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Gotti blows Holgate saga sky high

The Christine Holgate saga rolls on today as the former Australia Post CEO demands an apology from PM Scott Morrison and he refuses to give it. This is all drama that is thoroughly beside the point. What is really at stake here is the corrupt Morrison Government policy process blown sky-high today by, of all


Rapegate. Vaccinegate. Holgate.

Here it is all over again. The Morrison Government unprocess of government. Stack a honey pot with your mates, bully sheilas out of the way, and muzzle the joint for political purposes: The Australian Post board consisted of seven of eight board seats occupied by Coalition cronies feasting on the taxpayer teat. None had any


Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies

Australians need a vaccine for Morrison Government lies. The rollout of the vaccine is getting worse not better but according to our lying PM it’s keeping us on pace with everybody else: Morrison said Australia’s rollout is “keeping pace” with everybody else. We don’t need to keep up because we “are different” and have “no


As CCP China turns Nazi Germany, what of the Olympics?

There have not been many who have dared make the comparison between CCP China and Nazi Germany. Both are fascist states governed economically by central planning. Both rely upon ethnic eugenics for political legitimacy. Both are incrementally expansionist to attack competing liberal democracies. Both use powerful economies to buy off and silence opponents. Both are


Downer: Abandoned overseas Aussies an “outrage”

This is something that I just can’t understand. Both from the perspective of the Morrison Government’s most sacred responsibility and the lassitude in Australians generally. Why have Australia’s 40k overseas citizens been so readily abandoned to their pandemic fates? It raises the question what is the point of “Australia” at all? Alexander Downer takes up


Eminent global scientists demand proper probe into COVID origins

An open letter from a global coalition of eminent global scientists: Reaction to the China-WHO joint study team report CoV-2 origin hypotheses.”Having read the report entitled‘WHO-convenedGlobalStudy of Origins of SARS-CoV-2: China part’ and reviewed the statements made in the March 30, 2021 WHO-organized press event announcing the report’s release, we have regrettably concluded that our


Morrison should call the White House

With crisis comes opportunity. The Morrison Government’s collapsed vaccination program is a big one. Solutions are being posed: Chief Health Officer says the Government is mulling a deal with Moderna. Domain is calling on the Government to cough up big to get more Pfizer. Recalling that Israel secured its early advantage by paying double. I


Morrison Government vaccine rollout all but collapses

God, what a schmozzle. After PM Morrison yesterday reassured Australians that there was no reason to suspend the Astra Zeneca vaccine, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has come down with recommendations of the complete opposite: 4-6 people per million will suffer thrombosis triggered by the AZ vaccine. ATAGI has recommended that the


Morrison Government orders safety review of its only vaccine

Thanks to Morrison Government procurement policy, Australia finds itself overly reliant upon the Astra Zeneca vaccine which has had both supply and health issues. Now, after the UK banned the use of the Astra Zeneca vaccine for under-30s, Australia’s entire vaccine strategy is at risk. At News: The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI)


It’s offical: Australia sets course for China divorce

Precisely as forecast at MB, China’s trade war on Australia is really upon itself. Commodities are fungible and will always be shipped no matter what China does. It can preference its suppliers but cannot withdraw its demand from global markets so we will fill the supply gaps created by it shifting procurement elsewhere. New charts


Newspoll craters as Morrison filth goes global

Morrison Government smut covers Australia in infamy worldwide today as the truth comes out at Bloomberg: Few believe Morrison knew nothing of the smut scandals. Canberra is an inescapable cess-pit where pollies and media are locked in incestuous proximity. Washington is much more decentralised, older, and less parochial. Insular blow-ins breed contempt for the polity.


How Labor can still fight for housing affordability

There’s some serious scuttlebutt around Labor’s position on negative gearing reform today. Previously, the media has reported that senior Labor figures had decided to dump negative gearing reforms at its national conference. That happened but according to the AFR it’s not over: House prices are out of control and likely to generate angst in the


Penny Wong gives CCP genocide a free pass

Ah Labor, the CCP’s favoured party Downunder: Shadow foreign affairs minister Penny Wong has succeeded in preventing the Labor policy platform from condemning Chinese “genocide” in Xinjiang. Labor has instead condemned the CCP for crushing Uyghers as “not the actions of a responsible global power”. The excellent Kimberly Kitching did manage to inject the value


Savva: Frydenberg better chance to win than Morrison

From Liberal Party insider Niki Savva: Keeping tarnished MPs will cost the government. Morrison should have sacked Reynolds, Porter to backbench and Laming to crossbench. Should have privately offered to meet Brittany Higgins not publically. Labor sees Josh Frydenberg as a greater threat than Morrison. But no challenge is coming. Morrison sloganeering has cheapened gender


Morrison Government vaccine rollout tracking Albania

It’s tiny, backwards, gap-toothed, corrupt and failing abysmally in its vaccine rollout. It is Albania. Or is that Australia? Actually, both: By any measure that is an abysmal failure for a developed country with a top-notch health system run by individual states. Sadly, that system was overlooked so that a pack of federal arseholes could


Morrison Government vaccine failure deepens

Lordy, Canada has banned the use of Scott Morrison’s politically-connected Astra Zeneca vaccine for under 55s. Now Germany has done so for over 60s! The German health regulator has recommended the ban after data on the thrombosis side-effects. Four Germans states have found new cases of thrombosis. The cases still appear to rare and linked


Australian of the Year slams Morrison “fake rape” shake-up

The news today is the Morrison Government’s marriage of bloke and woke has been comprehensively destroyed by Australia of the Year, Grace Tame: Morrison engaged in distractions without solutions. New assistant Women’s Minister, Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker, previously conducted a “fake rape crisis” tour. Stoker is also a confidant of Bettina Arndt who has previously


Unions pressure Labor on free trade deals

In late 2019, Australia’s union movement lashed Labor (here and here) for waving through several wage-crushing with Indonesia, Hong Kong and Peru. The union movement claimed that the trade deals breach Labor’s national policy platform, which outlawed deals with investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses and mandated labour market testing. “This is bad for local workers,