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Labor’s China hacks dance on Hong Kong’s grave

What a pack of treasonous arseholes Labor are. Via The Australian: Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he is “very proud” to have signed his state up to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative on trade and investment, despite his West Australian Labor counterpart, Mark McGowan, this week rejecting China’s push for his state


Barnaby welcomes his new Chinese overlords

Good on Barnaby Joyce for debating the implications of Hong Kong for Australia at Domain: In its entire post-First Fleet history, Australia has not had to contend with the larger intercontinental political issues in isolation from its cultural and philosophical alliances. We’ve always had a larger, stronger partner. In the future we may have our


As HK dies, what is ScoMo’s plan for the Communist Party of China?

Hong Kong is in its last battle for survival, via Bloomberg: Hong Kong braced for rare strikes and further protests amid an escalating standoff over a controversial bill that would allow extraditions to mainland China. Local companies said they would suspend work or allow flexible office hours on Wednesday to accommodate workers planning to demonstrate


LNP senator: ScoMo a China groveler

Nasty criticism about the Chinese naval visit to Sydney Harbour to celebrate the Tienanmen massacre from within ScoMo’s own party today. By Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells at The Australian: The decision to approve the visit to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre was not only insensitive but demonstrates that Beijing can dictate terms and


Denmark’s real labour party wins election

Via The Guardian: Voters appear to have returned the third left-leaning government in a year to the Nordic region as Denmark’s Social Democrats claimed victory in parliamentary elections with 25.9% of the vote. The centre-left party finished clear of the centre-right Liberals of outgoing prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who improved on their 2015 score


Labor set to dump negative gearing reforms?

Ah yes, the Australian Labor Party, via The Australian: Labor’s new Treasury spokesman, Jim Chalmers, has signalled a ­decisive break with the past five years of economic policy under Bill Shorten, identifying the need to develop greater controls on spending and wind back high-­taxing measures ahead of the next election. In an interview with The


Labor screwed as ScoMo occupies immigration centre

I have underestimated Mr ScoMo, via Domain: In his first interview since being elevated to cabinet, the Minister for Population, Alan Tudge, said immigration had played a key part in the May 18 federal election result – with outer suburban areas in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane backing the Coalition to deliver fewer migrants and increased


Quexit zigs and Labor zags

There is no saving these dills, via Domain: Labor’s home affairs spokeswoman, Kristina Keneally, says she will advocate the economic importance of immigration in a sign the Opposition is willing to make the case for a bigger Australia as it considers its post-election policy platform. Senator Keneally has entered shadow cabinet as Labor’s spokeswoman on


Aussie officials urge UK not to pull a second Singapore

Via Domain: The Australian government and senior intelligence officials have urged Britain to ban Chinese technology giant Huawei from a role in building new ultra-fast mobile networks, arguing the western alliance of intelligence-sharing partners should have a consistent position. Multiple well-placed sources confirmed Australian officials have taken action on several fronts to impress on their


Labor is committing immigration suicide

Via Dr Andy Marks, assistant vice-chancellor at Western Sydney University: The most troubling result for Labor occurred in its once safe harbour, western Sydney, where the swing against it was about 3.5 per cent – nearly triple the national average…A new vein of voter sentiment is emerging in Sydney’s west and even south. In Banks and Reid,


Labor’s new and improved economics team

Via the AFR: Labor’s economic team is to be gutted in a post-election shake-out that shifts Chris Bowen to a non-financial portfolio and dumps shadow assistant treasurer Andrew Leigh from the frontbench altogether because he lacks factional support. Shadow finance minister Jim Chalmers is the firm favourite to replace Mr Bowen as shadow treasurer. Mr


Why did Tim Wilson get boned?

Via The Australian: If a barnstorming tour of Australia whipping retirees into a Coalition-voting frenzy about Labor nabbing their franking credit cash can’t get you a spot in the ministry, what does it take? Tim Wilson, the newly returned member for Goldstein, raised howls of protest from the opposition with his extremely effective stint taking


Can Albo out-coal the COALition?

Via The Guardian: Anthony Albanese will use his first day as opposition leader to travel to Queensland, pledging to reconnect with voters who turned away from the party and position Labor for victory in three years’ time. The first-order visit to Queensland comes as the party’s likely new deputy, Richard Marles, admitted he was “tone


ScoMoism plonks itself right in Labor’s heartland

As Labor tortures itself over which direction to take post-election failure, ScoMo knows exactly he is going, absolutely nowhere, via the AFR: Scott Morrison has stamped his authority on the government with a ministerial reshuffle that remarries climate change and energy, rewards his backers, and places a premium on stability by leaving key positions unchanged.


Albo confirms he’s another Big Australia shill

By Leith van Onselen It hasn’t taken long for soon to be new Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, to shatter hopes that he would follow the will of the electorate and pledge to lower Australia’s immigration intake back towards sensible historical levels: Over the weekend, Albanese explicitly threw his support behind Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’


LNP and ALP start well with China pushback

Via The Australian: Scott Morrison will move rapidly to mark the Pacific as his top ­strategic priority, making an early trip to the Solomon Islands next week to counter growing Chinese influence over Australia’s regional neighbours. The visit comes as Beijing ramps up regional tensions with its attempts to lure the Solomons and other small


Agony of the Left

It’s kind of pathetic to watch the agony of the left as it fights its own failure still wearing a self-imposed straight jacket. Leftie media writhed through every excuse under the Sun: it was Murdoch’s fault says Rudd, wrote Bianca Hall working classes love their tax lurks, wrote David Crowe inner city globalisation winners lost


Political trouble for the bubble down under

By Ross Elliott, cross-posted from New Geography: In a remarkable and most unexpected outcome, Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison has retained the country’s leadership at the recent Australian Federal Parliamentary election (18 May, 2019). Morrison’s victory confounded a wide array of commentators, academics, advocacy groups, industry groups, all of the opinion polls, most of


Albo to take ALP leadership unopposed

From The ABC: Queensland MP Jim Chalmers has declared he will not run for the Labor leadership. Mr Chalmers wrote on Twitter that he had given the possibility very careful consideration, but had decided against it. “I spoke to Anthony Albanese this morning and told him I will enthusiastically support him and work tirelessly with


Incoherent Albo vows to fight for nothing

Via The Australian comes Albo, new Labor leader in waiting: “The language used was terrible … unions and employers have a common interest. Successful businesses are a precondition for employing more workers, and that is obvious.” “There are common interests that are there … and if elected I would look for solutions, not arguments. We