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2022 could be the year Tesla goes Teracap

Morgan Stanley with the note: Tesla reported 4Q unit deliveries roughly 15pct ahead of consensus, annualizing to over 1.2mm units BEFORE contribution from Austin and Berlin which we ultimately expect to be far larger plants than Fremont and Shanghai. 3key thoughts: It’s not just the unit beat, but the favorable economics from reducing the proportion


Cop-out 26 as Morrison poisons people, nation and planet

COP-out 26 has held onto coal: …the agreement established a clear consensus that all nations need to do much more, immediately, to prevent a catastrophic rise in global temperatures. It outlined specific steps the world should take, from slashing global carbon dioxide emissions nearly in half by 2030 to curbing methane, another potent greenhouse gas.


How mass immigration makes our cities hotter

For years, the development industry and urban planners have called for Australia’s supposedly underutilised middle-ring suburbs to be bulldozed for apartments and townhouses in order to house the many millions of extra migrants projected to inundate our cities over coming decades: This transformation into a dense urban form is to be most stark in Sydney,


Australia passes 3 million rooftop solar installations

The number of rooftop solar systems installed by Australian households and businesses has now passed the three million mark, according to SunWiz. Queensland has installed the most rooftop solar systems, followed by NSW and Victoria. The current capacity of installed rooftop solar systems is equivalent to five Eraring power stations, with Eraring being the biggest


Five reasons China is going to crash in 2022

There are five reasons why the Chinese economy is going to crash over 2022. China Crash 2022 point one: developer credit crunch China’s “three red lines” policy aimed at deleveraging property developers has frozen the dollar-bond funding market and it continues to get colder. Goldman: Concerns regarding the China property sector continued to mount, as


Redeveloping old homes won’t cut Australia’s emissions

A new report has called for the large-scale redevelopment of more than eight million ageing Australian homes in order to reduce their energy footprint and carbon emissions: Nicholas Proud, the chief executive of PowerHousing Australia… [said] “the ageing housing stock will cruel any targets until sustainable technology takes over from coal”, which was decades away…


Grattan: Act now to meet “net zero by 2050”

The Grattan Institute has released a new report, entitled “Towards net zero: A practical plan for Australia’s governments”, which calls on Australia to act now to lift its rate of carbon emissions reduction, or it has little chance of reaching net zero by 2050. Below is the reports Summary and Recommendations, alongside some key charts:


Grattan demands tougher climate action

The Grattan Institute has released a blog post calling on the federal government to commit to stronger climate action in a bid to meet its “zero 2050” commitments: On Tuesday, the Federal Government announced its Plan for achieving net zero by 2050. But there are two key problems with the plan. The first: it contains


Australia rejects global farting agreement

Fresh from farting its zero-carbon mitigation unpolicy, the Morrison Government today confirms that flatulence will be protected in the national interest: Australia is rejecting a push by the U.S. and the European Union to join a global pact to cut methane emissions, expected to be announced at the crucial COP26 summit in Glasgow which starts


Sly ScoMo delivers net-zero

Does PM Morrison not see that we can see? Or are his instincts for today’s tribal politics spot on and he knows all that he needs is a fig leaf for followers to hide behind? The Crikey wrap is succinct: Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s long-awaited climate plan, called “The Australian Way”, has no detail and no modelling


How will Australia meet “net zero” with 50% more people?

With the fierce debate around Australia meeting its “net zero” emissions obligations by 2050, it is worth asking how this target could realistically be achieved with the nation projected in the latest Intergenerational Report (IGR) to add 13.1 million people (a 50% increase) over the next 40 years on the back of extreme immigration levels


Sly ScoMo’s net zero pantomime ends in net zero

The planet is saved. Hooray: Scott Morrison will attend next week’s climate change summit in Glasgow with a commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 after the Nationals agreed to a deal they said would enable them to cushion regional and rural Australia against the effects of the economic transition. Before he leaves on


Ghost cities crash as China declares end to pointless building

Iron ore and coal crashed yesterday afternoon on the news that Chinese policymakers have no intention of ending their campaign to crush excess property development: China’s banking regulator vowed to keep its curbs on the nation’s property market, dismissing concerns that the crisis enveloping China Evergrande Group will have any major impact on the credit profile of


Chinese inflation to crash in due course

Chinese inflation was out yesterday and it is a laugh a minute. The CPI is cratered at 0.7% as food prices sag: However, that is not where the action is. It’s producer inflation that delivers the laughs, at 10.7%: And have a look at what is running: Basically, the further upstream in the supply chain


Chinese property funding market freezes solid

The news on Chinese property developers remains terrible and getting worse. Evergrande is so yesterday: Was it all just a pleasant dream? Investors in Chinese property developer Fantasia’s dollar debt who a year ago were feasting on juicy, but still single-digit yields, now find themselves without their principal. Many others could find themselves in a


How to cut farming emissions by 50%

The Grattan Institute has released a new report explaining how the agriculture sector – which was responsible for 15% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 – can cut emissions by 50% to help meet any net-zero target. Below is the Overview combined with key charts: Governments around the world are moving to ‘net zero’,