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Government to protect media from government

Another Orwellian triumph today for Aussie fascists, via the ABC: The Federal Attorney-General has granted limited protection that could shield ABC and News Corp employees from facing charges over their reporting. Christian Porter has instructed Commonwealth prosecutors not to charge journalists under certain sections of Australia’s complex secrecy laws without his formal approval. Two ABC


Trump pushed ScoMo to help fight impeachment

Via the NYT comes the things that splatter: President Trump pushed the Australian prime minister during a recent telephone call to help Attorney General William P. Barr gather information for a Justice Department inquiry that Mr. Trump hopes will discredit the Mueller investigation, according to two American officials with knowledge of the call. The White


CCP celebrates 70th birthday by abusing Australia

We begin with The Australian providing a platform to the Chinese diplomatic propaganda machine of ambassador Cheng ­Jingye who says Australia should ­remember it depends on China for its economic success: …he said it could take ­another 30 years before China could be considered developed — a timeline that could deliver the country up to


George Magnus drops daisy cutter on Hugh White

Great stuff from George Magnus, former UBS chief global economist and China doyen, in a terrific article by Angus Grigg: Magnus, who last year published Red Flags; Why Xi’s China is in Jeopardy, cites demographics, debt levels and the lack of independent institutions as the key points of Beijing’s vulnerability. And he says any faltering


Greens surge in Newspoll

It appears Thunberg-bashing is not hurting the Greens in the latest Newspoll. Primary votes show a ramp as both major parties fall: Two-party preferred is unchanged with Labor within striking distance at 49-51: As the ALP dunderheads push towards the “aspirational centre” of LNP sameness, the Greens and other minor parties may fly.


Angry China roars, Australia spins out of control

Via New Daily: China has lashed out at the Australian government after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for the Asian powerhouse to be reclassified as a developed economy. Following Donald Trump’s lead, Mr Morrison used his speech to business leaders in Chicago to urge the East Asian country to admit it was no longer a developing country.


Fasco-housing complex guts ASIC HEM push

Yesteray Generalissimo ScoMo ordered more mortgages, at the AFR: Scott Morrison says Australia’s banks must not shy away from lending after the Hayne commission as he pushes back against what he calls an “instinctiveness” in society towards responsible lending standards that are too onerous. Speaking to the Australian American Association in New York, the Prime Minister


Australia settles into carbon pariah role

Via The Guardian: Scott Morrison is increasingly seen as running a “denialist government” that is not serious about finding a global climate solution and uses “greenwash” to meet its emissions commitments, analysts and former diplomats say. Australian observers in New York said Morrison’s failure to attend a UN climate action summit on Monday despite being


Heil fasco-housing complex!

Nine years ago I wrote: Australian housing doesn’t have anything to do with economics. It long since ceased being a “market” at all. Rather, it is a political complex – a quango – that represents the single largest page in the socio-economic contract between the government, the Australian financial system and an ageing baby-boomer population.


Kow towing Labor finds all new ways to grovel to China

If only “Labor” put as much effort into governing for the working classes as it did into China groveling. Via the AFR: Australia should embrace closer military co-operation with China, Labor deputy leader and defence spokesman Richard Marles has declared, labelling attempts to define Beijing as an enemy a “profound mistake”. In a significant speech


What did Gladys Liu buy for Beijing?

The Saturday Paper kept Liugate running on the weekend with a fascinating piece starring “Shanghai Sam” Dastayari: Over the past week or so, Sam Dastyari has tried to contact Gladys Liu. The former New South Wales Labor senator feels some sympathy for the beleaguered Victorian Liberal MP, having lost his political career through involvement with


On a dark Friday, a new weapon

To finish a pants-shitting week, lets go to the weekend in crisply pressed strides, only with nasty skid marks: China has developed the world’s first portable sonic gun for riot control, the Chinese Academy of Sciences said. The rifle-shaped instrument, which was jointly developed with military and law enforcement, is designed to disperse crowds using


Government needs a lot more jails for bosses

A lot more. Via Domain: Attorney-General Christian Porter says he is prepared to legislate “significant” wage theft penalties – likely to be up to 10 years’ jail – to deter the “unacceptable” practice of persistently underpaying workers, as the government grapples with stagnant wages and a slowing economy. In a wage theft discussion paper to


Gladys Liu disaster turns “daggy dad” into “Liar from the Shire”

Liugate rolls on today without the slightest interruption. Indeed, there are signs that it is getting worse. The protection racket around PM Morrison run by The Australian is fraying. First, from Strewth: Another day, another Gladys Liu fundraiser across Strewth’s desk. The latest is “an exclusive cocktail event” presented by the Pinnacle Club (a fundraising


Placeholder Albo kisses business booty

He really has no idea what he is doing. Via The Australian comes Albo kissing Business Council booty: Anthony Albanese will dump Bill Shorten’s anti-business, class warfare rhetoric and launch a charm offensive to win back corporate Australia in a move to reconnect with voters following Labor’s election loss. In a speech to company chief


Gas mafia demands crime pay

Via The Australian comes mafiosi number one, Origin Energy: “The ADGSM or any similar mechanism is an extreme form of intervention that should only be temporary,” Origin said in its submission to the government review. The ADGSM could lead to “an increased likelihood for moral hazard to the extent prospective buyers choose not to enter


Beijing backs Shanghai Scott’s defense of Gladys Liu

Beijing knows an asset when it sees one. From the ultra-nationalist Global Times yesterday: The Bolt Report on Sky News Australia on the night of September 10 was almost like “a bully’s report,” where ultra-conservative anchor Andrew Bolt intimidated and interrogated Gladys Liu, the first Chinese-born female Federal Liberal MP from Chisholm in Victoria, Southeastern


Grovelling to China “the worst thing you can do”

Recall from Reuters yesterday: Australian intelligence determined China was responsible for a cyber-attack on its national parliament and three largest political parties before the general election in May, five people with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters… The report, which also included input from the Department of Foreign Affairs, recommended keeping the findings secret


Shanghai Scott roasted as Liugate intensifies

Aussie PM, Shanghai Scott, is on the back foot, at The Guardian: The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has told parliament he misheard a question from a journalist when he denied using the term Shanghai Sam, as Labor continues to attack the government over embattled Chinese-born MP Gladys Liu. In question time on Monday, the Labor leader, Anthony


China attacks Australia with impunity

Still more fallout from Chinese influence today, this time Labor, at Domain: A NSW Labor MP, who is linked to pro-China community organisations, hired a staffer who completed a propaganda training course in Beijing run by the Chinese Communist Party. Upper house MLC Shaoquett Moselmane, who controversially gave a speech last year proclaiming a “new