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Labor immigration extremists go all in on “Big Australia”

By Leith van Onselen With Australia’s permanent migration program already an insane 180,000 in 2017-18 – more than double the level at the turn of the century: And net overseas migration (NOM) running at more than triple the historical average, which is projected to continue for decades to come: Many of us have been hoping


Tim Wilson running franking bucket shop for fundie mate?

Geez, mate, a poor look, via Domain: Experts believe Liberal MP Tim Wilson may have breached privacy laws by failing to tell hundreds of people who signed up to a petition that their names, addresses, phone numbers and emails would be transferred to a multibillion-dollar fund manager. The backbencher’s taxpayer-funded inquiry into Labor’s franking credits


Scummo launches do-nothing election campaign

It didn’t really work for Do-nothing Malcolm but that’s not going to stop do-nothing Scummo from having a red not go, via Jen Hewitt: Labor is “soft” and “weak”. Scott Morrison says so…the prospect of a brawl over border protection and national security is like a beacon glimmering in the political darkness…In terms of political strategy, this


Abbottalypse now?

Domain has the scoop: Independent candidate Zali Steggall is on track to replace former prime minister Tony Abbott as the federal member for Warringah, according to a ReachTEL poll commissioned by GetUp. The activist group, which is campaigning to oust Mr Abbott from his traditionally Liberal seat on Sydney’s northern beaches, commissioned a poll of


“Beijing Bob” rides to the wrong rescue

Via The Australian: Former foreign minister Bob Carr has slammed the reasons authorities have given businessman Huang Xiangmo for cancelling his visa, saying they were “flimsy” and “loose”. Mr Huang, who is stranded overseas, yesterday released a statement about the decision and a reporter who spoke to him said ASIO had made the call stating


Newspoll: Labor tracking for thumping victory

Via The Australian: An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows Labor lifting its primary vote by one point and retaining a commanding lead over the Coalition, with a two-party-preferred vote of 53 to 47. The poll also shows that Labor’s plan to abolish franking credit refunds for retirees is widely opposed, with 44 per cent of


Big states turn immigration gun back on federal government

By Leith van Onselen L-plate Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, admitted that the Government’s faux concern of immigration late last year was a smokescreen, committing to a turbo-charged migrant intake and a ‘Big Australia’ at Friday’s COAG population meeting. From The Australian: “Our plan is to continue to grow the economy and to continue to have a


The Nat’s invisible man

Via The Australian comes the Nats invisible man: Internal Nationals polling shows the party will struggle to hold the regional NSW seats of Cowper and Page at the federal election, and party leader ­Michael McCormack is virtually unknown to voters and poorly rated by those who are aware of him. Polling conducted for the party


Corruption overtakes Libs’ anti-franking reform push

Lordy, the Coalition’s moral compass has spun wildly out of control, via Domain: A lobby group masquerading as a grassroots organisation of disgruntled retirees is actually a network of professional lobbyists involved in the trucking industry and the Liberal Party, with a history of campaigning against Labor government policies. Defenders of Self-Funded Retirees says it


Chinese property outflows won’t be helped by this

Via The Australian: Billionaire property developer and political party donor Huang Xiangmo is not only stranded in Beijing, suspected by many of being a Chinese Communist Party influence agent, but he is also facing major problems across his ­diverse portfolio of Australian real estate assets. Mr Huang, now an adviser to his Yuhu Group, which


Ms Tanna’s chutzpah could power Straya for decades

If gall could be converted into energy that is. Via the AFR: EnergyAustralia managing director Catherine Tanna has unleashed on the “big stick” bill that introduces measures to force the divestment of energy assets, bluntly telling a Senate committee it is a “desperate and dangerous” measure by the Morrison government to “look tough” ahead of


Sustainable Australia MP slams Fake Greens’ immigration hypocrisy

By Leith van Onselen The Sustainable Australia Party’s first elected member of parliament, MLC Clifford Hayes, delivered his maiden speech to the Victorian Parliament, attacking the Fake Greens for supporting mass immigration to the detriment of the environment, while also acknowledging his staffer – Rudd Government shadow attorney-general Kelvin Thomson. From The Australian: [Clifford Hayes]


Is Australian governance collapsing?

Via Domain: Billionaire political donor and Beijing’s former top lobbyist in Australia, Huang Xiangmo, has been stranded overseas after Australian officials declared him unfit to hold an Australian passport, and cancelled his permanent residency. …The decision is the first enforcement action to be made by Canberra against a suspected Chinese Communist Party influence agent after


Canberra splits on mortgage broking future

Via the AFR: The biggest split is over mortgage brokers after the government baulked at the key recommendation in which the borrower, not the lender, would pay the broker the fee for arranging a loan. Another is the recommendation to apply responsible lending laws to point-of-sale retailers, such as car dealers. Labor agrees with the


ACTU: Henry, banks, Scummo colluded to shape Hayne

Is this why Justice Kenneth Hayne was so disgusted at the handover of his report? Via Sally McManus on Twitter: EXPOSED: ACTU uncovers secret letters between the big banks and Scott Morrison — Sally McManus (@sallymcmanus) February 5, 2019 What on earth happened to the once lovable Ken Henry?


After record public asset sales, NSW Liberals repent

By Leith van Onselen Less than a year ago, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian wooed a bunch of American business leaders in Washington spruiking the ‘benefits’ arising from the State’s massive asset recycling (privatisation) program: “When Gladys Berejiklian went through the data on her state you could see people saying, ‘Wow, we want to live there’,” says


Tingle: Scummo Government close to collapse

Via the ABC’s Laura Tingle today: Federal Cabinet was supposed to meet on Sunday to agree on a response to the banking royal commission before its release today. Instead, the Government’s considered response to a three-volume report was dealt with in a Cabinet phone hook-up this afternoon while journalists and industry representatives were locked away


Shorten/Bowen stare down tax and banking doomsayers

By Leith van Onselen The Property Council has vowed to make stopping Labor’s negative gearing and capital gains tax (CGT) reforms its top priority for 2019: Property Council group executive for policy Mike Zorbas said… “More than two million Australians own an investment property… Through this they play a vital role in supporting the private


Tony Abbott ensnared by United Front

Via Domain: Mr Abbott, fundraiser John Caputo and state MPs John Sidoti and Mark Coure, were all VIP guests at a Chinese New Year function attended by Beijing’s highest ranking United Front affiliates in Australia. The United Front Work Department is a unique agency overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee and which leads


Back to the bad old days for Chris Joye

From Chris Joye today: If Prime Minister Scott Morrison pulls off a miracle and wins the May election, housing conditions should stabilise as investors pile back into the market to pick up cheap assets once the threat of Labor’s deleterious tax changes is removed. I also expect the accessibility of credit to improve following the royal


Turnbull’s ghost hovers behind Liberal Sheilas Party

Yesterday I noted that the Liberal Sheilas movement was not much more than a hollow echo of Malcolm Turnbull’s dubious values: The candidates share independence, climate change consciousness, social progressiveness, immigration sympathies and political centrism but they do split over how these are interpreted. Steggall is against Labor tax reforms, Yates is half for them, presumably


Recessionberg, Scummo endorse criminal banking

The lead into Hayne pain has begun in earnest with the corrupt Coalition preparing the ground to do nothing, via the AFR: Mr Frydenberg said the principal focus of the government’s response would be to protect consumers and restore their faith in the sector but ensuring a free flow of credit to households and businesses