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You are formally invited to the marriage of Peter and Pauline

With the news yesterday that the Do-nothing Malcolm government has taken Tony Abbott’s bait and recommitted to high immigration, we can officially mail out invitations to forthcoming marriage of Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton. The future Mr and Mrs Trump lack charisma, couldn’t sell water to a dying man in the desert and their agenda


Tin-eared Tony rises from the grave

There were lots of reasons that Tony Abbott lost the support of the polity but the one that is probably most easily forgotten yet perhaps most salient was his political tin-ear. He had a terrible habit of making disastrous captain’s calls and doggedly holding to unpoular policies in the face of the obvious. Today we


Jabba Christensen launches race hate law broadside

From Jabba Christensen via The Australian: He noted that the National Party Constitution stated that one of the party’s objectives is the “maintenance of democracy and liberty.” “I have heard it stated that ‘this issue doesn’t create one job.’ Neither does the Omnibus Savings and Child Care Reform bill. But we’re still doing that,” Mr Christensen


The Australian economy is now a government killing machine

Australia now has an economy designed point blank to kill governments. Here’s the chart that matters: Note two things: GDP is sliding inexorably but it’s still respectable over the stretch, but GDP per capita is relentlessly collapsing. This opens a major political economy chasm into which the past four governments have toppled never to return


Coalition outflanks Labor on penalty rates

Movement and quite rightly. The Do-nothing Government has woken to the nightmare of a Labor/union campaign against falling kids wages, via News: FOREIGN workers will be banned from taking jobs at McDonald’s, ­Hungry Jack’s and KFC in an unprecedented crackdown by the federal government. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has declared Aussie teenagers who want to


The bell tolls for the Liberal Party

An excellent piece here from James Walter who is a professor of political science at Monash University via The Conversation. The Liberal Party is riven by internal bickering, with various camps claiming to speak for its “true” values and traditions. The contest is leading not to any prospect of unity or discipline, but to the party’s fragmentation.


Gerry Harvey: Shift FHBs to Dubbo, Amazon a terrorist

Ah yes, the policy-making billionaire, via News: Speaking to after reporting the company’s best ever half-year profit, Mr Harvey said Amazon was “not a good corporate citizen” and if Australia had a choice, it should stop the retailer coming in, “like Donald Trump not letting the Muslims in”. “They’re parasites, they just want to


Coalition disintegration accelerates

From The Bolt Report: The drumbeat rolls on at Domainfax: The event, at a bottle recycling plant in Canberra’s industrial precinct of Hume, would illustrate the government’s defining theme through to the next election: the “risks” of soaring electricity prices and plummeting reliability inherent in Labor’s renewables mix. Flanking Turnbull was his Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, and the ACT’s only federal Liberal,


Australia’s Fake Left and Right are fighting the wrong war

On Saturday I was reading the various pundits and their pretty useless takes on what Tony Abbott is up to, most of whom think he has ruined his chances of becoming PM again, when I found a much better take from The Guardian’s Katherine Murphy: Abbott wasn’t actually talking to the colleagues, which is probably wise,


Newspoll: Do-nothing Malcolm’s polling collapses

Hoooodanode? From Newspoll: The Coalition has taken a battering from voters amid deepening tensions between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, with the government trailing Labor by 45 to 55 per cent in two-party terms as the Prime Minister suffers another blow to his personal standing. The latest Newspoll, taken exclusivel­y for The Australian, revea­ls ­a


Tony Trump launches Parallel PM re-election campaign

Almost exactly to the script forecast by MB, via The Australian: Tony Abbott says the Coalition risks a “drift to defeat” if it fails to lift its performance as he brazenly advocated ending subsidies for renewable energy, reducing immigration and abolishing the Human Rights Commission. In a bold speech launching a new book of essays,


All the way with the USA

From Rory Medcalfe and Angus Houston both of whom are worth listening to: Many Australians are troubled by Donald Trump and by the unpredictability of his presidency. But we need to remember that Australia’s alliance with the United States is more important and enduring than any one administration. …Going solo is not an option for


How Labor can bury One Nation and the Coalition

There is an issue bubbling away that the Labor Party is seriously missing in action on and it is both abdicating its responsibilities and dropping a huge political opportunity in the process. It is this, from Australia’s last journalist standing, Adele Ferguson: Minutes into Don Meij’s investor presentation the Domino’s share price tanked 8 per cent.


One Nation misanthrope in hot water

Beudy mate, the right to be a bigot: A One Nation candidate receiving Liberal preferences in the West Australian election once advocated killing Indonesian journalists, and attacked “poofters”, Muslims and black people on his now-deactivated Twitter account. Richard Eldridge, a real estate agent contesting an upper house seat in the South Metropolitan region of Perth, called Muslims “little


Labor and Coalition skirmish over company tax cuts

By Leith van Onselen An interesting skirmish has erupted between Assistant Minister to the Treasurer, Liberal MP Michael Sukkar, and his Labor counterpart, Andrew Leigh, over the impact of Australia’s dividend imputation system on company tax cuts. The fight began when Sukkar accused Leigh of misunderstanding the dividend imputation via the below media release: Confused


Gittins indicts Malcolm the dirty climate cop

In the law, the dirty cop is always punished more severely than the open criminal. That’s because his crime is twofold, both violating the law and his obligation to uphold it. From Ross Gittins today: The Coalition’s leading, longest-standing and most articulate supporter of action on climate change has changed sides. Malcolm Turnbull, the man who


WA on track for Labor landslide

From The Australian: Liberal Party internal polling is showing a statewide swing against the Barnett government of about 14 per cent, a result that would hand the Labor Party more than 20 extra seats and make Mark McGowan premier in a landslide election victory next month. The polling explains the West Australian Liberals’ desperation to


Welcome to One Nation

Paul Kelly (and the Coalition) go the big capitulation today on One Nation: Things have changed since 20 years ago. Hanson is now a tough, cunning, focused politician, no longer the hopeless amateur. Anyone doubting this should watch her Monday night interview with Andrew Bolt on Sky, where a confident Hanson made clear her plans


Coalition disaster: Cory attracts 18% vote

Via The Guardian: Cory Bernardi’s new Australian Conservatives party could win support from 18% of Coalition voters according to the latest Guardian Essential Report, which also shows the two major party leaders in the doldrums with voters. The new poll for Guardian Australia suggests voters are profoundly fatigued with the zero-sum political antics in Canberra,