Immigration moves back into positive

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released Overseas Arrivals and Departures data for May 2021, which confirmed that net migration into Australia has moved back into positive. There were a net 3,480 permanent & long-term arrivals in May, which followed April’s 270 net arrivals: Nevertheless, there have been 19,810 net permanent & long-term departures


Australia’s cities cannot cope with projected population growth

Treasury’s latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) projects that Australia’s population will grow by a whopping 13.1 million people (~50%) over the next 40 years to 38.8 million people. This is the equivalent to adding another Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Australia’s existing population. Moreover, 74% of this growth will come directly from net overseas migration (NOM), which


Treasury’s IGR immigration analysis doesn’t add up

Dr Judith Sloan was the Commissioner in charge of the Productivity Commission’s 2006 review into the Economic Impacts of Migration and Population Growth. Therefore, she speaks with authority on the subject. Today Dr Sloan has torn apart the false claim in Treasury’s Intergenerational Report (IGR) that increasing immigration is good for the nation’s finances. This


More proof Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa system is a giant fraud

For years we have been told that Australia’s visa system is world-leading because it provides the economy with vital skills and plugs so-called critical labour shortages. This view is generally based on a superficial examination of Australia’s permanent migration program, whereby the ‘skilled’ stream accounted for around two-thirds of the total intake pre-COVID: The reality


Decades of mass immigration haven’t stopped skills shortages

ABC’s business editor, Ian Verrender, has recently done a superb job debunking the business lobby and Coalition’s incessant claim that Australia is experiencing chronic skills shortages, thereby necessitating the large-scale importation of foreign workers (see here). Today Verrender has repeated the dose, questioning why purported skills shortages have persisted across the economy despite decades of


Farm visa slaves the new bin chickens

Over many years we have witnessed a conga-line of evidence showing that temporary migrants have been ruthlessly exploited on Australia’s farms, which has frequently been labelled “modern slavery”. In March the federal government also released a 327-page report from the National Agricultural Labour Advisory Committee, which explicitly admitted that the agricultural industry’s overreliance on cheap


John Hewson’s mea culpa: Immigration crushes wage growth

It is hilarious watching economists and politicians finally acknowledge that Australia’s mass immigration program has crushed Australian wage growth – something that MB has argued for nearly a decade. The latest to have a mea culpa is economist and former Liberal leader John Hewson, who posted the below today via Twitter: Staggering that it has


Feds lie back to RBA: ‘Immigration lifts wages’

The muppets at the Department of Home Affairs were obviously taken aback by RBA governor Phil Lowe’s admission that immigration holds down wages, firing back with research supposedly debunking the RBA’s claim: The Department of Home Affairs, which oversees Australia’s immigration program, said studies had “consistently found no statistically significant relationship between wage growth and


Macrobated RBA fires immigration cannon at Canberra

Earlier this week we argued that the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) was fighting the Morrison Government on wages, given recent comments from governor Phil Lowe that low immigration is required to achieve the Bank’s goal of lowering unemployment and lifting wage growth. Yesterday, Governor Phil Lowe took his wages jawboning to another level in


RBA fights Morrison Government on wages

In yesterday’s Monetary Policy Decision, RBA governor Phil Lowe again reiterated the Bank’s central goal of driving unemployment and underemployment down and wage growth up. Lowe also explicitly stated that Australia’s closed international border to immigration has played an important role in tightening the labour market: The Australian economy is on a positive path. Output


Is it an Education Industry or an Immigration Industry?

If you want more proof that Australia’s universities have become obsessed with overseas profits at the expense of Australian citizens, look no further than this self-serving drivel from Dr Thanh Pham – senior lecturer in globalisation leadership and policy at Monash University: “Post-study career prospects have become an important influencing factor in international students’ decisions


Rush on for elderly parent visas

The latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) from the Australian Treasury warned incessantly that Australia faces an ageing population timebomb in the decades ahead that will slow economic growth and derail the federal budget’s return to surplus. Given the Treasury’s bluster over an ageing population, it is hard to believe that policy makers still allow migrant Australians


Ross Gittins: Abandon a ‘Big Australia’

I have been waiting for The SMH’s economics editor Ross Gittins to reenter the immigration debate following the release of last week’s Intergenerational Report (IGR) by the Australian Treasury. Today, Gittins arrived, calling for policy makers to bin aspirations for a ‘Big Australia’: Gittins says that a ‘Big Australia’ would lead to the “erosion of


Meet Ronald Mizen, AFR’s new immigration shill

Australia has a new immigration shill working in the mainstream media: The AFR’s new economics correspondent Ronald Mizen. Mizen has today penned an article calling for Australia to lift Australia’s immigration intake to 327,000 people per year because it would supposedly be good for the economy and federal budget: Replacing migrants lost during the coronavirus


Weak Albanese dips baby toe in immigration debate

Anybody hoping that Labor leader Anthony Albanese would take a lower immigration platform to the upcoming federal election will be disappointed by his upcoming speech today to the National Press Club: Anthony Albanese will launch a Bob Hawke-style jobs summit if he becomes prime minister… [Albanese will] voice his concerns about the Intergenerational Report’s prediction that


Growing cities bad for productivity

Research by the the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has found that cities with less than 3 million people experience better productivity and economic growth than larger cities: The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute-commissioned report has found a causal relationship between economic growth and productivity slowdown, and unaffordable housing and traffic congestion


Property developers: Pre-COVID immigration not high enough!

Treasury’s Intergenerational Report (IGR) projects that Australia’s population will swell by 13.1 million people (+50%) over the next 40 years, with 74% of this growth to come from net overseas migration (NOM), which is projected run at an average of 235,000 annually from 2025-26 onwards. If achieved, this would mean that Australia’s population would grow


IGR admits immigration will destroy living standards

What a ludicrous document the Australian Treasury’s latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) is: an entire assessment of Australia’s future predicated on extreme levels of immigration that Treasury itself claims is detrimental to living standards and unrealistic. Recap that the IGR projects that Australia’s population will grow by a whopping 13.1 million people (~50%) over the next


Former PC chief Gary Banks shreds IGR immigration reboot

Professor Gary Banks – the long-time former chief of the Productivity Commission (PC) – has shredded Treasury’s Intergenerational Report (IGR), claiming that the case to reboot Australia’s mass immigration program post COVID does not stack up economically or socially. Instead Banks recommends a level of net overseas migration (NOM) of only 90,000 annually: Australia’s relatively


The award for the fakest news headline goes to….

The Australian. Seriously, check out the below headline relating to today’s Intergenerational Report (IGR), which will be released by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg this afternoon: Australia’s current population, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is 25.7 million. According to today’s IGR, Australia’s population will reach 38.8 million by 2060-61. That’s a whopping increase of


IGR used as propaganda tool to ramp-up immigration

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will use today’s Intergenerational Report (IGR) as ammunition to reopen the mass immigration floodgates, according to The AFR: “Australia will be mired in debt and deficit for at least the next 40 years unless it boosts skilled migration, workforce participation and productivity”. “A well-targeted and sustainable skilled migration program” will be spruiked


Joe Biden gives solution to labour shortages: “Pay Them More!”

While Australia’s treasonous government is hell bent on flooding the nation with foreign workers to overcome purported labour shortages, President Joe Biden has given an honest solution to employers: “pay them more”: The solution to the labor shortage is, according to President Joe Biden, as simple as a higher wage… He told journalists at the


Coalition’s ‘skilled’ visas changes fail pub test

The Morrison Government has signaled loud and clear that it will ramp-up ‘skilled’ migration at the earliest opportunity. The Government’s Interim Report of the Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled Migration Program recommended opening the migrant floodgates via: Abolishing labour market testing requirements. Lowering costs and speeding up approval times for importing foreign workers. Expanding the skilled occupation


Labor think tank: Temporary work visas crush wage growth

The Labor-aligned think tank, the McKell Institute, has released a report entitled “Stuck in Neutral – The policy architecture driving slow wages growth in Australia”, which argues that the surge in temporary visas pre-COVID helped push down Australia’s wage growth: Australia is a migration nation – it has benefited enormously from the great post-war immigration


Bill Mitchell: “Restricting population growth good for local workers”

Dr Bill Mitchell is one of the most progressive economists in the country. Yet he too recognises that the sharp fall in population growth due to Australia’s closed international border is a boon to local workers. Dr Mitchell’s latest article, entitled “Restricting population growth is good for local workers”, notes the following: “In the aftermath


RBA is now fighting Morrison Government on wages

In yesterday’s speech to the Ai Group, RBA Assistant Governor Luci Ellis again reiterated the central bank’s priority of absorbing spare capacity, achieving full employment, and driving up wage growth towards 3%: As economies move through recovery to the expansion phase, the focus naturally turns to sustaining that expansion. That means ensuring that demand continues


Morrison declares ultimate immigration war on workers

As we know, the Morrison Government has been planning for months to open the immigration floodgates at the earliest opportunity in order to alleviate purported ‘labour shortages’, put downward pressure on wages, and juice the profits of its mates in the property and business lobbies. The Government’s Interim Report of the Inquiry into Australia’s Skilled