Grand Funk Railroad


Weekend Sundries: 25-26 June, 2022

  LeMon3 ‘For us, the rain has finally stopped, so now I can get out and do some work on the farm. The main aim is currently to mow all the paddocks before they become fire hazards, especially given our neigbours prefer lighting fires to mowing… The attached are variously a couple of willie wagtails


Macro Afternoon

Basically the USD is pulling Arnold Schwarzenegger poses at almost everything today AUD/USD EUR/USD USD/JPY GBP/USD USD/RUB Worth noting, though, the USD/RUB rate, pretty steady for a couple of years in the lead up to the outbreak of war, a mega surge in March, but ever after those Russian energy sales, despite the financial sanctions


Weekend Sundries: 18-19 June 2022

Tonydd ‘Simply put. Jura valley makes precision engineering machinery. They make the machines that make the machines that make all the stuff that we get from Asia and a lot of Germany Red circle  around machine shop Factories not offices, making real things and CHF too’             LSWCHP ‘As mentioned recently,


Weekend Sundries: 4 – 5 June, 2022

Boomengineering ‘All this just to change the headlight covers and have to stop as no one local has Butyl rubber glue/sealant.’   Jason ‘A few more from the new telescope’ ‘The Tarantula Nebula. About 160,000 light years away.’ ‘The Sombrero Galaxy. About 30,000,000 light years from Earth, about 50,000 light years across!’ ‘Centauras A galaxy (the


Weekend sundries: 28-29 May 2022

Desmodromic I returned to Adelaide mid-week having travelled 9,300 km in 5 weeks. Departing Townsville on Sunday morning, I headed inland with some uncertainty about my route south. Rain had closed roads everywhere. Initially I planned to go via the far west through Birdsville or Tibooburra but that wasn’t an option. Plan B was to


Weekend Sundries: 21-22 May 2022

  Desmodromic ‘A great day on the Albert River fishing. No Barra but got a feed of grunter, black bream and Jack. Burketown was a gem, great digs and people, and a welcome couple of days not having to pitch a tent. I also observed a large-billed heron, a bird species I hadn’t seen previously


Macrobusiness Sundries: 14-15 May, 2022

Camden Haven ‘Dear MB friends, we hope you find the photos selected of some interest. Camino del Santiago from Saint Jean pied de Port in France to Burgos Spain. 15 days 370klms ‘   Geoff McVeigh   Autumn leaves at Braidwood   Butcher Bird with mince at Watson   Ritualised Forms Queenscliff Pier sunrise  


Macrobusiness Sundries: 7-8 May 2022

Desmodromic ‘Leaving Alice Springs I headed into the eastern Macdonnell Ranges to Ross River and Binns Track. Binns Track was rough, wash aways, some bull dust, sand and numerous dry creek crossings. It was all manageable but in the end I decided too remote to be travelling solo. Once at Gemtree, I abandoned plans to


Weekend Sundries: April 30 – May 1, 2022

Desmodromic ‘Initially headed north through the Flinders Ranges and took a punt with the forecast of rain. I lost. In Marree it poured rain and both the  Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks closed. Nonetheless took the opportunity to fly over Lake Eyre and was rewarded with spectacular views due to the rain. With little prospect of


ANZAC Long weekend sundries: 23 April 2022

Desmodromic Packed and ready for a Sunday departure, first stop the Cradock Hotel in the southern Flinders Ranges. The return to Adelaide from Cairns avoids Serat, thanks boom, and takes in Tibooburra, the preferred route of JohnR. I’ll post pictures to Weekend Sundries and updates to macro Afternoon whenever I can.       Jason


Easter Weekend Links: April 15-19 2022

‘Falling Tide’ Fred Leist, 1940s, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro & Markets Elon Musk swoops down on Twitter with $41 bln cash offer – Reuters Are Major Central Banks Doing Enough to Fight Inflation? – Project Syndicate UN warns of ‘great finance divide’ as COVID shocks, debt, hits poorest hardest – DW Three ways


Election of the damned: Australia goes to the polls with a pickaxe

Wheelie Bin in Breakwater (Geelong) photographed 9 April 2022 Australia’s May 2022 election is a poisoned chalice for voters.  A vote on the most reviled political leader in Australia’s history, leading the most spectacularly discredited government any living Australian has ever seen, on the one hand.  On the other, a ‘small target’ opposition shying from


Weekend Chartfest: 2-3 April, 2022

  AUSTRALIA Child Care Support     Car Dependence   Employment Growth   Total Employment Energy Fuel Source   Rents, Wages, CPI and House Prices   Housing Stress   CPI, RBA Rate, Wage Growth   Labour Force Underutilisation   Mortgage Payments, Principal and Interest   Petrol Prices   Household Spending over time   University Sector


Weekend Sundries 26-27 March, 2022

Ermington Plumbing ‘The lovely old lady who lives in this Gladesville property paid $2500 for some roofing contractor to membrane the 2 Roof valleys into the dodgy 30 to 40 year old fill in extension and didn’t even pull back the tiles to membrane the whole valley properly. I’m told it has always leaked down


The first large dump of the 2022 election campaign – hot and steaming

Its here A page on which the unwary may be gathered expecting some sort of guidance on who they should be voting for, running off the back of the Treasury Department. The Government is getting in early to divide us into individuals and business… Both offer delights. But before we go there let us


‘Batshit Crazy’ Putin attacks Kyiv

  Kyiv Mayor and Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Vitali Klitschko preparing to meet the Russian invasion in person Over the last two days days Russian troops have entered parts of Kyiv, after a series of missile barrages, with tanks approaching the Ukrainian capital from the North, accompanied by artillery.  The movements have included attacks


Weekend Sundries 19-20 February 2022

Absolute Beach ‘These were taken 2 mornings after the Tonga volcano. Viewed from a beach in FNQ at 5am…..’ Jan 17th Tonga eruption sunrise   Tonga 3   Bolstrood ‘I was 3 yo when I was given a toy soldier for Xmas. At the age of 16 I thought I had grown out of them


Macrobusiness Links 31 January 2022

Macro & Markets New Zealand PM Ardern self-isolating after exposure to COVID – Nikkei Asia LNG ships flock to Europe as Ukraine crisis builds: satellite data – Nikkei Asia The party’s over: The Fed and Congress have pulled their support from workers and investors – MarketWatch Here’s what history says about stock-market returns during Fed


Weekend Sundries 30 January 2022

  Hixtar Fiery Skimmer Female redback (Latrodectus hasselti) dispatching a garden skink for brekky. Elephant Weevil   Boomengineering           My fathers paintings from 100 years ago   Geoff McVeigh Common Albatross butterfly at Runnyford Imperial Hairstreak Butterfly, larvae and ants at Runnyford   Bills Common rose butterfly (Singapore)   Jason My


Sundries 23 January 2022

  Call me Artie   ‘main power amps’   ‘vinyl turntable’   ‘speaker system’   Boomengineering   ‘Homemade hang glider made in the late 1970s’   LeMon3       ‘First up a couple for Boom. – Mill & MillWiring show the mill I picked up last year. 1980 build, 110hrs on the clock –