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Xi Jinping “flirting” with Taiwan invasion

I have been pretty sanguine about this to date. But some of the activity by the Chinese military is pretty out there in terms of regular Cold War “buzzing“: 20 Chinese aircraft violated Taiwanese airspace over the weekend. A Taiwanese source said that it was simulated an attack on US warships. The US is getting


AUSTRAC muzzled by Coalition and Labor money laundering corruption

Late last year, the CEO of AUSTRAC – the government agency tasked with detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal abuse of the financial system – called on the federal government implement anti-money laundering (AML) laws pertaining to real estate gatekeepers, warning that lawyers, accountants and real estate agents were being used to launder illicit money through


Morrison enters Newspoll free fall

Newspoll today is both a little reassuring and quite unsettling for the Morrison Government. The TTP result was stable at 52-48 which could certainly be worse: And the primary vote even lifted a touch though the margin of error is an issue on such small moves: The big move was for the PM himself: Normally


Wolf warriors shoot Chinese foot worldwide

The daily insults visited upon Australia from China are not even worth covering these days. The muckraking is typical of a paranoid communist regime with a glass jaw. It is obviously counter-productive to its Australian interests but that’s how these bullying regimes work. As Australia’s Ambassador to China, Graham Fletcher, says today: China has lost


Gladys Berejiklian takes revenge on ICAC

Last year, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian gave evidence to the state’s Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry, whereby she admitted she’d been in a “close personal relationship” with former Liberal MP for Wagga Wagga, Daryl Maguire, between 2015 until August 2020. Maguire was forced to resign from the Liberal Party and parliament in on 13 July


Daily Morrison Government smut update

I can’t take another day of writing about Morrison Government smut. Having to take a shower after every post on Liberal Party filth is debilitating. So, here’s the Crikey update on a bright and clear Friday morning: Liberal backbencher Andrew Laming has issued an apology in parliament following a 9News report into allegations he engaged in digital harassment of


Liberal Party sinks into cesspit

It’s ceaseless and there is no stopping it. Yesterday afternoon continued the ruination of the Liberal Party as Eric Abetz entered the fray. Tasmanian MP Sue Hickey accused him of telling her: Not to worry because Christian Porter’s accuser is dead. On Brittany Higgins “anybody who is so disgustingly drunk, who would sleep with anybody,


Morrison’s vaccine rollout falls behind Third World

More scuttlebutt on the poorly executed Morrison Government vaccine rollout today. The Guardian notes that logistic problems have multiplied: Vials arrived without needles. Complaints of undersupply and failed deliveries are rife. The vaccine booking website is allowing second shots days after the first when it should be three months. The rollout schedule is now something


Unhinged Morrison Government falls apart

God knows, I don’t want to write another post on this but what choice have I? The Morrison Government is imploding before our eyes. Having delivered his empathy rebranding speech yesterday, PM Morrison then launched into a diatribe against Newscorp for having its own sexual harassment scandal. The only problem, he made it up: In


King Smut must abdicate throne

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was moved to tears yesterday as he waded through the bottomless pit of smut formerly know as the Liberal Party. If you want to read the gushing of fake contrition then it is available in full at the ABC. There was nothing in it that should persuade anybody. This is the


How severe is Australian vaccine hesitancy?

I have recorded at length the sad and sorry policy process that led the Morrison Government to hang its hat on the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which included politically driven timelines and dubious Liberal Party connections, mistakes and questionable data at the trial stage, and failure to anticipate all kinds of logistical challenges including for doctors.


Aussies politicians are pigs in the property trough

If you have ever wondered why Australia’s politicians never implement genuine policies to improve housing affordability, you only need to follow the money. Genuinely improving housing affordability necessarily means that dwelling prices must fall. But with the majority of Australian households being homeowners, any decline in home values also means a reduction in value of


Astra Zeneca vaccine blood clot links uncovered

Some better news for Australia’s troubled vaccine rollout over the weekend. German and Norwegian scientists have isolated the links between the Astra Zeneca vaccine and blood clotting: In rare cases, an autoimmune response can trigger thrombosis in the brain. It is easily treatable with existing drugs. Germany and France resumed their rollout but the Nordic


Have vaccine, will travel!

Humans are predictable creatures. Take something away from them that they like then they will get their payback later. In economics, this is called pent-up demand. In the US, where vaccine coverage is fast approaching critical herd immunity levels, the unleashing of pent-up demand has begun in the most singularly crushed sector of any by


Can Australia’s allies trust Labor on China?

Malcolm Turnbull penned an excellent piece in the Nikkei yesterday on the history of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or “Quad’ as it is known. It is the developing security mechanism that brings together India, Japan, US and Australia, four Indo-Pacific democracies: The Quad was the initiative of Shinzo Abe in 2007. It engaged in one


Roy Morgan: Labor pulls ahead as women abandon Coalition

On Monday, Newspoll gave Federal Labor an election-winning lead. Essential and Bludgertrack gave a similar assessment yesterday. Now RoyMorgan has released its own poll that has The Australian Labor Party (ALP) (50.5%) holding a two-party preferred lead over the Coalition (49.5%) on the back of strong strong female support following various rape scandals: The advantage


More bad polls for Morrison Government

The weekend saw the Colation cease to exist in WA state elections. Newspoll gave Federal Labor an election-winning lead yesterday. Essential Poll today delivers more bad news for the Morrison Government as the polity swings to large majorities against PM Morrison’s handling of the situation on very front:   Bludgertrack’s aggregate polling has a strong


Morrison’s dodgy vaccine rollout falls apart

Oh dear. The Morrison Government’s vaccine strategy is on verge of collapse today as government MPs jump like rats from a sinking ship. Senator Matt Canavan has called for the rollout to be suspended. This follows last night’s news that both France, Germany and Spain have canned their rollouts. As noted yesterday, the European polity


Tin PM loses the suburbs

A few in the press today describe Scott Morrison as having a “tin ear” following yesterday’s latest installment of the meltdown of his government. Christian Porter is sueing the ABC and will come back to work to do half of his job. Morrison himself refused to attend the rallies destroying his government and then dropped