece New Greek bailout. Alphaville Food to double by 2030. BBC US PMI tanks. Calculated Risk US housing still dumping. Calculated Risk US consumer confidence hammered. Naked Capitalism Inflation will prevent QE3. Zero Hedge QE3 will nationalise the ten year. Zero Hedge Fed still set to tighten. Tim Duy


May 31 links: Carbon crunch

Destruction of the American middle class. Robert Reich (h/t Naked Capitalism) Greek default. Wolfgang Munchau Will be ugly. FT, Reuters US petrol price. Calculated Risk Mobius joins bear team. Zero Hedge Germany abandons nuclear. FT FIRB is racist. John Garnaut No. FIRB acts on opaque guidelines from the Australian government that mean it seeks to


Links May 30: Frenzy of interests

Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk Will the US double-dip? Steve Keen (h/t Naked Capitalism) The US labour trend. Tim Duy Greece, Ireland flailing. Zero Hedge Where’s the great bond selloff? WSJ Global slowdown. Gavyn Davies Banks cutting rates. SMH This read rather like an ad… Gittins! loves Boganomics! SMH Coking coal. Garimpeiro No


Weekend reading: Relief

Up:  Aussie, grains, CRB, euro Down: $US, ore, metals, energy, gold, Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece Basel III extends and pretends for Europe. FT Pricing Greek default. Felix Salmon US economy stumbling. NYT GSE delinquencies declining. Calculated Risk The great Chinese inflation. Zero Hedge Fitch cuts Japan. Reuters China’s fraudsters. NYT Honestly, nobody does piracy like the Chinese. My favourite story was the creation of an


May 27 links: Risk holds on

Up:  Aussie, grains, CRB Down: $US, ore, metals, energy, gold, euro, Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece Risk is back on. FT Third depression watch. Paul Krugman Kansas Fed manufacturing unchanged. Calculated Risk US DOL claims unchanged. Calculated Risk China considers broader price controls. Bloomberg False growth scare? Pragmatic Capitalist UK debt-deflation has a long way to run. Alphaville Banks to boom on business


May 26 links: Hither and thither

Up: gold, energy, CRB, Aussie, metals, grains Down: $US, ore, euro Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece ECB says Greek restructure a disaster. Alphaville Roubini says no worries. RGE Fitch OK’s German banks on restructure. Bloomberg Risk for TBTFs just jumped. Zero Hedge US durable goods miss. Zero Hedge Shanghai enters correction territory. FT UK double dip. Alphaville Daddy bear growls again. Alphaville Germany slowing. Macro


Links May 25: Dead cat

Up: gold, euro, energy, CRB, Aussie, metals Down: $US, ore Smashed: grains Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece Italy is the problem, not Spain. Edward Hugh EU seeks forced asset sales in Greece. FT US economy reality check. Zero Hedge Richmond manufacturing smacked. Zero Hedge More Fed softening. Bloomberg Not enough… Can an economy simply stall out? Econbrowser CFTC charges oil price manipulators. FT Meanwhile,


May 24 links: Flight to safety

Rocket: $US Flat: gold Down: grains Smashed: euro, energy, CRB, Aussie, metals Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece Austerity my butt. Paul Krugman Fitch warns Belgium. Zero Hedge NATO quagmire in Libya. Guardian Fed index shows slowing US growth. Zero Hedge Fed set on tightening. Tim Duy World slowing. The Economist FX and risk. Alphaville Right question, wrong answer Taliban attacks


Links May 23: Europe’s volcanos

France may support Greek default. Calculated Risk Lagarde may win IMF job. FT Better hurry… Greek default worst case. Telegraph S&P downgrades Italy. Telegraph Iceland explodes! ABC Jim Grant. QE forever. Zero Hedge QE and shocks. Doug Noland You can’t have cheap money and cheap oil. Zero Hedge QE2 end threatens gold. FT US long-term


Weekend reading: Extension default

Rocket: $US, gold Up: energy, CRB Flat: Aussie, grains Down: ore Smashed: euro Fitch pounds Greece on extension default. Bloomberg Other Greece angles. Calculated Risk Bank contagion. Zero Hedge Greece bond yields. Bloomberg Sovereign contagion: Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium Protectionist war. Credit Writedowns UK’s inflation problem. FT Financial regulation at G20 in trouble. FT Glencore whacked


Links May 20: More US weakness

Up: Euro Flat: Aussie, gold, grains Down: energy, $US, ore Hammered: CRB US home sales, Philly, Consumer all weak. Bloomberg China candidates for IMF. MarketWatch DOW signaling triple dip. Clustertock Reasons why China is a bubble. MarketWatch House prices drop everywhere. SMH More Moody’s denial. Malcolm Maiden Big tobacco next up with jawboning. Jessica Irvine


May 19 links: It’s all good!

Rocket: grains, CRB, energy Up: Euro, $US, gold Flat: Aussie Hammered: ore Is it dangerous to borrow in dollars? Alphaville on Moody’s. MB gets a mention… No default for Greece says EU. Bloomberg Meanwhile, IMF says EU is stuffed. Reuters EU after Strauss-Kahn. Martin Wolf Who will get the gig? Simon Johnson Greece default worse than Lehman. Guardian How


May 18 links: Slowing

Rocket: grains Up: Aussie, CRB, Euro Downish: $US, gold, energy, ore The next crisis. FT China’s central bank is done tightening. FT US industrial production stalls. Calculated Risk US housing starts fading. Calculated Risk More signs of slowing world. The Economist Rates up despite board concern. The Oz


May 17 Links: No bailout for IMF head

Up: grains, Flat: $US, gold, Aussie, Down: energy, ore, CRB No bailout for IMF head! Bloomberg Debt ceiling differences. Calculated Risk Empire index slows. Calculated Risk SocGen on Chinese slowdown. Zero Hedge Iran sends solidarity flotilla to Bahrain. Reuters More on copper and Chinese credit. Alphaville Inflation in Asia. FT More on commodities crash. Alphaville Lehman coughs up. SMH


Links May 16: IMF head denies himself austerity

Week ahead for the Dow. Calculated Risk Global PMI roll over. The Economist Can this cycle now boom without commodities? Money Game No mortgage refinancing wave. Calculated Risk Sticky prices. Interfluidity (h/t Naked Cap) QE3 must save the US Budget. Zero Hedge Richard Koo would be proud. CFTC dollar love-in. Zero Hedge Lee Kwan Yew


Weekend reading: Lost in Bretton Woods

Up: $US Flat: grains, ore, energy Down:  Aussie, gold US inflation bubbling. Calculated Risk Why Roubini could be wrong on China property. Beyondbrics ECB slams door on Greek FOI. Zero Hedge All about correlation. Zero Hedge John Taylor calls a sell. Bloomberg IMF considers term default for Greece. WSJ Europe’s two speed economy. Free Exchange UBS on commodities


Links May 13: China tightens again

Up: energy, Flat: $US, Aussie, gold Down:  grains, ore Oil rout. Reuters IEA predicts ongoing high oil prices. FT The truth hurts. Bloomberg Vietnam battles inflation. The Ecomomist US’ stubborn unemployment. Calculated Risk Which central banks are buying gold? Zero Hedge US PPI high on oil. Zero Hedge Commodities and margin calls. Alphaville Fed and asset prices. Tim


Links May 12: Sell

Rocket: $US Smashed: energy, gold, grains, Aussie, CRB Flat: ore Bloomberg says its inflation. Bloomberg Grantham calls a sell. Zero Hedge Treasuries are back! Crossing Wall St US trade deficit blowing out. Calculated Risk Journey to default. Martin Wolf Chinese commodity demand falling. Alphaville Inflation spreading beyond food. Bloomberg SocGen. No, its deflation. Alphaville


Links May 11: Budget warfare

Up: energy, gold, grains, Aussie Down: $US QE forever! Bloomberg Commodity financialisers get whacked. Matthew Lynn CME hikes margin requirements for oil. MarketWatch Germany gives in to Greece. Bloomberg Surprise! Not. 60 billion more for Greece. FT Bahrain bulldozes Shia. McClatchy (h/t Naked Cap) Gaddafi gasping for gas. FT US housing crashing at 18% per annum. Calculated Risk China surplus


Links May 10: Commodity bounce

Rocket: energy, gold, grains Up: Aussie Down: $US, ore US manufacturing boom. Bloomberg We’ll default: Ireland. Daily Mail US rail traffic shows it’s all about exports. Calculated Risk US housing accelerating down. Calculated Risk UK too. Alphaville US household deleveraging flattens. Alphaville US ISM and investing. PragCap Fed clinging to forecasts. Tim Duy Dun and Bradstreet offsets NAB survey.


Links May 9: A tale of two Budgets

More extend and pretend for Greece. Reuters No exit. Wolfgang Munchau Week ahead for the Dow. Calculated Risk Deposit revolution. Common Dreams (h/t Naked Cap) Kochie indicator: Debt revulsion.  Sunrise Iraq halves projected oil output. Zero Hedge US earnings past the peak. Bespoke Commodities crash. The Economist Chinese, US manufacturing costs converge. Alphaville More retail


Weekend reading: It’s June they reckon

Rocket: $US Hammered: Euro, energy, ore Up: Gold, grains Flat: Aussie US jobs report OK. Calculated Risk Not so good says Goldman. Zero Hedge What ails the US jobs engine? Gavyn Davies Regulatory risk spreads to oil. Zero Hedge Egypt front runner turns on Israel. WSJ Food near record highs. WSJ Taylor Rule condemns QE. Econbrowser Japan shuts more


Links May 6: Stall and fall

Up: $US  Down: Gold, energy, grains Falling: Aussie  Silver down 20% in week and oil collapsing BBC, Bloomberg US initial jobless claims sharply higher CalcRick US housing double dips CalcRisk ECB holds on rates Bloomberg These two pay the price: Greece, Portugal as Portugal heads for recession BBC , 2 years pfft !! ESRB needs to audit Greek


Links May 5: Sloooooooowing

Down: Gold, energy, grains, $US  Falling: Aussie  Analysis Bloomberg European bonds improving: Greece, Portugal,  Spain, Italy, Belgium Portugal accepts bailout Reuters 12 Billion Euro for banks CNN Debt crisis sill lingers TheOz Service industry activity in US expand more slowly Bloomberg US Treasury suggests nother $2 Trillion in Debt required Reuters Oil down on stockpiles Reuters Get ready for a global showdown


May 4 links: Rate rage

Down: metals,  energy, Aussie Flat: $US, grains Osama victim of Arab revolt. Asia Times Gross backs emerging markets on inflation concern for US. MarketBeat Seems backwards to me… Who pays for Greece? Business Insider China is big. MarketWatch US ISM strong. Calculated Risk But growth is not good. Tim Duy Adani buys coal port. FT RBA will lift. Peter Martin,


May 3 Links: Osama, Silver and the RBA

Silver just went splat, rumours applenty Naked Cap Down: Gold, energy, grains, $US , Aussie US dollar at 3 year low CNBC Greek bonds smell worse again Bloomberg Limited Contagion: Portugal,  Spain, Italy, Belgium Portugal deal coming soon SMH Overnight market analysis Bloomberg US celebrates Bin Laden’s demise BBC Waiting for the back lash Reuters The Aussie angle SMH US, China


May 2 links: Total hysteria

Inflation rampant. David Uren RBA must hike. Chris Joye, Adam Carr, Terry McCrann Abandon the surplus. Alan Kohler Abandon the carbon tax. Robert Gottliebsen Arrogant RSPT. Sinclair Davidson Our China weakness. Clancy Yeates New mining ads. Here Food financialisation. Foreign Policy China manufacturing slowing. Bloomberg Post crisis growth always sucks. NYT Anglosphere stronger than it