Australian Shares


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker The bottom is falling out of the USD as Hurricane Irma looms off of Florida having wiped out the Caribbean and the dovish tone of the ECB. The Aussie dollar has spiked through 81 cents alongside gold while Yen zooms higher kicking Japanese stocks to the ground as only Chinese stocks remained


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Hesitation across Asia as the reaction to the debt ceiling deal in the US which sent American and some European stocks higher did not translate to similar gains here. Most markets put in scratch sessions or mild losses as the USD continued to retreat while commodities were relatively stable. Risk is prepositioning


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker The lack of volatility as safe havens are bid up left right and center is still pushing stock markets down across Asia today, as tensions over North Korea remain high. The Yen is nearing a year high while gold remains highly elevated as managers switch from cautious mode to risk-off mode leading


Big Sleazy breaks to new lows

Dalian is trying to rebound: BHP is still nudging breakout: Big Gas continues its re-rating with exporters down and the domestic gougers flying: All I can say to that is, what a pack of bloody idiots we are. Big Gold is powering, working beautifully as portfolio insurance. I’m still a seller here for the short


Macro Morning

By Chris Becker   Stocks are finally feeling the heat of the tensions brewing across Asia, with US markets off 1% or more as risk scrambles for havens like Treasuries, Yen and gold. The USD lost ground and gave it back to commodities with oil and copper both rising. US Treasury yields are now on


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker Asia remains nervous amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula with safe havens once more the destination for risk. Gold and Yen firmed while most stock markets retreated and other undollar currencies were stable. The RBA held fire at its interest rate meeting today in a session thin on the ground with


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker A poor start to the week in Asia as yet again, tensions rise on the Korean peninsula. The usual response is a run to safe havens with Yen bid up strongly alongside gold, with the former providing a huge headwind to domestic Japanese stocks. Only Chinese bourses have advanced as the tepid


US to launch Sleaze Bank investigation?

From Domainfax: The Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s apparent failure to properly monitor transactions for money laundering and possible terrorism funding makes action from American regulators inevitable say financial crime experts. American lawyers have told Thomson Reuters that CBA was already responding to information requests from a number of US agencies with differing mandates and enforcement agendas and


Macro Morning (Trading Week)

By Chris Becker  Risk markets remain stuck between caution and optimism, supported by solid economic prints from the G3, while roiled by tensions in the Korean peninsula, the fallout from Hurricane Harvey on oil and commodity markets and the continued stalemate in US politics. US stock markets finished the week on Friday in good spirits


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker A pensive day in Asia as risk markets react meekly to the overnight positive mood as they pre-position for tonights US non farm payrolls report. Seconday PMI figures from China reinforced the growth story from the Middle Kingdom while concerns over North Korea abated. In mainland China the Shanghai Composite is up


Macro Afternoon

by Chris Becker A mixed day in Asia after the solid response to the US GDP print overnight and the subsequent surge in USD that has seen the Yen selloff and Japanese bourses rise in result. Local releases from Japan, China and Australia added some volatility to currencies but not any game changers. In mainland


The full ASX laggard revealed

Via UBS: Australia Still Looking Like A Laggard As we have been discussing for some time, Australian earnings trends are less convincing than those playing out globally. Reporting season has been underwhelming but strength in the resources sector (due to a combination of good results and higher commodity prices) has helped the market. Earnings-Powered Global


Living with loons (or how markets shrug off WWIII)

Here’s a nice graphic showing what North Korea just did to Japan: Pretty provocative stuff! So far the Trump Administration response has been one of uncharacteristic restraint, which may be better or worse that mad tweets, via the FT: Donald Trump warned that “all options are on the table” after North Korea launched a ballistic