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Treasonous ABC should be shut

More treasonous coverage of the Chinese attack on Australia today at the ABC. First up, we get the whinging beef lobby: China’s ban on beef imports from several Australian abattoirs has cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars while eight meatworks wait to resume trade. Last year, exports of red meat to China were


Sweden locks down more as Swedes turn on government

D’oh! Not happy, Stefan: Support for Sweden’s government and public confidence in authorities’ ability to handle the coronavirus crisis are sliding as the country’s anti-lockdown approach continues to be tested by mounting numbers of deaths and new cases. As the national health agency announced 6,485 new infections and 33 more deaths on Thursday, the prime


More China decoupling hysteria

Yawn. Via News: China is Australia’s most important partner when it comes to imports, with Aussies snapping up a staggering $71.3 billion worth of goods and services from China in 2017/18 – the equivalent of 18 per cent of Australia’s total imports and covering everything from telecom equipment to computers, furniture, toys and sporting goods.


Time to torch Australia’s dodgy CCP deals

CCP-captured Labor is speaking with forked tongue again. Via Domain: Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong wants sensible discussion between the federal and Victorian governments over the state’s Belt and Road deal with China, but stopped short of saying the agreement should be terminated amid rising tensions between Australia and China. On Monday, final amendments


Entire Australian left demands surrender to China

On the weekend, Labor and its vertical market media cheerleaders made it plain that they are irretrievably wedded to a stone dead Chinese engagement dogma no matter the cost. The Guardian is the top of this traitorous pile: The former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has accused Scott Morrison of overhyping the significance of a


Farming slave drivers exposed again

Via The Australian: Backpackers working in the fruit-picking industry are being paid as little as $3 an hour, with a three-month investigation into conditions in the Coffs Harbour region concluding there was widespread exploitation of workers on holiday visas. The probe, undertaken by the McKell Institute, found workers were being offered pay rates as low


Time for a new Democratic Labor Party

Via Domain: Leading Labor figures are warning the party will again fail at the next federal election unless it reflects on why it lost its once-reliable voter base, drops its left-wing populism, reconnects with the suburbs and stops scoffing at parents who choose to send their children to faith-based schools. As the opposition grapples with


Europe slams China over Australia

Via The Guardian: The European Union has blasted China over an “irresponsible, insensitive” tweet about Australian military personnel as the regional bloc revealed it has raised the issue directly with a Chinese vice-foreign minister. A senior EU official told the Guardian the EU regretted the recent deterioration in ties between China and Australia – which has seen


Does the Aussie media not realise that it is under attack?

The Australian media is directly under attack. Its right to publish and be damned is under attack. Its right to expose the truth wherever it may lurk is under attack. Its right to hold to account governments, oppositions and politicians is under attack. Its right to unearth corruption is under attack. In short, its entire


How to politely drop an iron ore bomb on not China

This idea has been around for a while but perhaps its time has come. From The Glass Pyramid: Over the last few weeks the airwaves have been buzzing about the falling national income (and the problems for Mr Hockey’s budget) due to the rapid decline in the price of iron ore and Twiggy Forrest’s calls for restraint


Labor demands Australia surrender to China

China continues its assault on Australia today: A perfect picture of hypocrisy/Global Times Cartoon — Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) December 2, 2020 And this: WeChat have censored Scott Morrison’s post to the Chinese public, on the grounds it “involves use of content that incites, misleads, has non objective facts” or “fabricates societal/historical issues”, as


Beijing’s final gift: No more students

This is the big one. Via The Australian: In 2019, universities earned more than $7bn in student fees from China, and they fear that if Australia-China relations continue to deteriorate this revenue could be lost permanently. There would also be major losses to the broader economy if Chinese students do not return. In the 2018-19


Kelly’s cowards lose their leader

Kelly’s cowards lose their leader. From Paul Kelly today: For Australia, there will be no return to the China relationship of the Howard era. China has become more successful, assertive and paranoid. Anyone who thought a few years ago that Australia might distance itself from the US alliance to better manage China was profoundly mistaken.


Xi Jinping makes China great again

Chinese abuse continues unabated: The Chinese embassy has accused Scott Morrison, Australian politicians and the media of “misreading and overreacting” to a fake social media post shared by senior Beijing official Lijian Zhao and harming the chances of a reset in the relationship. The tweet depicting a Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan


One Nation launches China boycott movement

View News: One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has renewed calls for Australians to boycott Chinese products this Christmas, as relations between the two countries plunge to new lows. “You might think it’s awfully hard, yes it is hard, I get it,” Ms Hanson said in a Facebook video on Monday night. “We all have our


Treasonous Labor grovels furiously as Australians reject China outright

A few anodyne words from Labor is the best we got in response to the Chinese attack: “Australia’s condemnation of this image is above politics,” Albanese told the lower house of parliament. More at the ABC: Senator Wong said the community was “united” in condemnation of the post, but added that a careful response was


Chinese propaganda goes apeshit

Lol. This is the greatest. Via Global Times: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lost his diplomatic manners on Monday by attacking Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian who condemned Australian soldiers’ atrocity against Afghan civilians on his personal Twitter account. Morrison claimed that his country felt offended so he shamelessly demanded an apology from China.


Yet another visa category exposed as giant rort

Via Murdoch: Exclusive: It was set up to attract the best and brightest from around the world, but Australia’s Global Talent visa program has become a farce, attracting hairdressers instead of rocket scientists. Immigration experts say the program, which is the fastest way to get Australian permanent residency, is laden with loopholes and being exploited.


No, ScoMo, you should not support China’s trade victims

Via The Australian: Scott Morrison has flagged government support for producers hit by China’s trade sanctions as Australia moves to lodge a formal protest with the World Trade Organisation. …“As a government we will be looking at how we can get a number of our producers through this difficult time,” Mr Morrison told ABC radio.


EU proposes new anti-China alliance with US

Alexander Downer was never the sharpest cross-dresser in the shed, at the AFR he declares: China’s aggression will, in the end, prove to be entirely counterproductive. There are two reasons why. First, other countries have indeed been warned that China will treat them with the same aggression should they in some way transgress and incur


Newspoll: ScoMo maintains slim polling lead

A Federal Parliament that roughly divides down the lines of the Coalition being terrible on everything except China versus Labor being better on everything except being captured by China shakes our as a narrow Newspoll lead for the Government:   Popular support for Scott Morrison has risen to its highest level in four months following


How to de-escalate China tensions

Kelly’s cowards returned on the weekend to demand Scott Morrison prostrate himself before Xi Jinping. Paul Kelly led them off: This week Morrison sent a series of messages but his most important theme — tricky but critical — is for Australia’s status as an independent player to be better recognised, as a nation allied to