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VIC Government’s Hotel Quarantine conspiracy exposed

Sky News’ Peta Credlin has spent weeks trawling through thousands of pages of evidence from the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry. In the above investigative report, she exposes in no uncertain terms the conspiracy surrounding the Victorian Government’s hotel quarantine debacle: Sky News host Peta Credlin says the story of how the Andrews government went it alone


Hempton: Do Sweden or Melbourne, just not America

Below is an excerpt from Bronte Capital’s John Hempton and his most recent client note: Viruses in nature Epidemiologists have modelled viruses in nature – say – to use an Australian example – myxomatosis amongst rabbits, or phages in bacteria. They have a curve – familiar in all the text-books – which is exponential growth


Gladys the grub has got to go

Via the ABC: Disgraced former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire organised a 2016 meeting with then-treasurer Gladys Berejiklian — who was his secret partner at the time — about a major local transport project that received funding despite opposition from the roads minister, according to public documents seen by the ABC. Ministerial diaries reveal the


Embattled Berejiklian discovers imminent virus outbreak

As the Australian mainstream media mansplained yesterday, because Gladys Berekilian is a sheila, she, like all members of the fairer sex, is prone to emotional flights of fancy and falling head-over-heels for the wrong bloke. So she should be forgiven for any such transgression. After all, she can’t help it. It might well have added


Time Victorians threw Manchurian Dan out of power

Leith has exhaustively chronicled the blunders and lies of the Andrews Government over the past six months. Let me summarise: An extraordinarily stupid decision by Andrews’ Premier and Cabinet to put private security in charge of quarantine hotels led directly to a second wave pandemic costing 800 deaths and tens of billions of economic fallout.


MSM mansplains sexist support for Berejiklian

Let Australia’s most prominent mansplain why Gladys Berejiklian should be allowed to keep her job despite a disastrous relationship with her utterly corrupt boyfriend. The Fake Left: High-profile political figures from both sides of the aisle, including the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, have come to the defence of Gladys Berejiklian, saying the New South


Dalio, White kowtow to Beijing

China is everybody’s destiny! So says Ray Dalio whose admiration for Beijing knows no bounds: “Time is on China’s side and it’s not on the United States’ side, for various developments,” Dalio said Monday in a conversation with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman at the Milken Institute Global Conference. “What’s going to be a


China seeds Australian economic civil war

Via Argus: China has told some of its state-owned steelmakers and power plants to stop importing Australian coals with immediate effect, injecting more uncertainty into its spot markets that had anticipated eased restrictions into 2021. A major northeast China state-owned steel producer received verbal notice of the ban this afternoon, but with few details available.


NSW games Herr Depressionberg’s infrastructure fail

Via Domain: NSW ministers have been told to spend their share of the Berejiklian government’s $3 billion COVID-19 acceleration fund on fulfilling their election promises instead of new projects. A directive from the Premier’s office, dated June 29 this year, said it was the responsibility of all ministers to ensure that they honoured the pledges


Booming education exports take food from Aussie poor

Via The Fake Left: Demand for food relief has risen by 47% on average during Covid-19, Australian charities say, with the trend driven by growing numbers of international students and casual workers asking for help. In a report to be released on Monday, Foodbank surveyed about 500 charities once a month between April and September,


Premier Death Day: Berejiklian to resign over China corruption?

Something in the water today? At The Australian: The fifteenth day of the corruption inquiry into disgraced former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire has focused on his range of illegitimate business dealings which ranged from 2012 until he was forced to resign in August 2018. The Operation Keppel probe has heard that Mr ­Maguire repeatedly misused


Austrian Government: Will do more of same when unstimulus fails

It’s ineptitude on a grand scale. First, put forth a policy that defies all basic economic logic, from Domain: Small business is cautious about hiring more people during the pandemic despite incentives in the federal budget aimed at a business-led recovery from the recession. …Peter Strong, head of small business advocates COSBOA, says the $4


Past time Victoria opened

At MB we’ve been patient with lockdowns but that time has passed. Victoria has contained the virus and it’s time to open up: Local cases are very small and consistent: Unknown source cases are tiny: Based upon NSW experience, total cases should be containable at this level with contact tracing, especially coming into summer: Manchurian


Newpoll: Budget delivers margin of error gain

Putting lippy on the Coalition pig as usual, is Murdoch Propaganda HQ: Four in five voters have backed the Morrison government’s income tax cuts, claiming they will be better off, with a majority of Australians believing the budget stimulus will drag the economy out of COVID-19 recession. An exclusive post-budget Newspoll conducted for The Australian


Herr Frydenberg is Austrian not Australian

At Murdoch’s Coalition Propaganda HQ the budget is a cash splash with no equal: Millions of workers will have a pay cheque boost within weeks after the federal budget was rushed into law — including tax cuts projected to inject $7bn into the economy by mid-2021. Scott Morrison’s economic ­recovery plan, which passed both houses


Jenny Mikakos: Dan Andrews lied to Hotel Quarantine Inquiry

Ever since Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews threw former health minister Jenny Mikakos under the bus and made her the scapegoat for the state’s bungled hotel quarantine program, we’ve been waiting for her to spill the beans and leak insider information on the failed system. Today Mikakos has delivered, providing the following via a submission to


Victoria embroiled in another hotel quarantine bungle

Last week it was reported that private security guards had been pulled from a Melbourne quarantine hotel and replaced by police after a health worker raised fears about infection control breaches: Staff employed by Spotless were pulled from the floor of the last remaining “hot” quarantine site – the Novotel in Southbank – mid-shift. The


Albanese surges into Depressionberg Unstimulus vacuum

Here’s Anthony Albanese budget reply speech: ANTHONY ALBANESE MP LEADER OF THE AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY MEMBER FOR GRAYNDLER BUDGET IN REPLY 2020 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES PARLIAMENT HOUSE CANBERRA THURSDAY, 8 OCTOBER 2020 My fellow Australians. We live in a great country. Amidst all the chaos and hardship that has shaken our world in 2020 –


Why the OECD should tell Cormann to bugger off

Via the AFR: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked Labor to support nominating Finance Minster Mathias Cormann to become the next secretary-general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Mr Morrison will announce later on Thursday morning that the government will nominate the outgoing Finance Minister for the Paris-based role which has a tenure


COVID-20 Winter is coming

Cross-posted from Swiss Medical Weekly. Summary A novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) first detected in Wuhan, China, has spread rapidly since December 2019, causing more than 100,000 confirmed infections and 4000 fatalities (as of 10 March 2020). The outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the WHO on Mar 11, 2020. Here, we explore how seasonal variation


More Victorian hotel quarantine lies surface

On 26 August, Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp told the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry that he briefed the Police Minister and Emergency Services Minister Lisa Neville in the days leading up to the hotel quarantine scheme being launched: However, yesterday Crisp performed a major backflip, penning a letter to the Hotel Quarantine Inquiry saying that


Rumour: Empty Chair seen mulling budget

There’s a press rumour that an empty chair has been seen mulling the budget, at The Australian: Anthony Albanese will use his first budget reply speech to roll out major economic and social policies, including productivity reforms aimed at repairing skills shortages, and to deliver a pre-­election pitch to women, young families, blue-collar workers and