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Turnbull’s “fake tradie” takes a world tour

Cross-posted from the ABC: The tradesman featured in a new Liberal Party advertisement who garnered the hashtag #faketradie on social media is anything but a fake, according to a party spokesman. The television advertisement, which went to air yesterday, features a man dressed in a high-visibility vest on a work site urging people to “stick


Turnbull pisses Whyalla money away

I did warn that any Arrium rescue must be kept away from the Australian Treasury because its dirt fixation meant it would completely miss the point. And voila: Federal Liberal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s $49m commitment to the Whyalla steelworks is “fantastic”. ”It is fantastic news because it means they can


Newspoll dead heat

Cross-posted from Mark the Ballot: A second 50-50 Newspoll is published in today’s Australian. Popping the latest numbers into the 2013 election anchored aggregation yields a national two-party preferred (TPP) vote estimate for the Coalition of 50.9 per cent.


How the Property Council is shaping the tax debate

Cross-posted from The Conversation: Housing affordability and tax reform have shaped up to be two of the defining issues this election. The Property Council of Australia – which describes itself as “the Voice of Leadership” – has helped frame the debate on behalf of its 2200 company members. The council began as the Building Owners


Turnbull’s huge negative gearing blunder

By Leith van Onselen If only Malcolm Turnbull had stared down the property lobby and held firm to his long held opinion that negative gearing and its partner-in-crime – the capital gains tax discount – were a “sheltering tax haven” that is “skewing national investment away from wealth-creating pursuits, towards housing”, and have caused a


That Tony just runs you, doesn’t he Malcolm

Via the AFR: With both major parties agreed that Labor is battling to win from the Coalition the 19 seats it needs to form government, and even faces losing a handful of its own, speculation is rising in the Coalition about Mr Turnbull’s management of the party with a reduced majority. Mr Abbott has said publicly he does not expect Mr Turnbull


Turnbull’s standing falls “off a cliff”

From the AFR: Their opinions of both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are also negative but Mr Turnbull has “fallen off a cliff”. One group was comprised of the same people Visibility interviewed in October, just after Mr Turnbull took the leadership. Back then, he attracted such comments as “confident”, “successful businessman”, “articulate”, “successful” ,”intelligent” and “looking the part”. Last


Turnbull sucked into bribery scandal

From Sinofax today: “Not quite kosher” – that’s how a man who preceded Malcolm Turnbull on the board of a mining company describes how it did business in Russia. Bill O’Neill was an independent director at Central Mining until 1993, when it secured a stake in a massive Siberian gold mine with the financial backing


One reason to be thankful for Malcolm

This: Mr Turnbull, asked whether he regarded the Orlando gun massacre as a radical Islamic terrorist attack, said the gunman’s links to Islamic extremists were still unclear. “It appears that the killer identified himself as being inspired by or connected with Daesh, or ISIL. Beyond that, we don’t have any further information. He clearly had


Population growth, polls and politics

By Katharine Betts, cross-posted from The Australian Population Research Institute: For the past ten years Australians have been subjected to an exceptionally high level of population growth and now they are losing patience. The graph shows the steep increase in numbers since 2006 (data from here). If this continues the population will grow from 24


Has the Labor charge peaked?

From Sinofax: It had always been Malcolm Turnbull’s triple-gamble: to drag the country through an overly long double dissolution election in the middle of winter. Worse, it could unleash more political intrigue in Canberra He would have been told that drawn-out campaigns can seriously strain voter loyalties and warned that people get grumpier in foul


Can Labor capture the grey vote?

By Leith van Onselen If there’s one stereotype for voters in Australia it is that younger Aussies tend to vote for Labor and the Greens, whereas older voters tend to flock towards the more conservative Coalition. On face value, this stereotype should cause consternation for Labor, since the share of older voters is growing as


Business lobbies swarm election

From The Australian: An influential small business group has delivered a devastating blow to Labor, declaring that the party has “regressed” under Bill Shorten and is now less supportive of small enterprise than the Greens. To drive home its message, the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia has decided to target the Melbourne seat


Just how close are the Liberal Party and IPA?

Cross-posted from The Conversation: In the latest in a long line of hyperbolic statements, Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) director John Roskam recently likened the Turnbull government’s language on superannuation to that of two self-declared socialists: US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Roskam believes that Malcolm Turnbull, he of the


Morrison attacks Labor for squandering AAA

From The Age: Independent economist Saul Eslake, the Grattan Institute’s John Daley and Industry Super’s Stephen Anthony all said Labor’s decision had increased the risk that Australia’s credit rating could be knocked down a notch by international ratings agencies, which would potentially drive up borrowing costs for federal and state governments and hurt the economy.


More polls flop around evens

Cross-posted from Mark the Ballot: Two new polls; two different directions: The Fairfax Ipsos poll has Labor ahead on 51 (+2) to the Coalition’s 49 (-2) The 7 News ReachTEL poll has the Coalition on 50 (+2) and Labor on 50 (-2) With the magic of poll aggregation, we can see that the trend continues


If Abbott’s a “lunatic”, what’s Turnbull with his policies?

Today’s big story in the idiocracy is: Malcolm Turnbull’s father-in-law, the prominent Sydney QC Tom Hughes, wrote to him after he lost the Liberal leadership to Tony Abbott in 2009 urging him to remain in politics saying the Liberal Party’s “present folly would pass”. …In a separate letter to his brother, the distinguished art critic Robert Hughes, Tom Hughes likened Mr


Conflicted Xenoponzi’s slum lord past catches up to him

The Australian does a pretty good hatchet job on Nick Xenophon today: Nick Xenophon has failed to declare his directorship of a company run by his father that once owed $2.5 million to the Australian Taxation Office in unpaid company taxes and developed an apartment tower that housed international students who later turned some units


Australia’s Great Income Depression

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the metric real per capita national disposable income is “considered a good measure of progress for living standards because it is an indicator of Australians’ capacity to purchase goods and services for consumption”. So, here’s what Australia’s RDI per capita looks like since 2008 versus the United States


Will strong GDP boost Turnbull or Shorten?

From Laura Tingle today: Rather than trumpeting the number as a sign of their success as economic managers, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Treasurer Scott Morrison spent an inordinate amount of time on Wednesday warning voters that growth was very fragile and could easily be threatened by the dangers of a Labor government. “So far,