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Centre Alliance must block supply on broken gas contract

As best as they can. Center Alliance has been betrayed by the Prime Minister on the most important reform in the Australian economy today: gas reservation. Let’s recall where it began. Previously at The Australian: Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick wanted the government’s intention on gas in writing before he offered his party’s support for


Essential: SmoCo and Albotross neck and neck

Via The Guardian: Scott Morrison is battling rolling ructions inside his government and sustained opprobrium from voters after a summer of catastrophic fires, and now floods, with the latest Guardian Essential poll confirming the prime minister remains in the political doldrums. Morrison’s approval stood at 45% at the end of 2019, but slumped five points in January as


ScoMo blocks anti-corruption measure

The NSW Government is attempting to block developers from running for local councils. However, the motion has reportedly been blocked by Alex Hawke, who is Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s representative: As revealed by The Sauce last week, a motion backed by both the moderates and Right faction members was put to the NSW Liberal State


400 million locked down in China to fight coronavirus

First the latest update from Beijing: At 04:00 on February 8th, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported that 2656 confirmed cases (2147 cases in Hubei) were newly added, 87 severe cases (52 cases in Hubei) were newly added, and There were 89 deaths (81 in Hubei, 2 in


Senate inquiry to investigate sports rorts scandal

.The Senate has passed Labor’s motion to hold an inquiry into the sports rorts scandal. Amongst other things, the probe will seek the release of a report into the saga by chief bureaucrat Phil Gaetjens. Gaetjens’ report controversially cleared former cabinet minister Bridget McKenzie of any wrongdoing over the allocation of sports grants, but found


ScoMo goes all-in on virus

One wonders what this signifies. Via Domain: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians in China to get on the last commercial Qantas flights out of the country and warned the government may not be able to rescue them if they become stranded during a growing coronavirus lockdown. The virus has gone nuts today at


Angry China demands Australia share coronavirus

Yes. You must get ill, barbarian. At The Australian comes Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining: China has blasted Australia’s treatment of Chinese students caught up in the coronavirus travel ban and suggested the Morrison government succumbed to “panic and over-action” in stopping flights to China. Deputy Chinese Ambassador to Australia Wang Xining said China


Labor guns for Phil Gaetjens’ head

Two years ago, MB vigorously attacked the appointment of Phil Gaetjens – the former Chief of Staff of both Treasurer Scott Morrison and former Treasurer Peter Costello – to secretary of the Australian Treasury, claiming that it would make the once august department even more politicised. Gaetjens then subsequently followed Prime Minister Scott Morrison to


Time to quarantine Canberra…permanently

Via Crikey come the day’s big links. First the Nats: NATS PUT THEIR HATS IN THE RING Barnaby Joyce will challenge Michael McCormack for Nationals leadership at a party room spill this morning, while Drought Minister David Littleproud and Queensland MP Keith Pitt set their sights on deputy leadership. As The Guardian details, Matt Canavan has already stepped down as resources minister in order to back


ALP: Senior public servants should declare all their interests

Labor federal member for Perth, Patrick Gorman, wants all senior public servants to be forced to declare their financial and personal interests, in a bid to improve transparency and confidence in our public institutions: The Morrison government now requires senior public servants to reveal gifts or benefits worth more than $100… But Mr Gorman, who


Asian gas price hits record low as Canavan rorts Australia

It is carnage in Asian gas markets, via Platts: The outbreak of coronavirus in China has dampened market sentiment, with market sources hearing Chinese buyers delaying spot cargoes, re-selling some February and March cargoes and potentially delaying their term off-take. “Everyone is taking a wait and see approach as we do not know yet how


Coalition embroiled in another grant rorts scandal

Just a day after Coalition MP Bridget McKenzie resigned over rorting the $100 million sports grant scheme (formally the Community Sport Infrastructure program), the Morrison Government has been accused of rorting a regional infrastructure grants program: A regional infrastructure grants program administered by the Deputy Prime Minister awarded 94 per cent of its grants to


Bushfires incinerate ScoMo polls as he does same with virus

The Morrison Government is the worst I have ever seen: stupid, corrupt and entirely absent policy process. It therefore deserves everything that it gets in the polls, via The Australian: An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows popular support for the Coalition tumbling to 38 per cent, with the Prime Minister battling to ­recover from the


Airport workers thrown to Coronavirus wolves

The Morrison Government really doesn’t want to cut its China lifeline. You can feel in the water, in the burning air, in every contradictory statement by its floundering MPs, in the selling out of workers at the airport, via Bloomie: The union representing security workers at Australia’s biggest airports threatened to strike unless members are


Who trusts Scotty from Marketing to govern a virus crisis?

Via the AFR’s Phil Coorey: The former fire chiefs had been begging the Prime Minister for a meeting since April to impress upon him the severity and scale of the forthcoming fire season and the need for increased resources such as firefighting aircraft and military deployment. For months they were fobbed off and their advice


Qantas to keep bringing in the virus

Italy just blocked all flights from China. No risk management here thanks very much, at The Australian: Qantas will not pull flights out of China unless the federal government says it has to, despite a number of other airlines withdrawing services in the face of the fast-growing coronavirus outbreak and associated plunging demand. British Airways,


Is coronavirus loose Downunder?

Via Domain come more cases: Australian residents trapped in the epicentre of the coronavirus in China are considering rejecting the federal government’s offer to evacuate them to Christmas Island, as Qantas prepares for an emergency flight into Wuhan. Queensland authorities said on Wednesday night that a Chinese man had tested positive for the virus and


Six years late, SmoCo discovers gas climate change solution

Via SmoCo this afternoon comes a notion six years too late: “We need to get the gas from under our feet. There is no credible energy transition plan for an economy like Australia, in particular, that does not involve the greater use of gas as an important transition fuel.” “There are plenty of other medium


ScoMo’s geniuses suggest you avoid China

Via the ABC: Australians are being officially advised to reconsider their need to travel to China as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Early on Wednesday morning, government travel website Smarttraveller updated its travel advice for China from “exercise normal safety precautions” to “reconsider your need to travel”. Foreign Minister Marise Payne warned Australians should not travel


Coronavirus quarantines go global as ScoMo goes to Hawaii

We know that China has some 60m people in lockdown. The always pragmatic British have now joined the push, via The Telegraph: Britain will put people airlifted from China into quarantine amid concerns that around 1,500 people who arrived in the UK since the new year have not undergone checks. Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary,


Coal is already doomed

Coal is doomed, via Ian Verrender at the ABC: It was a story that raised a few hackles, particularly in Canberra, but one largely overlooked as the unfolding disaster gripped the nation. Early last month, as fire swept across large parts of the east coast and South Australia but before the Christmas conflagration, secret internal