Mirvac: immigration reboot to overwhelm housing supply

While all the usual suspects continue to claim that rigid planning and lack of land release is responsible for Australia’s housing shortage, Mirvac CEO Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz basically admitted that this shortage has been caused by excessive levels of immigration, which will worsen as the Big Australia policy is rebooted: “We’re in a genuine national crisis


Thank immigration collapse for 48-year low unemployment

Yesterday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released labour market data for April, which revealed that Australia’s unemployment rate (3.9%) fell to its lowest level since August 1974, whereas the underemployment rate (6.1%) fell to a fresh 14-year low: While stimulus prevented the economy from sliding into a deep recession, it has merely filled the


Another Big Australia shill moans about housing shortages

Simon Kuestenmacher is Director of Research at The Demographics Group and is described as “a rising star in the world of demography”. The Demographics Group is the private enterprise headed by self-proclaimed “unabashed supporter of a bigger Australia” Bernard Salt, who has spent years lobbying for mass immigration. Kuestenmacher has been frequently cited in the mainstream


It’s official: Housing supply won’t keep pace with mass immigration

Last year’s NSW Budget revealed that the state’s housing shortage had all but disappeared thanks to the collapse in immigration: Building approvals are now running well ahead of the change in population, which is depressed due to the lack of inward migration. This suggests a potential oversupply in the near-term relative to the underlying demand


Business lobby admits mass immigration suppresses wages

The business lobby has dished up another serving of ‘skills shortage we need more migrants’ tripe at Fairfax, while explicitly admitting that mass immigration is used to suppress wage costs: Senior Australian business leaders have urged the next federal government to address the nation’s labour crisis by boosting migration to fill jobs, warning a failure


It’s time for a skilled visa overhaul

At the same time as Australia’s business groups are arguing for a real cut in the minimum wage, they are reportedly in a state of “despair over sluggish immigration flows”: Australia’s visa system needs an overhaul to accelerate skilled labour flows… Over the past decade, excluding 2021, permanent long-term visitor numbers averaged 162,000 during the


Memo to Grattan: you can’t have full employment and mass immigration

A week after releasing its latest pro ‘Big Australia’ immigration propaganda report, the Grattan Institute has now released a report calling on policy makers to strive for full employment [my emphasis]: This report shows why Australia should aim to lock in full employment – where everyone who wants a job can find a job. It


Links 11 May 2022

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Gaslighting Grattan pumps and whinges about immigration

For year’s the Grattan Institute has vigorously supported the ‘Big Australia’ mass immigration policy, claiming it delivers huge benefits for the economy and society. At the same time, Grattan continuously blames a ‘lack of supply’ – caused by said mass immigration – for driving Australia’s housing affordability woes and entrenching intergenerational inequality. The latest example


Australian economy worse after decades of mass immigration

Former Treasury Secretary, Dr Ken Henry, has lambasted Australia’s plummeting economic performance over the past two decades, which saw the nation’s productivity collapse: Dr Henry said Australia’s economic performance over the last two decades was “a great ­disappointment” because not enough action had been taken to address challenges policymakers knew were coming”. “We’ve been aware


Grattan Institute spins more immigration fairy tales

The ‘Big Australia’ boosters at the Grattan Institute have released another Panglossian report on Australia’s immigration program – essentially 154 shiny pages accentuating the positives and eliminating the negatives. Of particular note, Grattan spruiks that “skilled migrants in particular tend to be younger, higher-skilled, and earn higher incomes than the typical Australian”, only to later


Before importing more migrant workers, use those already here

As we know, business groups are lobbying the federal government heavily to boost migrant numbers, including by demanding: Uncapped access to temporary migrant workers and the abolition of labour market testing so-called Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas. Speedier and cheaper visa application processes. Doubling of the permanent skilled migration intake to 200,000 a year to


Business groups demand tax incentives, free Medicare and free flights to lure migrants

The Business lobby’s migrant scab grab is unrelenting. So far this year, business groups have demanded: Uncapped access to temporary migrant workers and the abolition of labour market testing so-called Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas. Speedier and cheaper visa application processes. Doubling of the permanent skilled migration intake to 200,000 a year to make up


Australia’s migrant population falls for first time 20 years

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released a new report, entitled Australia’s Population by Country of Birth, which showed that 7.5 million Australians were born overseas as at June 2021, down from 7.7 million a year earlier. In percentage terms, 29.1% of Australians were born overseas in 2021, down from 29.8% a year earlier:


Labor to axe Coalition’s slave driving Agricultural Visa

The Coalition’s Agricultural Visa program came into effect in October and provides pathways for permanent residency for workers from 10 South-East Asian nations provided they pledge to become indentured with an employer for at least three years. The requirements attached to the “Horticulture Industry Labour Agreement” relating to these visas are also very loose: The


Business lobby’s visa scab grab intensifies

At the beginning of the election campaign, business groups demanded easier access to foreign workers alongside a big lift in Australia’s permanent migrant intake to ease purported ‘skills shortages’: “Migrants are the backbone of the small business economy,” [Alexi Boyd, CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia] said. “There’s a number of industries


Training, not immigration, is the answer to skills shortages

The skilled labour shortage has heightened calls for an increase in Australia’s skilled migrant intake. For example, the Business Council of Australia wants the annual permanent skilled migration cap to be raised to 220,000 in the next two financial years before reverting to 190,000 in subsequent years. But Deloitte believes the solution to skills shortages lies


Soft unions meekly push back against Indian FTA

The newly signed Indian Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is an absolute shocker for Australian workers that opens the immigration floodgates and greatly improves access for Indian workers and students to stay in Australia long-term. Under the deal, Australian and Indian architects, engineers and accountants will be recognised in each other’s countries. But the flow of


Labor jumps aboard ‘Big Australia’ immigration train

Anybody hoping the Labor Party would take a more balanced and sustainable policy on immigration would be disappointed by the latest statements from the party’s top brass. Yesterday, Labor leader Anthony Albanese hinted that the party would hand out more permanent residency visas for foreign workers, meaning Australia’s population would grow more strongly: Foreign workers


Immigration collapse drives up farm labour productivity

A recent report from the National Agricultural Labour Advisory Committee admitted that Australian farmers’ extreme reliance on cheap migrant labour is having detrimental productivity impacts by preventing farms from adopting new methods and investing in automation: In many ways, Australia is at a crossroads. Either its enterprises go all out to modernise by learning and


Business lobby’s immigration scab grab hits fever pitch

The great immigration scab grab has hit fever pitch, with business groups demanding easier access to foreign workers alongside a big lift in the permanent migrant intake to ease purported ‘skills shortages’: The single biggest problem currently faced by small businesses is worker shortages, Alexi Boyd, CEO of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia