Links March 9: PIIGS panic

PIIGS panic: Greece run. Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium record wides. The EU’s nasty convergence. Paul Mason EU asleep at the wheel. Reuters, WSJ Record petrol prices for Europe. Zero Hedge OPEC opens the spigot. FT No they don’t. Reuters $140 oil is Roubini’s recession trigger. Bloomberg Libyan rebels flip the bird. FT Rumblings in Kuwait. Arab News (h/t


Links March 8: Hunayn Revolution

Crisis scheduled for Saudi. Robert Fisk Risk off. Grains, metals hammered. Gold, energies, $US up. Ore monstered. NATO considering military option for Libya. Zero Hedge SocGen oil scenarios. Zero Hedge Oil at $110 is a problem. Bloomberg Libyan war. FT Fed at odds on QEIII. Zero Hedge Fed rate rise schedule. Calculated Risk Speculators turn on


Links March 7: Double Dutch

Fog of war. BBC, FT Mapping Arab unrest. Le Monde Diplo Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk US considers tapping oil reserve. Zero Hedge Saudi bans protests. Zero Hedge Financialisation and instability. PragCap Gittins! goes the full barf. SMH Only three days late. Gillard’s Dutch Disease makes news. SMH Covered bonds cap to go


Weekend reading: The Dictator fights

Gadhafi’s assault. FT Risk aaaaaawwwwffff. Barchart Prior oil shock impacts. Zero Hedge, Global Macro Monitor, PragCap IEA says Libyan oil in squeeze. WSJ Who’s at risk from oil spike? The Source Petrol echoes of 2008. Bloomberg US jobs report OK. Calculated Risk I, II US economy risks to upside. Tim Duy America’s collapsing taxes. (h/t Naked Capitalism) ECB to raise


Links March 4: Thankee Bernanke

Risk aaaawwwwnnnn. Barchart Oil and US PCE. Calculated Risk Strong ISM, dole numbers. Calculated Risk Bombs away. FT After the Sauds. John Quiggin Looking for a crash. Telegraph John Taylor predicts recession if rates rise. Zero Hedge What happens if there’s no QEIII. David Rosenberg Swan backs lying. The Age Chinese steel prices slip. Asia One


Links March 3: The die is cast

Bernanke chooses a side. Bloomberg, FT Fed’s rearview mirror. Tim Duy Libya’s gonna get a strongman. The Interpreter Gaddafi attacks east. Bloomberg And Brega. Zero Hedge War. FT $US, ore crushed. Oil, gold rocket. Ireland record wide. Bloomberg China’s airport overhang. Beyondbrics FIRB targeting China. The Age Asia-dumb. The Age Digesting mining. Michael Stutchbury India’s ore


Links March 2: Wild rumours

Libyan refugees. BBC Civil war. Bloomberg Iran protests. Reuters Predicting the next domino. Reuters Saudi stocks smashed amid Shia arrest. Beyondbrics Saudi’s subtle complaints. Guardian The poo revolution. Foreign Policy Oil, gold flying. $US up a touch. Bloomberg US ISM ripping. Calculated Risk Bernanke’s testimony. Fed What he said. FT Doves in control. Gavyn Davies UK Treasurys are


Links March 1: QEIII looms

QEIII looms. Tim Duy No it doesn’t. Gavyn Davies (yes, it does!) More McKibbin. The Oz $US still getting hammered. Bloomberg $US finished. Sovereign Man Chicago PMI shows rising costs. Zero Hedge China to slow in next five year plan. WSJ China to embrace consumption. BusinessWeek China attacks media over protests. FT Blowout in long-term


Links February 28: Monetary confusion

Keep your hand s off the trigger. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Pull the trigger. Doug Noland Oil and central banks. Naked Capitalism It’s all a bloody big bubble, says McKibbin. The Oz Party running hard to stay ahead of democracy. Bloomberg QEIII watch. BLS Friday. Calculated Risk The ten biggest system risk banks. VOX AIG muni bond portfolio pressuring


Weekend Reading: Old men talk, young men die

UN blathers about Libya. FT Crackdown grows. BBC Civil war looms. FT Options for intervention. The Arabist Algeria lifts martial law. Reuters Who hits oil hardest? Beyondbrics US consumer and oil. Zero Hedge High oil = US recession. Alphaville US GDP revised down. Calculated Risk Portgual: wider still. Bloomberg Ireland close behind. Bloomberg Ireland’s election. Bloomberg UK austerity just gets


Links February 25: Oily residue

Libya splinters. WSJ Should we intervene in Libya? The Interpreter Current oil levels will shave .5% off US GDP. Econbrowser $120 oil for a year is 2% of global GDP gone. Gavyn Davies US truck tonnage spikes. Calculated Risk US unemployment claims drop. Calculated Risk Bullard begins QEIII softening. Zero Hedge He should know. BusinessWeek


Links February 24: Recovery doubts

Qaddafi doomed. Bloomberg Not going quietly. NYT Half of Libyan oil offline. FT OPEC cannot fill gap. Alphaville, Nomura Saudi disquiet. FT, Zero Hedge, Alphaville Oil may force rates lift in developing economies. Guardian Energies rocket. Gold launch. Grains rally. Metals mixed. Ore smashed Jasmine revolutionaries. FT, II Brent-WTI price spread. Econbrowser $US down. Zero Hedge The lucky country. Ian Verrender


Links February 23: Oil shock

Oil shock ahead. Zero Hedge Futures soar. Barchart Libya declares force majeure. Reuters Seif Qadhafi’s bizarre thesis. The Arabist Risk awwwwf. Barchart Oil uncertainty reigns. Telegraph Stagflation. Karen Maley Farmer’s can’t grow enough corn. Bloomberg US real house prices dooooown. Calculated Risk Semiconductors flashing warning on business cycle. Inside Business Dutch Disease goes global. BeyondBrics Glencore/Goldman


Links February 22: 1989

Sectarian war could engulf Middle East. Daily Mail Gaddafi teetering. Telegraph, Al Jazeera BP pulling out. Zero Hedge The spread to East Asia. Stratfor (h/t Zero Hedge) Ireland’s likely new leader. Zero Hedge China prepares banks for bust. Bloomberg Chinese companies can’t find workers. FT Nations may expand food stockpiles, say traders (they’re betting on


Links February 21: G Nuthin’

MidEast update. Bloomberg Weekend “Jasmine revolution” in China. Zero Hedge Dud. FT FDIC to sue WAMU execs. Calculated Risk Week ahead for DOW. Calculated Risk Rice next? Zero Hedge Chinese inflation. Macroblog Big Mac says Aussie 18% overvalued. OANDA First home buyers suckered. Daily Telegraph G20 compromise. FT Bernanke dumps on foreign investors. FT No


Weekend reading: Rising stakes

Bahrain ugly. WSJ Will Bahrain spill into Saudi Arabia? Bloomberg Bahrain, Saudi, oil. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Death in Yemen, Libya,  FT, II Djibouti rocked. BBC Europe update. Calculated Risk Portugal wides. Bloomberg Euro banks thirsty for dollars. Zero Hedge China raises reserve requirements, again. Bloomberg Chinese hot money flows. Yahoo Bernanke on global imbalances. Calculated Risk Farm


Links February 18: Dreams over

US core CPI stirs. Calculated Risk, Econompic Dream hits wall in Bahrain. FT Portugal hits record. Bloomberg China hot money. FT China property support to continue. FT Shanghai ties up with Brazil. Taipei Times Captains of industry want SWF. SMH The MRRT is superb. Bartho Moody’s threatened downgrade of banks. Nobody Ore market cautious. Reuters


February 17: Moody’s dumps on banks

Moody’s puts all four majors on downgrade review. WSJ, Alphaville, Bloomberg Loan deposits rising in US. WSJ Bernanke Hoocoodanode? Calculated Risk Producer prices rising. Econompic China suspends house price data. Zero Hedge Chinese relocation risk. FT Brazil won’t play on yuan. WSJ Flows to China. Alphaville Bahrain rocked. FT Libya cracks down. FT RSPT stoush.


Links February 16: China’s inflation

China’s inflation. Mish Exporters in trouble. (h/t LBS) Business Insider Rebellion in Iran, Yemen, Bahrain Biiiig bear market rally. David Rosenberg Systemic risk. Kyle Bass US bond purchases, UK rules. Zero Hedge US Empire, retail solid. Calculated Risk But input costs surging. Zero Hedge The new ASX/SGX merger proposal. SMH Pass it. Bryan Frith Uranium sales


Links February 15: Kloppers’ influence

Democracy contagion: Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Libya, Iran. WSJ Or, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia. FT Irish haircuts. Independent US deleveraging update. Calculated Risk More pain for US housing. Calculated Risk The rise of quant data. Baseline Scenario China’s new Panama Canal. FT China’s inflation controls. Zero Hedge Versus: China’s inflation booster. The Source The China domino. John


Links February 14: Who’s next?

Algeria? Zero Hedge Or, Bahrain? FT Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk US participation rate. Calculated Risk, Zero Hedge DOW internals. DragonFly US housing reform. Alphaville All time high for US Feb petrol prices. Mish Aussie as oil play. PragCap US manufacturing lean and mean. Street Light Fine Gael ahead in Ireland. FT Gittins! loves a surplus?


Weekend reading: Blowoff time

Mubarak goes, army steps in. FT Egypt’s new ruler. Zero Hedge US trade gap explodes, shrinks with China. FT, Calculated Risk WLI rises again. ECRI Portugal bleeds. Bloomberg Spain too. Bloomberg And boosts banks. Telegrpah Sugar rocket. FT Sweet for speculators. BBC Faber calls commodity bust. Commodity Online (h/t Naked Capitalism) Food no barrier for


Links February 11: Rio rocket

Rio books 194% profit jump. Steel Orbis QEIII watch. US jobless claims fall. Calculated Risk Bernanke critique exits FOMC. Zero Hedge Fed hikes will end the party. Zero Hedge (just as well they won’t happen) Hoarding. Caroline Baum Stagflation UK. Bloomberg Chinese property bubble goes west. Bloomberg US bond market set to overreact. Albert Edwards Answering


Links February 10: Monetary musings

Why China should worry about Egypt. Barry Eichengreen China to tighten, big time. FT Yeh, right. PragCap Speculation behind food prices. Clouded outlook Commodity bubble. Surly Trader Commodities to squeeze US economy. Barrons I come to praise Bernanke. Calculated Risk Bond market paranoiacs. Alphaville Some Asian currencies rising. WSJ Britain’s austerity. Martin Wolf CBA wants SWF. SMH


Links February 9: China hot

Chinese inflation and rates up. Bloomberg Who cares. FT US bond market pressure. Barrons Housing affordability groups meet. The Age Full China bull. Robin Bromby Contagion on: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece Ore price steady. Reuters BDI stabilises. Dry Ships


Links February 8: Pinning the ears back

Bizarro European summit. Eurointelligence, Wolfgang Munchau Market’s verdict: Contagion on. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Krugman wrong again. NYT Bangladesh the next food domino. Zero Hedge Wall St bouncing back. Simon Johnson US economy accelerating. Tim Duy O’Farrell backs burbs. SMH China’s Lewisian turning point. John Garnaut Cautious consumers yada, yada, yada. The Age IWT


Links February 7: Profits and bonuses

Currency manipulation. Michael Pettis Versus capital controls. WSJ China: bulls vs bears. WSJ Week ahead for the DOW. Calculated Risk Peripheral Europe needs more. VOX Not a done deal.  WSJ Egyptian parties meet. NYT Bonus time! Rotten Apple, FT, Sunday Telegraph Poor fan. Stuart Washington Love the levy. Gittins! Miners’ mind-numbing profits. Adele Ferguson More


Weekend Reading: QEIII

US unemployment report solid. Calculated Risk Long Treasuries screaming. Zero Hedge Bernanke denies role in food spike. FT Reluctant to move. Gavyn Davies Merkel’s mission. Bloomberg Clawbacks are coming. FT Big banks and fiscal ruin. Baseline Scenario Game on for Portugal. Bloomberg SWF now. Michael West TBTF. Malcolm Maiden Fairfax addresses it’s rising shareholder. Adele Ferguson Expanding


Links February 4: Inflate/deflate

US ISM strongish. Bloomberg Versus US employers still unsure of recovery. FT Rice now flying. Zero Hedge Liberalise food. Javier Blas UN indicators have food prices at record. Zero Hedge IMF warns Asia overheating. WSJ European consumers close wallets. Econompic Irish bank run. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Ireland by Michael Lewis. Vanity Fair Contagion returns. Portugal China anomalies. Zero


Links February 3: Inflation rages

Egypt riots. BBC Yemen President offers resignation. Hindustan Times Pakistan next? Marc Faber Worse to come for food. FT Wen commits to tackling inflation. Reuters Iceland’s successful bankruptcy. Bloomberg Neoclassical to behavioural economics. Credit Writedowns (h/t Naked Cap) US refinance now reverse ATM. Calculated Risk Australia more risky (and expensive). The Age Yasi to boost commodity