Australian dollar


Australian dollar breaks, ASX hits new high

AUD breaks again: Mid-71s looming as crucial support. Long bond yields are falling too as wages go precisely nowhere: ASX lovin’ it: Dalian is sniffing at those Chinese house prices: Big Iron is down anyway: Big Gas looks toppy: Big Gold is in trouble as DXY powers: Big Mortgage is enjoying falling yields but CBA


Australian dollar tumbles despite global bounce

DXY is off to the races. CNY held and EUR is cooked: The Australian dollar tumbled again versus developed markets (DM): And emerging markets (EM): Gold held on: Oil didn’t: Nor base metals: Big miners are breaking down: EM stocks sank fingernails into the clifftop: EM junk bounced: Treasuries were sold: Bunds too: Italy is


Turns out Bitcoin is like gold after all

That is, it crashes with risk as the USD climbs, which makes sense since it really is just an effusion of liquidity: My God that is one ugly bearish descending triangle! And let us not forget that BTC is the strongest of the cryptos: A Reddit enthusiast captures the moment nicely: Just wanted to say


Five reasons the Australian dollar has further to fall

Via Bloomie: While the Aussie is already the worst-performing major currency this year after Sweden’s krona, here are three reasons why it may still be one of the juiciest shorts in foreign-exchange markets. 1. Casualty of War. Morgan Stanley recommends shorting the Aussie versus the U.S. dollar and yen on “rising protectionist risks.” The top forecaster for


Is the Australian dollar about to rocket?

DXY was off last night: AUD was up against DMs: But EMs are ripping past it: Gold was firm: Oil took off on weak US inventories: Base metals were strong: EM stocks launched: Junk was solid: Treasuries were bashed at the short end. The curve crashed: Bunds were sold: Stocks took off with NASDAQ leading


Bloomberg top forecaster: Short Australian dollar

Via Bloomie: The Australian dollar’s top forecaster has a warning: the worst is yet to come. Investors should short the Aussie versus the yen as increasing global-trade tensions weigh on the nation’s exports, according to CIMB Bank Bhd. The currency is also poised to decline versus the U.S. dollar, says CIMB, which had the most accurate estimates


Australian dollar hangs on as yuan freefalls

The Aussie dollar is hanging on but can’t get its usual Asian bid today: The cause is obvious enough. A freefalling CNY: Bizarrely, Aussie markets have greeted this tsunami of deflation with selling bonds: And buying miners: Dalian has a better handle on the implications: Big Oil is up: Big Gold is still troubled: Big Mortgage is


Google gives Aussie investors a lesson in returns

This is why the MB Fund retains exposure to the US earnings boom: Internet giant Alphabet posted a significant earnings beat on Monday after the close, sending shares up more than 5%. Alphabet reported adjusted EPS of $11.75 per share compared to $9.64 expected by analysts. Total revenue came in at $32.7 billion; excluding traffic acquisition costs


Australian dollar cops a golden flogging

DXY took off again last night. EUR was soft and CNY weak: AUD was smacked against developed markets (DMs): And emerging markets (EMs): Gold broke and is signalling more DXY strength ahead: Brent was soft: Base metals mixed: Big miners too: EM stocks were firm: But junk fell: Treasury yields broke out, curve flattened: Bunds