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UQ panics as 60 Minutes closes in on Chinese corruption

Drew Pavlou having a ball today as 60Minutes approaches: Really looking forward to 60 Minutes this Sunday — Drew Pavlou 柏乐志 (@DrewPavlou) July 15, 2020 What a joke, UQ thinks it can make up for viciously bullying and attacking me for 4 months by sending a Student Services ”welfare check” email. Why yes, I


What and when will shut NSW down?

The Guardian with some good material: Coronavirus cases in New South Wales will need to continue rising at their current rates until at least the middle of next week before the government will consider further tightening social restrictions, public health experts have said. They argue the state’s capacity to rapidly respond to new cases has not yet


Expats to mitigate property bust?

Via REA: Overseas searches for Australian property are spiking as expats eye a return home. COVID-19 has led to strong growth in interest from overseas property seekers in buying Australian property, with search activity increasing by 42 per cent since Australia’s lockdown began in March. Unlike previous spikes in offshore search, which were largely driven


China threatens iron ore again

Via The Australian: China has warned Australia that excessive anti-dumping complaints by BlueScope Steel threaten our industry and crucial iron ore exports. …In its submission, the Chinese government said: “China would also like to remind Australia that taking trade remedy measures for similar products intensively may raise the price of relevant products, which will cause


An ode to Jacinda Adern

It is fair to say that MB has had a love hate relationship with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern. When she became New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister on 19 October 2017, we were enamoured by her excellent and comprehensive election platform. Among other things, Adern promised to fix New Zealand’s chronic housing affordability problem


Labor women discover immigration class war

Leith reported yesterday on the terrific shift by Jacinda Ardern against temporary migration: Both big and small companies are scrambling to hang on to their workforces, with thousands of temporary resident visas set to expire all at once…. There were about 350,000 temporary visa holders in the country during the lockdown, and the government estimated


The problem for vaccines

The bubble loves this: The US biotech company’s vaccine candidate produced antibodies in all 45 participants in the first cohort of the phase one trial run by the National Institutes of Health, while the paper said there were no safety problems that could curtail further trials. The problem is this: A new study from China showed that antibodies faded


CCP turns Chinese from Australia

Australia’s Chinese boom is basically over. Sure, they’ll keep buying the dirt. But the rest of it is done for. Craig Emerson is rare Labor voice of reason on this: …probably with increasing frequency, Australia will adopt policy positions on foreign influence, cyber security, human rights, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China’s


And now for a QLD outbreak

As the pollies chase their tails, egged on by Anus Bollocks and his ilk: BREAKING: 18 people now in Queensland are being tested for Coronavirus after attending The Crossroads Hotel in Casula. They are in quarantine awaiting test results. It’s expected that number will rise. @9NewsQueensland @9NewsAUS — Rob Morrison (@RMorrison9) July 13, 2020 #BREAKING:


NSW is going to lock down too

No it’s not, screams The Australian: The NSW government will prioritise economic recovery over pre-emptive lockdowns, even as it slashes the number of people who will be allowed in the state’s pubs and ramps up enforcement against venues flouting the rules. As Victorian health authorities warned that infected travellers visited a string of venues across


Pavlou vows Supreme Court fight after losing UQ suspension appeal

Late yesterday, Drew Pavlou lost his appeal against a suspension from the University of Queensland (UQ) over criticising the university’s deep links to China. UQ’s senate discipline appeals committee announced that it would uphold its decision, despite finding Pavlou not guilty on 13 of 18 allegations. However, it reduced his suspension from two years to


Labor’s China apologists just dont get it

I was once a great fan of Gareth Evans but not anymore: This would be sensible if it didn’t so comprehensively misrepresent recent history. Australian rhetoric around China has not been hysterical. When Malcolm Turnbull declared Australia would “stand up” against CCP violations of sovereignty he did so because it was necessary. China was busy


Eastern Australia pays the highest gas price in the galaxy

Last week the International Gas Union issued its annual report on global gas prices. This is the industry benchmark report that the Australian gas cartel uses to argue in the Australian parliament that Aussie gas prices are reasonable. Here’s the 2019 results: Australia comes in at 18th around $8Gj. This makes domestic Aussie gas the


Calls grow for Daniel Andrews to quit

Angry small business owners have demanded that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews resign as Premier after his government badly botched hotel quarantine for returned international travellers: Kurt Falkenstein, owner of Revolver Lane, a shared workspace under the Revolver nightclub on Melbourne’s iconic Chapel Street, said… [lockdown] would be “disastrous” for local businesses and the government must


Daniel Andrews must resign

During yesterday’s press conference by Premier Daniel Andrews, where he locked down metropolitan Melbourne for another six weeks, he repeatedly blamed Victorians’ “bad behaviour” and “complacency” for causing the horrendous spike in COVID-19 infections: Not once during the press conference did Daniel Andrews concede his Government’s own incompetent handling of hotel quarantine, which was initially


Adelaide breaks quarantine as 800 students to bring virus in

Here is the madness in full view, at the ABC: A security guard monitoring repatriated Australians in hotel quarantine in Adelaide was sent home for breaching safety protocols and a review is underway, SA’s Chief Public Health Officer says. She said SA Police identified the breach because they have oversight of the security guard operations


CCP’s UQ teaches that Uyghur and Hong Kong resistance is terrorism

We need federal intervention at UQ: An Australian University appears to be teaching students that Muslim Uyghurs are overrepresented in ‘Terrorism’ incidents in the Chinese territory of Xinjiang. I wonder if they’re also learning about the ‘re-education camps’ there? — Andrew Greene (@AndrewBGreene) July 2, 2020 Australian university UQ has a Chinese government funded


Manchurian Dan’s virus spike going “exponential”

Via News: There’s real concern among experts that the spread of COVID-19 in the community in Victoria is about to get a lot worse. Epidemiologist, Professor Adrian Esterman, told this morning he is “very worried” about the surge in community acquired cases in particular. Of Victoria’s 77 new cases on Thursday, 31 of those


CCP applies Hong Kong security law to Planet Earth

From your friendly neighbourhood tyrannical regime: Oh my god am I reading this right??? Article 38: The law applies to persons who do NOT have permanent resident status in HK and commit crimes under this law OUTSIDE Hong Kong. Did Beijing just grant itself sweeping extraterritoriality to…everyone on the planet? — B. Allen-Ebrahimian (@BethanyAllenEbr) June