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CCP police threaten Chinese Australians

Alarming video footage has leaked of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police threatening Chinese Australians that speak out against the authoritarian Xi Jinping regime: The #CCP will hunt you down wherever you go: Witness this video of a Chinese police officer threatening @Horror_Zoo, who lives in Australia, over her tweets about Xi Jinping. CCP insinuates it


China drops new credit bomb

China likes to pretend that it’s not unleashing credit stimulus but it is. New yuan loans for June are out and evidence is unequivocal. Total social financing was at 3.43tr yuan with banks accounting for 1.81tr of that: Shadow banks are back in a big way: The surge in new loans is obvious year on


Chinese PMIs remain weak

They’re positive but given they’re directional not positional they indicate a still-weak recovery. Manufacturing is barely expanding: From the perspective of enterprise scale, the PMI of large and medium-sized enterprises were 52.1% and 50.2% , up 0.5 and 1.4 percentage points from the previous month ; the PMI of small enterprises was 48.9% , down 1.9 percentage points from the previous month . From the perspective of the classification index, among the five classification indexes that constitute the


China unleashes new property bubble

Just like the old housing bubble, via Bloomie: China’s property market is shaking off the coronavirus effects as a gradual economic rebound and the further relaxing of centuries-old permits boost demand beyond the major hubs of Beijing and Shanghai. …The fragility of China’s economic recovery from the outbreak and sky-high home prices haven’t shaken investors’ long-standing belief that


Classic Chinese building recovery underway

Given it is likely mostly lies, the most remarkable feature of the Chinese recovery is that it still looks like crap. Headline growth indicators are weak with industrial production up a lousy 4.4% year on year and still down -2.8% YTD. It’s even worse elsewhere with retail sales down -2.8% YOY and -13.5YTD. Fixed asset


China house prices struggle to recover

It’s a measure of how poor its wider recovery is. May house prices could only manage another 0.5% and slid to 4.9% year over year amid the credit deluge: The breadth of gains narrowed a bit: Lower tiers are leading again: Raw data: Not even housing speculation is dynamic in China any more.


Chinese credit off to the races

Again. New yuan loans for May were out last night and it’s game on for Chinese credit. Total social financing remains very strong at 3.19tr yuan of which only 1.48tr was banks: Shadow finance is back although that growth is being exaggerated by tearaway bond issuance: M2 has jumped to 11.1% The 3MMA for new


UK withdraws from China

Some bloke at the ANU wants us to deepen ties with China, at the AFR: High trade shares with China are not a liability but evidence of success. Government policy should not aim to diversify away from success but to ensure international governance to manage it. The key is to manage the risks from economic


China opens sluice gate on deflation tsunami

Chinese inflation for May, wall-to-wall at the producer level: 2020 Nian 5 months, the decline in the country’s industrial producer prices up 3.7% , a decline of 0.4% ; industrial producer purchase prices fell year on year by 5.0% , a decline of 1.2% . 1 – 5 monthly average, industrial producer prices fell year on year by 1.7% , industrial producer purchase prices fell 2.2%  Improved month on month at least but


And now for some Chinese QE

Via Damien Boey at Credit Suisse: Executive summary. In this article, we explore some key concepts for understanding the unique plumbing of the Chinese monetary system, as well as some of our preferred tools for asset allocation. Our “deep dive” is motivated in part by recent policy announcements by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) against the backdrop of the


China services PMI jumps but…

Via Markit: Better but it’s still shite. Remember that these are directional indexes so things getting better is pretty meaningless if the base is disastrous, which it is. I’d like see these indexes well north of 60 if we were going to see any kind of v-shaped recovery worthy of the name.


WHO’s internal documents reveal China’s COVID-19 ‘cover-up’

A new report has now unveiled how China withheld data on COVID-19 pandemic, leaving officers of the World Health Organisation (WHO) “helpless and frustrated”: At the height of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese officials kept vital information from the World Health Organisation which could have slowed the spread and saved lives. Recordings obtained by the Associated


Chinese PMIs hang on empty apartments

Via China’s NBS: In May , China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index ( PMI ) was 50.6% , a decrease of 0.2 percentage points from the previous month . In terms of enterprise size, the PMI of large enterprises is 51.6% , an increase of 0.5 percentage points from the previous month ; the PMI of


Vale Hong Kong as CCP overlords take control

China’s National People’s Congress has approved a draft resolution that paves the way for anti-sedition laws to be enacted in Hong Kong. The laws will end Hong Kong’s autonomy by banning “acts and activities” considered to be a threat to China’s national security, and will permit “national security agencies” to operate in Hong Kong. The


FYI: Hong Kong general strike today

Via Bloomie: Hong Kong is bracing for what could be its biggest day of protests in months, with pro-democracy groups calling for a general strike against China’s latest moves to increase control of the city. Protests are planned for Wednesday near the Legislative Council building in central Hong Kong, where lawmakers plan to hold a


Hong Kong fights back against CCP overlord

Hong Kong citizens continue to fight back against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) national security laws that will ban subversion, secession, foreign interference and any acts that threaten national security. Hong Kong residents have once again taken to the streets in large numbers to rally for independence, calling the national security law “a direct assault


Australia must shut down its CCP-run Confucius Institutes

You’ve got to hand it to the Swedes. They have responded in kind to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) bullying by shutting down the Confucius Institutes operating throughout Sweden: The deteriorating bilateral ties between Sweden and China has resulted in closure of all Confucius Institutes in Sweden – making the Scandinavian country the first country


CCP crushes Hong Kong “terrorists”

As reported above by Sky News, thousands of Hong Kong citizens have held a demonstration protesting Beijing’s plan to enforce national security laws on the city. Beijing unveiled plans on Friday to impose laws on Hong Kong that would ban subversion, secession, foreign interference and any acts that threaten national security. According to a CCP


Chinese house prices begin to bubble

Chinese house prices were out yesterday and showed a sudden acceleration, up 0.5% on the month and 5.3% on year: The breadth of price rises expanded to 54 cities: Top tiers lagged: Here’s the raw data: It’s a little odd given sales remain shite: But that’s the rub in China. Monetary easing always ends up


Australia should fight China with export tariffs

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to threaten Australia with tariffs for daring to seek an independent investigation into the Wuhan Coronavirus: David Littleproud is the second minister in successive days to admit to being unable to talk to high-ranking Chinese government officials as trade tensions between the two nations continue to fester. It comes


Australia has the whip hand on China Trade

The Chinese Government has threatened trade sanctions if the Australia continues its push for an independent inquiry into the origins and response to the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic: High-ranking calls to China have gone unanswered amid an escalating trade dispute with Australia that’s been fuelled by calls to investigate the origins of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.