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One Nation crazy endorses Trump

A fresh press release from One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts: Roberts expresses dismay at Bishop’s total lack of diplomacy Senator Malcolm Roberts has today expressed his utter dismay at Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s endorsement of the most corrupt and unsuitable candidate to ever seek the office of United States President, Hillary Clinton. “Secretary Clinton represents everything wrong


The Hansoning triggers major party panic

It’s happening everywhere and fast, from The Australian: Experts were last night unable to predict who would win the ­vacancy if Bob Day’s election as a Family First senator on July 2 was ruled invalid. Mr Day’s running mate, ­Kenyan-born Lucy Gichuhi, could be a contender while former Liberal senator Sean Edwards and former Labor


Despicable Coalition defends Robb’s Chinese sell-out

By Leith van Onselen Labor and The Greens were on the attack yesterday over former trade minister, Andrew Robb’s, appointment to the Chinese Landbridge Group – the owner of the 99-year lease over the Port of Darwin – just two month’s after he left parliament. From The Guardian: Robb’s consultancy was reportedly announced by the


What will the rise of the autocrats do to your portfolio?

Occasionally an article pops up that defines an era. Today we get such from Gideon Rachman at the FT: From Moscow to Manila, Beijing to Budapest, Ankara to Delhi, the nationalist “strongman” leader is back in fashion. If the US elects Donald Trump next week, it would be following an international trend, not leading it.


Turnbull deploys Howard’s immigration ‘bait-and-switch’

By Leith van Onselen Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s weekend address to the media revealed plans to amend the Migration Act to stop asylum seekers who arrive by boat from ever being granted residency in Australia: “…a harmonious multicultural society depends on the Australian Government being in control of its borders. And it depends on us


Do-nothing Malcolm embraces race hater crusade

From Domainfax: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed down from his total opposition to renewed examination of Australia’s race hate laws, conceding possible changes are a legitimate area of discussion for the Coalition. Previously ruling out any change to controversial provisions in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, Mr Turnbull said on Friday the


Deepening Crown China crisis howls warning to Australia

So, Australia, you want to dance with the devil, from The Australian: China’s crackdown on James Packer’s Crown Resorts has widened, with 10 Chinese organisers of junkets licensed by the casino operator to bring high rollers to its Australian properties now believed to be in custody. A day after 18 Crown employees in China were


Is the Australia I once knew gone for good?

When I first started writing about the Australian property bubble in 2003 I knew it was big. But even I didn’t think it would reach its current absurd proportions. The bubble has now engulfed not just our economy but our politics, our media, our social structure and entire strategic outlook. Not one of these is defensible


Rise of the politics of rage

From Barclays: Rage is all the rage these days. Global media have taken notice of “voter rage” directed at the centre-right/centre-left establishment. What appears less well understood is that this voter rebellion, “the Politics of Rage”, spans nearly all advanced economies, has been taking place for more than a decade, is unparalleled in modern history,


Do-nothing Malcolm polls crater

From The Australian today: Voter satisfaction with Malcolm Turnbull’s performance as Prime Minister has sunk below 30 per cent for the first time, as Labor chalked up its third successive Newspoll lead of 52 to 48 per cent. The latest Newspoll, taken ­exclusively for The Australian, ­reveals Mr Turnbull’s satisfaction rating of 29 per cent


Do-nothing Malcolm kills housing affordability inquiry

From Peter Martin comes the truth about this real estate captured government: The government is sitting on hundreds of pages of evidence and scores of submissions about housing affordability it is unable to use because it let its inquiry into the subject lapse. News of the quashed inquiry emerged as Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered a


The price of abandoning ANZUS

From Peter Hartcher today: The former secretary of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Varghese, makes the point that any undercutting of US alliances in the region would damage all of them. “Anything that weakens the alliance network in the Asia-Pacific weakens Australia’s position. That alliance network is important for the stability of


How Australia should deal with China

Terry McCrann often poses the right questions and his latest does so on China: THERE’S a multi-billion dollar big message for James Packer in the arrest of the Crown Resorts team on the ground in China. There’s an even bigger message — which over time, will run into the trillions — for Australia in what happened.


The price of blocking China

From Domainfax: Australia just found out the price of blocking foreign investment. The NSW state government announced on Thursday it had sold a 50.4 per cent stake in Ausgrid to two local superannuation funds in a deal valuing the entire company, including debt, at about $20.8 billion. Two months earlier, the federal government barred NSW from accepting an offer


Philippines says US “has lost”, bids it “goodbye”

From the ABC: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced his “separation” from the United States on Thursday, declaring he had realigned with China as the two agreed to resolve their South China Sea dispute through talks. Duterte made his comments in Beijing, where he is visiting with at least 200 business people to pave the way


Malcolm says Tony is the gun-runner

From Domainfax: Malcolm Turnbull has publicly contradicted his predecessor, Tony Abbott, declaring the former prime minister’s office had been aware of negotiations in 2015 to trade a Senate vote for a change in gun laws. The Prime Minister’s comments drew an audible gasp from members in the House of Representatives and, after a week in which


Evidence emerges of gun-running Malcolm

From The Australian: Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm has ramped up his claims the government betrayed him by reneging on an alleged deal over the Adler lever-action shotgun and has argued that lifting the import ban would not have watered down John Howard’s National Firearms Agreement. Senator Leyonhjelm has also released an email that he


Unions want TPP abandoned

By Leith van Onselen The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has called Australia’s politicians to reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal for fears that it would destroy jobs, increase economic inequality and drive up health costs. From The Guardian: The Australian Council of Trade Unions appeared before the joint standing committee on treaties


The Hansoning engulfs 10 QLD seats

From The Australian: At least 10 Queensland seats are at risk of falling to One Nation at the next state election, with LNP electorates most vulnerable. An analysis by The Australian of the performance of Pauline Hanson’s party at the July federal election — where it contested 12 lower house seats — identifies the hot


The Hansoning rips

Hoocoodanode at The Australian: Support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has risen fourfold across the nation since the election and almost doubled to 10 per cent in Queensland, Newspoll shows. Newspoll surveys taken exclusively for The Australian since the July 2 election reveal support in the House of Representatives for One Nation has climbed


RIO/BHP enter “stupid” WA election race

WA has anew political party for its election, via the AFR: Internal polling conducted by WA Chamber of Mines and Energy has affirmed the iron ore miners’ collective view that their public standing is nowhere near as parlous as the state’s political classes, among others, might imagine. …They were also asked to rank the mining’s