Sundries 23 January 2022

  Call me Artie   ‘main power amps’   ‘vinyl turntable’   ‘speaker system’   Boomengineering   ‘Homemade hang glider made in the late 1970s’   LeMon3       ‘First up a couple for Boom. – Mill & MillWiring show the mill I picked up last year. 1980 build, 110hrs on the clock –


Weekend Links 22-23 January 2022

‘Tritons’ Rupert Bunny, 1890, Art Gallery of NSW     Macro & Markets Fed may run fast on long road to normal balance sheet – Reuters Great disconnect: The world may not be ready for looming economic trouble – Ninefax, El-Erian The Oil Market Is At The Whim Of Geopolitical Disputes – OilPrice Why the


Weekend Links 15-16 January, 2022

‘At Templestowe’ 1889 Arthur Streeton, Art Gallery of South Australia Macro & Markets U.S. Says Russia Is Preparing Operations to Justify Ukraine Attack – Bloomberg Cyberattack hits Ukraine as U.S. warns Russia could be prepping for war – Reuters What to expect in a year of policy tightening and US interest rate rises – SCMP


Macro Afternoon 11 January 2022

AUD/USD – last ten years   AUD/USD – last six months   EUR/USD – last six months   EUR/USD – last ten years   USD/JPY – last ten years   USD/JPY – last six months   GBP/USD – last ten years   GBP/USD – last six months   West Texas Intermediate – last six months


Weekend Sundries January 9, 2022

Jason ‘SCG Late on day 4’   LeMon3 ‘The maggies really hate the wedgetails.’ ‘Full moon rising a couple of weeks ago and crescent moon setting a couple of days ago. Plus a sequence I put together of the last lunar eclipse we had here.’       Boomengineering ‘Made this speargun when I was


New Years Weekend Links: January 1-3, 2022

‘Barwon Heads Road Connewarre, facing West 2040Hrs, 31 December 2021’ Macro & Markets Inflation and China Failed to Rattle Markets. 2022 Might Be Different. – Bloomberg Coronavirus: worst stage of the pandemic may end in 2022, WHO chief says – SCMP From bust to boom: How the 2020s economy could resemble the 1980s – Ninefax


Christmas – New Year Sundries 2021

Geoff McVeigh   Red Bellied Black Snake at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens   Red Bellied Black Snake at Broulee   Horses cantering Lake Road at Bungendore   Peewee on nest Lake Road Bungendore   Galah and young at Broulee   Galah and young at Broulee 2   Boomengineering ‘Home made speargun 25 years ago. 4


Christmas Weekend Links, December 25-27

‘Australia Felix’ Arthur Streeton, 1907, Art Gallery of  South Australia   Macro & Markets How 2021 became the year of ESG investing – Reuters How Covid Arbitrage Became the Trade of the Year – Bloomberg Ministers under pressure to protect consumers from energy price crisis – Guardian Inflation Bites Us All Again After the Economy


ScoMo does ‘Mad Gladys’ shoving Australians under the Covid bus – tar and feathers await LNP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has extolled the ‘Mad Gladys’ line that it is ‘we’ who must ‘Learn to Live’ with the virus – including the latest Omicron variant sweeping the world.  With this emphasis ScoMo is walking away from his Government’s responsibility for it being in Australia, and for the health of Australians, after spending


Weekend Sundries 18-19 December, 2021

call me Artie ‘Mining Bogan posted an interesting MB weekend link to a youtube regarding city noise.’ ‘I went outside into my NE Vic front yard and measured the sound at 11:45 am on Saturday. It’s less than my meter can measure. Even so, I could hear distant sounds of civilisation like cars and farm


ALP calls ‘No Prisoners’ on Immigration – or does it?

For months the electorate has known that the only plan the government has for bringing life back to the Australian economy was to open the population Ponzi floodgates afresh.  That expectation has been surely based. Australia has about the word’s most expensive people, the world’s most expensive land and housing costs, the world’s most expensive


Weekend Sundries: December 11 – 12, 2021

LeMon3 ‘This one is titled “The old warrior awaits the ancient enemy” It was taken in November 2019 and the sky is being lit up by the Bretti fire, which came and visited us the next morning.’ ‘This little guy lives just outside the bedroom window.’   Jigga ‘Recipe’ ‘But its Aunty’s canning of a


Weekend Sundries – 4-5 December 2021

LeMon3 ‘One of the reasons I live in the country is this photo. Night skys are the most relaxing thing I know – I love to be out there and just look at them. Sometimes I pull out the telescope and look closely, sometimes the camera to get the colour I can’t see by eye


Weekend sundries 27-28 November 2021

Gavin ‘I managed to dig out footage of Albert Tucker with my grandparents in the 1940s (Paris). I have uploaded the footage to Youtube. My Grandmother is in the dark (black-ish colour coat) and my grandfather is wearing a tie and proper receding hairline with thin moustache. The blonde woman is my grandmothers sister, she


Macrobusiness Sunday animals and sundries: 21 November

Camels in the rain at Mogo Wildlife Park – Geoff McVeigh Lion playing with ball at Mogo Wildlife Park – Geoff McVeigh Rhinoceros peeing Mogo Wildlife Park – Geoff McVeigh   Kent Ridge MTB Track, Singapore – P13 Boomengineering   Geo Fibonacci ‘The world renowned British artist, Antony Gormley, has fused nature and art in


Does Australia owe foreign students a job?

Population Ponzi and foreign student articles are back in the mainstream media this week as the Morrison Government prepares to resume an open borders policy. The ABC is leading: Australia’s education sector at a crossroads to keep its place in the global market The Business By business reporter Samuel Yang Zarana Patel never thought her decision


Macrobusiness Weekend Gardening, Machines, Creepy Crawlies and other sundries – 13-14 November 2021

Boomengineering ‘Half of 3 home workshops. 1st pic, foreground, milling machine Bottom left power Pac ( made every component). Next 100 ton press ( made it all,) Top of press dividing heads. Next small mill drill. Left lathe. 2nd pic  Yellow German bandsaw Left manual drilling machines Background  lathe.’ ‘Flowers outside and in.’    


Weekend Links: 13-14 November 2021

Louis Buvelot, ‘Goodman’s Creek Bacchus Marsh, Victoria’ 1876, Art Gallery of NSW    Macro & Markets What Nutella Teaches Us About Global Supply Chain Risks– Bloomberg Shooting the messenger? Shipping carries the can as investors shun coal – Reuters Carbon superpowers – U.S.-China deal seen as symbolic but not sufficient – Reuters Inflation Is Now


Weekend links: 9-10 October 2021

‘The Creek’ 1925, Arthur Streeton, Art Gallery of NSW   Macro and Markets The power trap: Why the energy crisis is a crisis of politics – New Statesman OPEC+ caution and money behind reluctance to pump more oil-sources – Reuters European gas prices slide back after Putin hints Russia may help “stabilise” the market –


Links 5 October 2021

Macro & Markets In the ‘Yes, But’ Recovery, Conviction Is a Curse – Bloomberg Clock is ticking: the walls are closing in on the $2.8tr crypto market – Ninefax Central Banks Want to Issue Digital Coins But There’s a Major Trade-Off – Bloomberg Buckle up because global markets are in for a bumpy ride in


Ritualised forms – Jason Falinski and home affordability

Jason Falinski MHR put a piece into our mainstream media this week – about housing affordability. Sometimes we need to think about our political representatives.  And whenever they put something into our mainstream media we should ask about the process which has got it there. Policy priests should tell young Australians the truth about homeownership


Links 23 September, 2021

Macro & Markets Central bankers should work to serve the people, not the markets – SCMP Pandemic has changed travel forever, says AirBnB boss – BBC Inflation to remain higher for two years, warns OECD – BBC The global supply chain crisis could fuel a severe dose of stagflation – Guardian, Roubini Global Traders Given


Links 22 September 2021

Macro & Markets Global energy shortage looms as investment in fossil fuels slides – Nikkei Asia US-China tensions tug at Pacific internet cables – Asia Times The global economy could feel the effects of China’s Evergrande crisis. Here’s what investors should know – CNBC China Evergrande fears grip markets as Beijing stands back, for now


Chartfest: 1 August 2021

Americas – US Central America Unemployment US Dollar and US Twin Deficits Fed Fund Futures   S&P Sectors and Industries – July 2021   US Population Demographics   US Employment & Earnings by Sector 2019 – 2020 US 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages US Core Capex US Carbon Capture Projects   US Coal Mines