Developer: Property market collapsing without migrants

Melbourne apartment developer and AFR rich lister, Tim Gurner, has attacked the federal government for turning away international students and temporary migrants, claiming the slump in immigration is destroying the property market: “I am definitely not very optimistic at the moment, the economic shock is coming. It won’t bypass us,” Mr Gurner said as part


When will the left stand up for Australian workers?

For 15 years, the Australian union movement has stood by silently while Australia’s immigration program was more than doubled: The impacts on Australian workers has been terrible, with real wage growth stagnating for a decade: Chronic underemployment and labour underutilisation, which has obviously gotten much worse in the wake of the COVID-19 shock: And collapsing


Get ready for an immigration boom

The stars are aligning for a massive increase of immigration once the COVID-19 lockdown ends. Over the past week, we witnessed lobby groups and senior economists soften the Australian population up for a big ramp-up in immigration. It began with Australia’s chief property lobby groups, the Property Council of Australia and the Housing Industry Association,


Ross Garnaut joins Big Australia dills

Economist Ross Garnaut is the latest grey beard to demand a quick resumption in “immigration to pre-pandemic levels”: “No other developed economy of comparable size has benefited as much as Australia from the easy international movement of people – for business, pleasure, education, and to build new lives as migrants.” Australia has run an extreme


CBA: Lower immigration will help lift wages

Gareth Aird, Head of Australian Economics at CBA, has written insightful research on the impacts of lower immigration on the Australian economy resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. A key finding is that lower immigration will actually be good for Australian wages, since it will reduce labour overcapacity and improve the bargaining power of workers. Lower


There’s no demand for a genuine skilled visa program

Last year, the Morrison Government launched its Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa program, which promised that visas for 5,000 highly-skilled specialists working “at the top of their field” and earning in excess of $149,000 annually would be fast-tracked for permanent residency each year. Early results are disappointing, however, with tech migrants shunning the program: Documents


The “large scale rorting” of Australia’s visa system

Neville Roach, the former chairman of the Australian Government’s Business (Migration) Advisory Panel, has penned an article lamenting the “large scale rorting” of Australia’s temporary skilled visa system: I had the privilege of chairing the committee that ushered in what became known as the 457 or Roach (Report) Visa in 1996… The challenge for countries


Memo to ALP: labour market testing of ‘skilled’ visas does not work

Labor’s Kristina Keneally has called for greater labour market testing to ensure that temporary migrant workers fill general skills shortages, rather being used by employers as a tool to undercut wages and employment conditions: “When we’ve seen temporary migration levels soar… we’ve seen exploitation occur. And that exploitation has put downward pressure on wages. When


Mass immigration and globalisation are not the same

Big Australia booster, Jessica Irvine, has penned another strawman article to attack calls to lower Australia’s immigration intake back to historical norms: Already we hear voices calling for caps on migration and reinstating domestic industries. It’s up to politicians to remind us why we should not give in to fear-mongering and turn inwards as a


Australia’s broken ‘skilled’ visa system: a case study

Australia’s restaurant industry is ground zero for migrant wage theft and exploitation. This is evidenced by the Fair Work Ombudsman’s (FWO) most recent annual report, which showed a “significant increase” in wage theft, especially among migrant workers: In 2018–19, we conducted 1256 investigations into more complex or significant matters (involving vulnerable workers, serious non-compliance and/or


Woke ACTU’s recovery plan fails Australian workers

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has released a briefing, entitled “Rebuilding jobs and our economy beyond the COVID-19 health crisis”, which contains an eight point plan to help the economy recover from COVID-19: Improve the quality and security of jobs by creating 2 million new permanent jobs and halving the number of insecure


Abul Rizvi admits skilled visa system is failing

Late last year, Abul Rizvi – former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Immigration and one of the architects of Australia’s faux ‘skilled’ migration program – penned an article claiming that the $53,900 Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) wage floor for regional skilled migrants was too high: For people living in Melbourne or Sydney,


Crikey: Temporary visa tsunami smashes Aussie wages

Crikey’s Bernard Keane is one of the few members of the Left to acknowledge that the flood of temporary migrants into Australia has undercut workers and contributed to weak wage growth: Restrictions on immigration are, in the view of neoliberals, particularly damaging. Everyone suffers: the poor individual from a developing country prevented from moving to


Study: Employers use skilled visas to slash wages

The Economic Policy Institute has released research showing that the United States’ temporary skilled visa scheme (H1B) has been used by employers to undercut local workers’ wages. The analysis is based upon the Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey, which constructs a distribution of wages for each occupation in a specific geographic location. The


Immigration extremists turn demagogues

George Megalopolis produced some basic data on the weekend with a very strange conclusion: Australia faces a realignment of the economy at warp speed. Almost a third of the 950,000 jobs lost across the economy since March 14 have been in accommodation and food services. Most were casual positions. They are not easily restored without


Proof Australia’s visa system undercuts workers

Ever since Kristina Keneally suggested lowering immigration to put “Australian workers first”, there has been a procession of commentators claiming that Australia’s mass immigration program does not disadvantage workers. Today I want to provide evidence from the latest Department of Home Affairs’ Continuous Survey of Australia’s Migrants, which proves unambiguously that Australia’s immigration program is


UBS: Immigration to 100 year lows as all visas crash

Magnificent! Via UBS: Government suggests ~330k less migrants than expected in the next 18 months With reports suggesting over 300k tourists and temporary residents had already departed Australia by mid-April, and expectations that perhaps another 300k may leave by the end of 2020, a collapse in Australian net overseas migration (NOM) and visitor arrivals is


When will unions represent Australian workers?

For 15 years, the Australian union movement has stood by silently while Australia’s immigration program was more than doubled: The impacts on Australian workers has been terrible, with real wage growth stagnating for a decade: Chronic underemployment and labour underutilisation: And collapsing average hours worked: Australian households have also been forced to endure some of


How Labor should cut immigration

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a strong case to cut immigration, which has run at turbo-charged levels for 15 years: First, Australian real wage growth has remained stillborn for nearly 10 years: Australia’s labour underutilisation rate has been stuck at stubbornly high levels: Whereas average monthly hours worked has collapsed to record


Labor erupts into civil war over immigration

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has erupted into civil war over immigration. Last week, Labor’s multicultural affairs spokesperson, Andrew Giles, demanded that welfare payments be extended to millions of temporary migrants living in Australia: “We can’t allow people to fall through the cracks and become destitute,” he told Guardian Australia. “The Morrison government can fix


Immigration fight begins

The carcass of COVID-19 is barely cold and here it comes. Domain leads us off: Australia’s dependence on immigration to grow the economy is about to be sorely tested. …Over the past decade, the nation’s permanent population has grown by 3.7 million to more than 25 million. Of that increase, 60 per cent was due


Melbourne becomes Australia’s immigration epicentre

The ABS has released its Migration Australia report for 2018-19, which reveals that Melbourne has become the nation’s immigration capital overtaking Sydney: As shown above, an absurd 77,400 net migrants inundated Melbourne last financial year, equating to nearly 1,500 migrants a week. Sydney also received a whopping 73,900 net migrants last financial year, more than


Your ABC is home to Australia’s biggest mass immigration shills

For years, the ABC has been the go to platform for biased pro-immigration reporting. It regularly provides space to contributors pushing the ‘Big Australia’ agenda, like Liz Allen and Abul Rizvi, while rarely (if ever) giving space to those seeking lower, sustainable levels of immigration. Another classic example of the ABC’s pro-immigration bias has arrived


Ian Harper admits mass immigration is killing productivity

Professor Ian Harper has warned that clogged planning systems and roads is destroying Australia’s productivity and lowering living standards: Ian Harper, the chairman of the 2015 competition review, said existing zoning and planning laws could frustrate builders and entrepreneurs as they tried to expand in a post-COVID world while existing road charging would see them


Labor think tank: Lower immigration boosts productivity

Labor’s globalist ‘open borders’ extremists might want to have a chat to their buddies at think tank Per Capita. Because their latest report explicitly argues that Australia’s persistently high labour market slack has contributed to lower investment, lower wages, as well as reduced innovation and productivity: Over the past few decades the Australian economy has


Permanent visa numbers collapse

The number of permanent visas offered by the Department of Home Affairs in April have collapsed by 97% versus the same time last month: Only 50 invites for subclass 189 [skilled] visa were sent out this month by the Department of Home Affairs, compared to 1,750 invitations issued in March 2020… “So that Australia can


Domain: Lower migration “a major contributor to falling property prices”

For years we witnessed “experts” try to gaslight the population into believing that the epic boom in house prices in Sydney and Melbourne was not driven, to a large extent, by mass immigration. Now that immigration is projected to fall, these same experts are afraid that it will crash the housing market. The latest dose