Coalition’s regional visa scheme in “full panic mode”

We noted earlier this week how the Morrison Government’s much vaunted regional visa scheme had turned into a farce, with the Government manipulating the data and deeming Perth and Gold Coast “regional” despite being bonafide metropolitan areas: Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city with a population of 2.1 million people. And while the Gold Coast


Memo to Liz Allen: Mass immigration = greater inequality

Feverish defender of mass immigration and a ‘Big Australia’, Dr Liz Allen, has hypocritically decried rising inequality across Sydney, where basic infrastructure and services are failing to keep pace with demand: Professor Nick Parr, a demographer at Macquarie University, said the areas of Sydney among the most advantaged 10 per cent nationwide saw average reductions


Coalition’s regional visas turn farcical

Immigration Minister, David Coleman, has declared the Coalition’s regional visa push a triumphant success and has announced that the cities of Perth and the Gold Coast will now also be declared regional: The federal government is increasing intake under its regional migration program from 23,000 to 25,000 after the initial success of the initiative and


Australia’s skilled visa system needs radical overhaul

For the past five years, MB has frequently derided Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa system, which we have demonstrated is poorly targeted, ineffective, and is failing in its stated purpose of alleviating chronic ‘skills shortages’ across the economy. Our concerns have been centred around three main areas. First, around half of all migrants granted visas under the


Malaysian scammers abuse Australia’s electronic visa system

Another report has emerged highlighting how Malaysians are manipulating Australia’s electronic travel authority (ETA) visa system to stay long-term in Australia: Australia’s population of 64,600 lapsed visa holders is more than triple the size of last year’s refugee intake, newly released Immigration data has revealed. Malaysian visa overstayers were the most highly represented, with around


CBA: Mass immigration will keep Australian housing unaffordable

CBA interest rate strategists, Jarrod Kerr and Adam Donaldson, claim that mass immigration is Australia’s “fountain of youth” and will prevent housing prices from falling. From The Australian: Back in January 2017, the interest rate strategists at the Commonwealth Bank published a Global Markets Research paper called Demography is Destiny for Interest Rates, But Immigration


Australia’s skilled visa hoax exposed again

For years, MB has highlighted the deep flaws in Australia’s purported ‘skilled’ visa system, which accounts for around two-thirds of Australia’s planned migrant intake: Our concerns has been based upon three main flaws, specifically: The overwhelming majority of migrants under the skilled stream are not actually skilled; Those that have arrived in Australia have overwhelmingly


Low-paid “skilled” visas rush Australia’s jobs market

Australia is commonly regarded as running one of the world’s best ‘skilled-based’ immigration programs. This view is based on the fact that the ‘skilled stream’ comprises around two-thirds of Australia’s non-humanitarian permanent migrant intake, as illustrated in the next chart: MB has consistently challenged this view on a number of grounds. First, while around two-thirds


Chinese visa arrivals surge to record high

The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday released its overseas short-term arrivals and departures figures for August. The number of short-term visitor arrivals rose by 6.4% in the year to August, whereas short-term resident departures only rose by 0.7%. The ratio of annual arrivals to departures also rose to 81.5%: That said, net short-term arrivals


Morrison Government’s visa cuts a giant lie

Peta Credlin, who served as chief-of-staff to former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, penned an insightful article in the Daily Telegraph exposing the Morrison Government’s purported 30,000 cut in Australia’s migrant intake as a lie: …buried amid commitments of a 30,000 a year cut in our permanent migrant intake is a change that all but guarantees


80% of migrant visa holders paid less than minimum wage

Three months ago, the Grattan Institute released alarming research showing the rapid expansion of migrant workers across the Australian economy, which Grattan labelled “predominantly low-skill migration”. Grattan also noted that many of these workers appear to work for below-market rates, and that this is having a detrimental impact on the wages of younger and lower-skilled


Visa scammers target Tasmania for permament residency

The Morrison Government is hailing the success of its regional visa scheme after new figures reveal that the number of ‘skilled’ migrants landing in Tasmania has more than doubled: Figures to be released today by Immigration Minister David Coleman show 609 people came to Tasmania between July and September under the regional sponsored migration and


Backlash swells over Morrison Government’s visa privatisation

Labor has stepped up its attack against the Morrison Government’s plan to privatise Australia’s visa system, with Labor senator Helen Polley claiming it would raise costs, make border enforcement more difficult, and lead to greater exploitation: “Privatising our visa system will lead to increased costs of visas, greater risks of worker exploitation, data security breaches


Malaysian fraudsters swamp Australia’s visa system

Labor has one again attacked the high number of asylum seekers entering Australia by plane, which is being spearheaded by Malaysians arriving on electronic tourism visas: Labor argues the number of [asylum seeker] arrivals in July and August suggests 2019-20 is likely to bring the largest number of arrivals on record… The Government links the


More evidence New Zealand’s ‘skills-based’ visa system is failing

Much like Australia, New Zealand purports to run a ‘skills-based’ visa system that plugs critical skills shortages across the nation. However, new data from Statistics New Zealand actually shows that fewer of those migrating to New Zealand are of working-age. From The Government’s decision to open the door to the parents of migrants to


Trashed visa system fuels human trafficking, exploitation and slavery

Department of Home Affairs officials have confirmed that around 95,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Australia by plane over the past five years, which Labor claims is fuelling “exploitation and slavery”: The figures were disclosed in answers to Questions on Notice from Labor’s spokesperson for Home Affairs and Immigration Kristina Keneally. “There’s nothing wrong with


Don’t privatise Australia’s visa system

Yesterday, we reported how migration groups have attacked the Morrison Government’s plan to privatise Australia’s visa processing system, claiming that will create “major systemic risks” and is a “disaster in the making”. Today, former Department of Immigration deputy secretary, Abul Rizvi, has again warned that privatising Australia’s visa system opens Australia’s to “immense risks” and is


NZ Government opens visa sluice gates

In the lead-up to the September 2017 general election, the New Zealand Labour Party launched a plan to reduce immigration by around a third in a bid to relieve chronic housing and infrastructure pressures (especially around Auckland): …in recent years our population has been growing rapidly as record numbers of migrants arrive here. This has


Morrison Government’s visa privatisation creates “major systemic risks”

Immigration lobby groups are the latest to lash the Morrison Government’s plan to privatise Australia’s visa system, claiming it will create “major systemic risks” and is a “disaster in the making”: In the latest set of submissions delivered to the Senate committee looking into “the impact of changes to service delivery models on the administration


UK seeks to copy Australia’s fake skilled visa system

The United Kingdom’s Conservative Party is seeking to emulate Australia’s points-based migration system, which it claims is the best in the world and would restore integrity to the United Kingdom’s borders: Addressing supporters at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said the government is working hard to make it happen.


Migrants line up to “game” Australia’s visa system

Over the past week, we have witnessed more evidence that Australia’s visa system is being systematically rorted. Last weekend, The Australian reported that the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has become overrun, due in part to bogus applications for asylum from migrants that have arrived in Australia by plane: The backlog of active cases has grown


Expert: Coalition’s visa privatisation carries “immense risks”

Former Department of Immigration Deputy Secretary, Abul Rizvi, has slammed the Morrison Government’s attempted outsourcing of Australia’s visa processing to the private sector, claiming that it carries “immense risks” for the integrity of the visa system: [Abul Rizvi has] called for any proposed contract to be first vetted by Australian National Audit Office and Australian


Coalition’s Canada-style visa system doomed to fail

It is fascinating watching our political masters play mental gymnastics and contort themselves over how to accommodate the extra 17.5 million people projected to arrive under the mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy: Instead of addressing excessive population growth at the source by winding immigration back to historical levels: Our policy makers throw up self-defeating schemes


NSW Planning Minister rejects mass immigration madness

Two years ago, NSW Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, pushed-back against the federal government’s blind march towards a ‘Big Australia’, claiming it is leaving Sydney forever struggling to keep pace: Rob Stokes said the state government was left trying to retrofit the NSW’s infrastructure and services to an expanding population, without a clear, transparent trajectory of


Temporary visa deluge fuels modern slavery

The OECD’s annual review of migration trends has revealed that Australia and New Zealand have the largest temporary migrant workforces in the world, which is raising competition for lower-income workers and suppressing wages: Australia had almost 750,000 permits for temporary migrants on issue in 2017, second in total number only to the US. As a


Governments open temporary visa floodgates

It never ceases to amaze how our dishonest governments pull the wool over voters’ eyes on immigration. In Australia, we’ve recently witnessed the Morrison Government wax lyrical about reducing immigration to “relieve congestion in the cities”, only to then see the number of temporary visas balloon to unprecedented levels, as illustrated below: Accordingly, net overseas


Coalition’s visa privatisation will torpedo Australia’s borders

Following his stellar expose last month, investigative journalist, Michael West, has done another excellent job exposing the cabal of vested interests behind the Morrison Government’s plans to privatise Australia’s visa system: Flemington market’s fruit and vegetable mogul Santo Peter Tripodina and his 38-year old son, property developer Adrian Tripodina, have emerged as mystery power-brokers behind


Exploitative visa system undercuts Australian workers

Federal Minister for Employment Michaelia Cash has called on businesses to invest more in workforce training. Noting that it costs companies on average $28,000 to replace an employee, Cash claims that one of the main reasons why people leave their job is that they are unsatisfied with their skills development. Cash says that spending more