Permanent visa numbers collapse

The number of permanent visas offered by the Department of Home Affairs in April have collapsed by 97% versus the same time last month: Only 50 invites for subclass 189 [skilled] visa were sent out this month by the Department of Home Affairs, compared to 1,750 invitations issued in March 2020… “So that Australia can


Domain: Lower migration “a major contributor to falling property prices”

For years we witnessed “experts” try to gaslight the population into believing that the epic boom in house prices in Sydney and Melbourne was not driven, to a large extent, by mass immigration. Now that immigration is projected to fall, these same experts are afraid that it will crash the housing market. The latest dose


Terry McCrann: Aussie economy an immigration “Ponzi” scheme

Over the weekend, Terry McCrann attacked Australia’s immigration economy, labelling it a “Ponzi” scheme and imploring policy makers to develop a “new and very different Australia”: For the past 20 years, our economic growth and prosperity has rested on three foundations. They were immigration-driven developed world record population growth; property and infrastructure construction; and China,


George Megalopolis clings desperately to failed economic model

Over the weekend, political commentator, George Megalogenis, penned a long-winded article in Fairfax warning of economic catastrophe if net overseas migration (NOM) is allowed to fall: Even a single year without migration could unleash an economic and social catastrophe, as country towns see their populations decline in absolute terms and the growth rates of capital


Lower immigration is exactly what the economy needs

Australia’s mainstream media continues to run propaganda claiming the collapse in temporary migrant numbers will decimate the Australian economy. The latest example comes from 7News Sydney, which has featured the usual spruikers, like Abul Rizvi, claiming that any sharp decline in immigration would hurt the “property, retail and hospitality sectors, as well as education and


Ex-Treasury Official: A ‘Big Australia’ will make us more vulnerable

Garry Bowditch, a former senior Australian Treasury Official, has warned that the shift into high density living as Australia’s population balloons will make us more vulnerable to future pandemics: Australia is rapidly becoming more vulnerable to biological risks, because population density is rising very quickly. In the very near future, social distancing for any prolonged


Domainfax: Battery chook living is healthy for you

Last week, The AFR reported that Australia’s lower density and predisposition towards detached housing has “played an important role in keeping the death rate from COVID-19 relatively low in Australia”: “Just look at the streetscape of cities and towns of Italy and compare it to the average Australian suburban streetscape – the difference is obvious,”


Australia’s fake international student “exports” exposed by virus

Commentators frequently trumpet how education is one of Australia’s biggest export earners, exceeded only by coal, iron ore and natural gas. And this view is superficially supported by official government data: James Doughney, Emeritus professor at Victoria University, put this “exports” argument to use last week before demanding the M0rrison Government provide welfare support to


Abul Rizvi’s solution to everything is more immigration

Abul Rizvi, former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration and one of the architects of Australia’s faux ‘skilled’ migration program, continues to shill for a ‘Big Australia’, even with the economy facing its biggest downturn since the Great Depression: If only 30 per cent of long-term temporary entrants depart, net migration in 2020 would


With mass unemployment looming, immigration must be slashed

A group of “40 leading Australian experts on public policy” have penned an open letter urging the Morrison Government to provide welfare to the 2.3 million temporary migrants in Australia: The minister has acknowledged the crucial role that these temporary visa holders play in the Australian economy… For example, his statement points out that international


Australian population growth to collapse

After 17 years of extreme immigration-driven population growth: Australia’s population growth is expected to ‘collapse’ due to the coronavirus travel bans: As the COVID-19 pandemic sees our borders close to both overseas and interstate migrants, Australia’s net population increase will slow – particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, demographer Mark McCrindle says. “The net gain that


Exploitative farm visa system needs overhaul not support

Recall the abundant evidence showing that temporary migrants have been used and abused on Australia’s farms. In 2016, the Fair Work Ombudsman completed an inquiry into Australia’s backpacker visa scheme, which found that “many backpackers are being subjected to underpayment or non-payment, unlawful deductions, sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions and other forms of exploitation”. The


Temporary visa migrants need emergency welfare support

Former deputy secretary of the Department of Immigration, Abul Rizvi, has launched a well thought out plan to extend emergency welfare support to the millions of temporary visa holders trapped in Australia without work: The JobKeeper Payment is a massive tourniquet for the Australian economy and society. But for over one million temporary entrants, the


Labor: Chinese rorting Australia’s online tourism visas

Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, has once again attacked the blatant rorting of Australia’s immigration system by Chinese using online tourism visas to arrive in Australia by plane before applying for asylum: Labor’s spokesperson for immigration says a change to the tourist visa application process has led to an almost 700 per cent spike in


Fresh calls to expand money laundering visas

Atlas Advisors Australia has wasted no time in using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to lobby the Morrison Government to open the floodgates to Significant Investor Visas (SIV) – affectionately known as “Golden Ticket Visas”: About $100 million could provide a lifeline for start-ups and emerging companies crippled by the coronavirus if applications under


150,000 migrants flooded Sydney and Melbourne in 2019

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released its Regional Population report for the 2018-19 financial year, which revealed that Melbourne remained the king of the population ponzi, adding an insane 113,480 people to its population in 2018-19, representing growth of 2.3%. Sydney’s population also surged by 87,065 people in 2018-19, representing growth of 1.7%


Visa system to pit migrants against locals for scarce jobs

The coronavirus lockdown is expected to result in a sharp rise in unemployment and see more Australian workers compete for jobs that are usually held by temporary visa holders. Migration expert Bob Birrell believes the federal government will need to reconsider the visa system and the skilled migration program. Meanwhile, many migrant workers have been


Temporary visa holders given welfare support

With 2.3 million temporary visa holders residing in Australia, and many unable to work or travel home, the federal government will offer special welfare payments and visa extensions: The Australian understands that welfare assistance may be available to temporary visa holders if they face significant financial hardship under the Special Benefit payment and the coronavirus


Coalition axes daft visa privatisation

Earlier this month, a Senate committee rejected the Morrison Government’s planned outsourcing of Australia’s visa processing, warning that it threatens the integrity of the immigration system: “Outsourcing Australia’s visa processing system is a project fraught with risks and the committee is not satisfied that these risks have been sufficiently addressed,” the committee concluded. It said


Immigration into Australia remains turbo-charged, albeit slowing

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday released its Australian Demographic Statistics for the September quarter of 2019, which revealed that Australia’s population continues to grow strongly despite a meaningful reduction in net overseas migration (NOM). According to the ABS, Australia’s population rose by 1.5% in the year to September 2019, above the 38-year average:


Population ageing is no economic time bomb

Katherine Betts, Adjunct Associate Professor at Swinburne University, has published a new report for the Australian Population Research Institute (APRI) examining whether demographic ageing is the “demographic time-bomb” commonly claimed by economists, policy makers and population boosters. Below is the executive summary, along with key charts and data: Some commentators see demographic ageing as a


Sydney commute times soar amid immigration deluge

Mass immigration continues to squeeze the life out of Sydney, with 70% of the city experiencing a blowout in commute times over the past five years: People living in 70 per cent of Sydney suburbs have experienced a blowout in commute times over the past five years despite billions of dollars being spent on roads


COAG agrees to maintain throttle on population growth

After 17 years of extreme immigration-driven population growth: The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) has belatedly agreed to establish a National Population and Planning Framework to “to improve Commonwealth, States and Territories and local governments’ understanding of populations, population change and its implications, and set-out a plan for government collaboration on the challenges and opportunities


Migrant-stuffed Western Sydney bakes under concrete

CoreLogic has released research showing that Sydney’s fast growing west is becoming increasingly hot, while the wealthy inner-east is enjoying stable temperatures: Western Sydney is undergoing unprecedented development and transformation, reflecting the vast size and population growth of the region. However, Western Sydney is also getting hotter. Data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology shows


How plane arrivals rort Australia’s visa system

Daniel Ghezelbash, Associate Professor at Macquarie University, has published research explaining how purported asylum seekers arriving in Australia via plane are using our over-loaded immigration appeals processes to extend their stays and/or attempt to gain permanent residency: The data, obtained from a freedom of information request, cover 18,196 cases decided by the AAT between January


Planning parasite: More immigration needed to combat virus

When it comes to ‘Big Australia’ shills, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger rent-seeker than Dr Shane Geha, managing director of EG – “a leading real estate investment fund manager” – whose business profits directly from mass immigration. According to their website: As founding Managing Director of EG’s Urban Planning business, Shane bears


Online travel visas drive boom in bogus asylum seekers

Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, has once again taken aim at the blow-out in migrants arriving on online tourist visas whom are subsequently attempting to claim asylum: In a speech to the Law Council of Australia’s immigration law conference on Friday, Keneally will release new figures showing that since the government allowed the online lodgement


Urban planner infill dystopia bakes us under concrete

For years, the development industry and urban planners have called for Australia’s supposedly underutilised middle-ring suburbs to be bulldozed for apartments and townhouses in order to house the many millions of extra migrants projected to inundate our cities over coming decades: This transformation into a dense urban form is to be most stark in Sydney,


Victorian Treasury blames oldies and women for low wage growth

Economists at the Victorian Treasury have blamed higher participation from women and older Australians for adding to labour supply and lowering the state’s wage growth: A team of the department’s economists has found that employment in Victoria is back to pre-global financial crisis levels, but wages growth is way below pre-crash levels. But underemployment, driven


Unions: Throw open borders to cheap, sick Chinese workers

With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, and Australian wages hovering near record lows, the union movement has demanded the federal government open Australia’s borders to temporary Chinese migrant workers: Unions are calling on the federal government to lift the “discriminatory” Chinese travel ban, with some businesses struggling to cope without temporary workers who remain trapped