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Liberal Party to collapse?

So says James Walter, Emeritus Professor of Politics at Monash University, via Domain: Consider what the post-election Liberal leadership will have to do. First, comprehensive reform will entail recognising what the public has clearly shown it wants. Second, there must be acknowledgement that such policies demand the orchestration of many hands, much advice and diverse


Coalition chaos isolates Straya at G20

Josh Frydenliar isn’t going, at the AFR: Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has pulled out of this weekend’s G20 summit in Argentina, opting to remain in Canberra amid parliamentary chaos for the Coalition. Mr Frydenberg had been due to travel to the annual leaders meeting in Buenos Aires with Prime Minister Scott Morrison after Parliament rises on


Can Labor’s social fairness offset its economic unfairness?

You can see where the coming Shorten Government is going to go today in Victoria, via the ABC: Victoria’s re-elected Premier Daniel Andrews has unveiled his new front bench, with half of ministry positions going to women. The Andrews Government has become the totemic social progressive regime in Australia. Andrews has done this while the


Scummo Government disintegrates

It appears the Scummo Government is entering its death throes, via The Australian: Scott Morrison’s pre-election legislative ­agenda is in disarray after Victorian MP Julia Banks quit the ­Liberal Party and defected to the crossbench, aiding Bill ­Shorten’s attempts to destabilise the minority government and ­target Home Affairs Minister Peter ­Dutton. The shock resignation, deliv­ered


Scummo loses another MP

Via The Australian: Julia Banks has announced she will sit as an independent for the rest of the parliamentary term, plunging Scott Morrison further into minority government. Ms Banks said she had quit the Liberal Party but would give the government support on key issues of confidence and supply. That would be this, at SBS:


ScoMo concedes federal election

Via The Australian: Scott Morrison is promising to open an intimate war with Bill Shorten over the next six months, using his clear personal electoral dominance over the Opposition Leader to redefine the political battleground. As former prime minister John Howard warned senior Coalition figures to hold their nerve after the disastrous Liberal rout in


Goodbye Liberal Party

Let’s lead off with the disastrous Newspoll: An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows the federal Coalition’s primary vote falling for the third poll in a row to a near-record low of 34 per cent, as senior ministers today ­defended claims that Victorian voters at the state poll had taken out their anger on Canberra. The


Vote 1 Sustainable Australia in tomorrow’s Victorian Election

Sustainable Australia are running in all 8 Upper House regions and in 11 Lower House seats in tomorrow’s Victorian Election. Sustainable Australia has excellent policies, which is why I am a paid-up member, as is Dick Smith. If you are a Victorian resident, please give Sustainable Australia your vote. To borrow a phrase from Don Chipp:


Muslim leaders boycott extremist Morrison

Muslim leaders are not playing ball with Scott Morrison: Proposed Government Roundtable We, the undersigned members of the Australian Muslim community, would like to outline the reasons why we will not be attending the proposed Round Table meeting with the Prime Minister this week. Many in the Muslim community including the undersigned are deeply concerned


NSW Labor leader rails against over-development not immigration

By Leith van Onselen With mass immigration opponent, Luke Foley, resigning from the NSW Labor Party’s leadership earlier this month, I was hoping that new leader Michael Daley would maintain the rage against the mass immigration influx that is destroying liveability in Sydney: Sadly, early indications are not good with Michael Daley appearing on Ray Hadley’s


LoonUp returns for second dig

Cory Bernardi tried and failed. It’s someone else’s turn, at The Australian: An alliance of well-known Australians has launched a centre-right political machine in a bid to rival union-backed activist group GetUp and vowed to campaign as a registered third-party organisation against the Left ahead of next year’s election. The group, Advance Australia, will run


Essential: Labor lead shrinks

Via The Guardian: Labor remains ahead of the Morrison government, although the national contest has narrowed appreciably during the past fortnight, and a large number of voters say they would consider voting for an independent at the next federal election. The latest Guardian Essential poll has Labor ahead of the Coalition on the two-party-preferred measure


Jerusalem lunacy rolls on

It was barmy then and it is barmy now: The government looked at relocating the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem less than six months ago but rejected it on a number of grounds including security, geopolitical consequences, cost and need. As ministers and senior MPs in the Morrison government bicker publicly over whether to shift the


“Enough, enough, enough”: Scott Morrison cuts immigration

By Leith van Onselen Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a speech last night at the 2018 Bradfield Oration at the Art Gallery of NSW whereby he confirmed that Australia’s permanent migrant intake will be reduced, mixed in with a bunch of misleading, false and exaggerated statements spruiking the benefits of migration [my emphasis]: Population growth


Labor is killing it in the property class war

Another day and another policy reform master class from Labor. First we had Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen in the morning: “Aussie John Symond has adopted more positions on negative gearing than the Kama Sutra,” Mr Bowen said. “He was against reform, then he was for reform; now he’s against it again. He needs to be held


Jess Irvine destroys a bit more of democracy

Jess Irvine’s obfuscation of Australia’s dying political economy has crashed to new depths as she probed what’s gone wrong with Australian democracy yesterday: The envy of the world, as it enters its 27th year of continuous economic growth, the Australian economy in November earned a place on the cover of The Economist magazine for the


APRA prepares banks for “economic winter”

Via InvestorDaily. APRA’s deputy chair John Lonsdale made the comments at FINSIA ‘The Regulators’ event saying that Australia had endured 27 years of continuous expansion but no summer lasts forever. “Australia’s unprecedented period of uninterrupted economic growth may have years yet to run. We hope it does. “But when our economic summer inevitably ends –


Mirabile dictu: China pushed back from Pacific

In PNG this weekend we got a glimpse of how central Australia’s neighbourhood is to the emerging strategic conflict of our time. Via Bloomie: U.S. Vice President Mike Pence traded sharp barbs with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in back-to-back speeches at a regional summit, showing that neither country appears to be giving ground in an


Is Scott Morrison a religious extremist?

The press gallery was in full retardation mode over the weekend in fretting over ScoMo’s Jerusalem bind. Via Paul Kelly: The fiasco over the Jerusalem ­embassy now looms as a diabolical dilemma for Scott Morrison risking a lose-lose outcome. This is a deepening embarrassment for Australia, a threat to the Prime Minister’s standing, an unnecessary


Millennial punches Boomers in the property face

Via Kim Johnstone who is a demographer with Astrolabe Group at Domainfax on the triumph of Millennials: In our cities, where most of us live, they can’t afford rent, much less a toehold in insane property markets…Making home ownership utterly unimaginable for the great majority is a singular generational achievement. It has been driven by policy settings